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  1. Oct 31 cruise paid in full. I am not bothering.
  2. We really liked the Fantasy class. They were least crowded and easiest to navigate. But I agree they were frumpy and time to retire. Fascination was our 1st Carnival cruise. Enjoyed her twice. Kind of sad...but time for it.
  3. I agree with @marshhawk and say mid August will be the next announcement. Also agree that cruising will not happen this year and maybe not even part of next year.
  4. So got an e-mail today that Citi CC resolved the dispute in my favor. It was for one of the trip insurance charges (for 1 of the 2 cabins). I went on my CC website to read message and it also resolved the $350 deposit for one cabin in our favor back in the beginning of July. Now waiting for the 2nd cabin's trip insurance (that deposit is held by HAL as future cruise credit since we cancelled it before final payment and it was some non-cancel-able deal). This is for a HAL Canada cruise that was supposed to sail July 11th. We cancelled on March 30th. This was booked on X pedia and used a Citibank X pedia card. I submitted the CC disputes around the 60 day mark, so end of May.
  5. Today is my birthday too! Happy Birthday... fellow 7/17-er. My HAL cruise was cancelled on March 30. I got steak house and excursion money back (about 45 days out) but not our deposits or travel insurance yet. Booked via Xpedia. Ugghhhh. Maybe it is today. I have to go look....
  6. We have cruised many times with our kids. Kids are now college age. But when they were little we did different cabin set ups. DH and I were in with 2 DDs once when DS brought a friend so they got an inside cabin across the hall. We had connecting cabins with the 3 kids in one and us in another. We did 2 cabins where DH went with DS and I went with 2 DDs. Our 1st cruise was on Disney and DH and I had 2 DDs and we brought in laws who took DS in their cabin. That worked well but Disney has bigger and better cabin set ups for families. With the 2 part bathroom and curtain between parents bed and kids bunk. But, personally, I feel 4 in the cabin on Carnival, even a balcony, is too many. Even 2 being kids. Showering and getting ready for dinner was a process and just ate the fun out of the trip. I think it should be 3 to a cabin max. 2 parents and 1 kid or 1 parent with 2 kids....parents CAN split up. But with the cutting down on capacity they should maybe limit to 3 per cabin.
  7. Well, this Sat will be 90 days. No credit yet. Just the disputed temp credit from my CC. Ugghhh. I am more worried about my Oct Carnival cruise that's paid in full that is non-cancel-able. If bottom falls out now, there goes that money too and it is $1055 (on top of the $685 from HAL/trip insurance.
  8. They can file bankruptcy, no? Curious, when they say 90 days do they mean work days or all days? This Sat will be 90 days for my HAL cruise to be refunded (90 all days not just work days).
  9. They could cruise to the private islands and dock a night or 2 and cruise back. I'd go for that. In fact, our Oct 5 day cruise goes to private island and Nassau I do believe. They can cut Nassau and just do an overnight at the private island and I'd totally dig that.
  10. Don't think they will be cruising this fall at all. Maybe not even in the winter.
  11. I had 2 canceeles cruises...one HAL and one Celebrity. Celebrity refunded within a week. Still haven't gotten HAL refund and we cancelled on March 30. I filed claim with Citi Card and they put in temp refund but stated that the vendor has 2 months to respond to their inquiry.
  12. Oh crap. Filed dispute today with my CC....Citi. It's an Expedia Citi too and that's who I booked the cruise with. I guess they will deny my claim. Paid this deposit and travel insurance in April 2019. Cancelled on March 30, 2020. Cruise was for July 11, 2020. They owe me $510. Cancelled my Celebrity cruise for March 2021 on May 11th and have been refunded the $900 deposit as well as the $114 travel insurance. That was booked through Vacations to go. Will ALWAYS book with them from now on and NEVER Expedia again. And will be cancelling that Citi card too if they deny my claim. Also won't ever cruise HAL.
  13. Just realized we also paid for travel insurance and it seems Expedia did not cancel that. So they owe us $510. Tried to do online chat with Expedia and they kept saying they couldn't help and would transfer me to someone who could. Then said they did not see any cruises on my account. Kept going around in circles. Nothing resolved.
  14. So, the $350 deposit has not been refunded yet I just cancelled my March Celebrity cruise last week and my $900 deposit with them WAS refunded already. What the heck HAL!!!!!
  15. I cancelled our July 11 cruise on March 30. It had a few specialty dinners and/or excursion things on it that I had booked and forgot about. Those were just refunded to me ($272 worth in total). My $350 deposit has not yet refunded. But I also just cancelled a Celebrity cruise and was told 60 days for refund of deposit. So 60 days for the HAL cruise refund will be May 30th ish. And today is the 16th. So I will wait. I only just cancelled my Celebrity cruise so I have a lot longer to wait for that refund.
  16. Have a Carnival cruise on 10/31. Would rather cancel for more reasons than one. But it's paid in full and was some sale or another. So we shall trudge on. Also have a X cruise booked for next April and can cancel it. Like that one and don't really want to cancel but we have or had other trips (like Disney World, Hilton Head, Canada cruise) that have been or will be cancelled and some are timeshares where we need to use or lose so I'd rather bump things to next spring and then cancel that X cruise too. I don't know. Just trying to sort it all out. Plus still haven't gotten our refund from cancelled HAL Canada cruise. Not real hopeful we'd get refund on this Carnival cruise either or the X cruise.
  17. Oh boy. Just, yesterday, cancelled our 2 cabins on a July cruise to Canada. Final payment was approaching. I booked via an online travel company that begins with Ex. They told me typically 7-10 days but might take longer. Uh... but he did not say 60 days. Also, I forgot to cancel our 2 specialty dining for 4 people I booked. I suppose that auto cancels when cruise booking is cancelled and normally refunds fairly quickly (I guess that might take time too)????
  18. I have July 11th Canada cruise booked. Not to burst your bubble but Canada closed it's ports through July 1st. Hoping they don't extend that.
  19. Yeah, I know. I wanted the Rudi's thing but that is another night. We'd prefer to do the steakhouse earlier in the trip too. Last 2 cruises we did it at the end and were feeling too gross by the end to really enjoy it. Too gross from eating so much all week and trying to drink our moneys worth of the drink package, LOL. This time our drink package was another free perk for booking early with the online travel company we used. So we won't feel hard pressed to use it full tilt. I suppose we could switch once we get on board and have our Pinnacle date/time.
  20. We took autotrain once and had a roomette and it was unbearable. No sleep for us. Also, would think the germ factor would be the same as on an airplane. If not worse since you are captive in close quarters way longer than a flight. Plus you have to eat meals on there.
  21. Booked through online travel company. They sent me confirmation and it's not on it. I probably need to call them to ask.
  22. So this cruise is: Sat- embark Sun- port Mon- port Tue- port Wed- port- booked Rudi's Thur- seaday- ASSUME THIS IS GALA Fri- port- booked Italian place Sat- disembark I assume 2nd gala (and lobster) is that Thur- seaday near the end. And maybe Mon is 1st Gala, or Tue. I hope Sat or Sun or even Mon will be the night they assign us the steakhouse. I'd like Sat/embark day. But DH would rather not beause we will have to be sure to get luggage in time to dress nice.
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