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  1. Now I get it. LOL! LONG line past the cabin, long LINE LOL
  2. Cabin 4066, 4th deck grandeur. The line to get off the ship was on that deck for self assist and it went all the way down the hall to the other elevators.
  3. This wasn’t for ports of calls. Special needs passengers were given a specific time and location to go to for disembarkation. Our cabin was by the centrum and was VERY long going back well past our cabin. If we waited for that to die down we would have waited a long time. Folks standing outside our cabin in line were very courteous by making room for us. It’s when we got to the centrum that it was jam packed. The whole point was they have staff available to assist special needs when they need to get on an elevator during disembarkation.
  4. They allowed our deaf blind, 88 year old father to bypass the craziness from disembarkation. When we were walking to the special needs area, I had to request help from staff because the area was so incredibly crowded and I was worried my dad would fall or get knocked over. He rented a wheelchair but it had to be left in the cabin. The staff person used their special key card to help us go up two floors to the special needs area. Then when we were called, they used their key card to bypass the disembarkation line and took us out a different way to bypass the entire line. They should have a plan in place for giving special assistance to those who can only use an elevator right after the muster drill and for those at disembarkation. That's the CRAZIEST time and it can be totally unsafe.
  5. I feel like it should be first come, first serve unless there is an emergency. All people should use the stairs as they are able. It's the same as with the muster drill. I think a point is very well made about not seeing disabilities. I will be having knee surgery several weeks before my cruise and I asked my doctor how far along I should be. He told me I should be walking normally, but no stairs or jogging yet. Should I carry a doctor's note to show people that I'm restricted from walking up and down stairs? That's getting a bit carried away. I guess using this thread can help bring awareness that just because you don't see a scooter, cane, crutches, wheelchair, limp, don't assume they are perfectly healthy and can use the stairs. I will say I'm very aware of making sure no one cuts in line during those peak times waiting for an elevator. Wait your turn. It ticks me off especially when an older, less mobile couple get cut off trying to get into an elevator. Wait your turn...period.
  6. slyster

    Helmet Dive

    Thank you both for your replies! Sounds safe enough!
  7. Wow so I got a quick glimpse then it disappears from my cruise planner. It says it's now $31.99 a day. That's a lot of money!
  8. The Key was showing up for the last couple of months for our August cruise. I reserved it for our cabin and continued to see it. However, I haven't seen it posted at all this week. I like to peek from time to time to see if the price has gone up (we paid $19.99 each). I'm thinking it's sold out for my cruise since I don't see it anymore, but I could be wrong. We are still 4 months away.
  9. great, thanks for that mini review. I'm looking forward to our first trip there! I admit I don't drink tequila but thought maybe it was worth a shot (no pun intended LOL). I may try one if I'm feeling bold though. You only live once and this would be a perfect opportunity with the deluxe plan to "try it". Thanks again! Enjoy Sabor on your Harmony cruise in a few weeks!
  10. okay thank you for that! I love a good margarita!
  11. I would not bring anything that resembles a weapon. I'm not sure what a flogger is but you mention martial arts gear. That could get flagged. I personally wouldn't take that chance. I agree that your thoughts are probably correct. As for plugging in items, it's okay if you are charging something. I have brought battery powered toys before and it was ok in the luggage I checked in.
  12. thanks bob...I didn't think so. Are these drinks available for free under the deluxe drink plan?
  13. I am considering eating at Sabors for the first time. I was looking at the sample menu online and I had a question. Under "tables of crafting", they show margarita and tequila flights. Are those included in the $25.00 price? Thanks in advance...
  14. slyster

    Helmet Dive

    I figured I would try to bump this up, try one more time.
  15. I would say no. Interestingly enough, dogs are a very big part of my life. I can't imagine not having my furbabies. At the same time, I would not take them on a cruise ship. Trust me, I have planned vacations just with them in mind (camping, cabins, etc), but a cruise ship is not the right environment for dog. That's just me though.
  16. I'm glad I grabbed it when I did. The next day it went to $45 and by the weekend (few days later), it was up to $47. Every dollar counts LOL!
  17. slyster

    Helmet Dive

    We are considering doing a helmet dive excursion. I saw a video from around 9 years ago of an actual helmet dive walk and it looks very interesting. here's what I'm wondering. My wife and I are close to 50 years old. I'm more active than she is. She does have a little back pain, but it doesn't stop her from every day activities. Would this excursion be too strenuous? From the video it looks like you walk on a platform and can hold on to the railing on the walk. I guess the reason why I'm asking is when I looked at the cruise line's description it says it is a strenuous activity (though it doesn't appear that way on the video) Guests with cardiac conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, pre-existing neck, back, knee or shoulder injuries, other heart or respiratory conditions or any other medical condition must take particular caution when selecting a tour with snorkeling/swimming elements, since such water activities could be subject to adverse sea conditions such as high winds, waves and sea current. Interesting enough the description on the De Palm website only says: If you have one of the following conditions, a doctor's letter is required for participation: pregnancy, recent surgery, high blood pressure, epilepsy, seizures and asthma. We don't have any of those issues LOL Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  18. Most cruises, we give above and beyond the standard gratuities because we receive excellent/superior service. I love a CS who interacts/says hello and comes in and takes care of the room twice a day during the window of times we are gone (breakfast or dinner); someone who asks how your day is going, comes running to help you open your door when your hands are full. You can sometimes see who likes their jobs and who doesn't and if someone with a smile doesn't like their job and they fool me, they should get more for the extra effort LOL!
  19. glad for this thread. I just paid $44 on Freedom for an August cruise
  20. So glad to see a San Juan key review! Thanks for posting this!
  21. I'm looking for this information too. SJ is one of the ports where they make you wait outside in the heat. Really not fond of that so hoping that purchasing a Key gets you in the doors.
  22. we went to guest services and got them right when we boarded (around 11am).
  23. Ahhhh after reading it again, yes that’s right. I was thinking $250 each ($500) not a total of $200.
  24. Unfortunately no. However, if she changes to another sailing and date, it's not that terrible in that she loses $100 per person instead of the entire deposit. It's better than losing the whole deposit.
  25. correct. you do not get penalized for changing categories or rooms on the same sail date/ship. I have changed my cabin 3 times and categories twice and I only paid the current price of that cabin.
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