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  1. Judy, we will know by the end of February whether we have tickets for the Bayreuth Festival or not and will jump up and down if we do as we are Wagner devotees and love Germany. I'm happy you found this review! Thanks for your kind compliments!! Norris, going to catch up with my TripAdvisor reviews tomorrow
  2. When I awoke and lifted my window shade... the best part of waking up...is this England's green and pleasant land appears before me and here below me is the East End of London the bend in the river Thames where Canary Wharf lives and below that to the South, Greenwich Park. The white disc to the right is the 02 concert arena the sprawl of South London with the Houses of Parliament and London Eye visible and West London and we have arrived!
  3. Bruce! Yes I remember talking to you on a Princess ship. Ruby? Quite likely or was it Caribbean Princess to Western Caribbean in January 2014? Either way, great to know you were reading this and enjoying so thanks for the kind compliments . Yes trying other lines is the thing to do, just to spice things up and not tire of the same old deck plans and food offerings. It's fun researching each line. The early morning coffee walks have been with me for I don't know how long. I know I was doing them in Bayreuth Germany back in 1999 but they happened in Germany as far back as
  4. Tracy, thanks as always, for following along! I am sure I will have plenty to say about the Sky Princess and am very much looking forward to sailing on her. Azamara Quest will find me in Rome and Venice and some new ports to us. Cheers! Norris
  5. Onboard our flight We are sitting in sleeping pods. Carol's is about 6 feet away and a wrap around seat fixture obscures her and everyone else on the plane from my gaze. There's no seat in front of me but rather a bulkhead where the kitchen begins between us and First class. The bulkhead supports this before I sit I have to find space for the blanket, the pillow, the headphones and the amenity kit that are placed on my seat. I get organized . There's a lot of legroom which will come in handy when I switch the seat to a sleeping position later. a drink
  6. August 29 O'hare airport, Chicago we are trekking to Terminal C which is a long walk starting in Illinois and ending in Iowa according to my feet but made easier by a conveyor belt and the United theme tune Rhapsody in Blue by George Gerswhin who had no idea when he wrote it that we would hear it so many times we'd be sick of it. other people were flying that night apparently We are flying Business Class (Hooray!) through a miles and money upgrade, so that we arrive in London fresh and frisky. We consider that we will be able to sleep
  7. We left the hotel behind as it was much too big to pack and we will need it to stay put and await our return, for return we shall. We had a flight around 10 a.m so gave ourselves 2.5 hours to cover the Heathrow trip and the inevitable time-suck of that vast bonkers airport second only to Atlanta for aggravation and long distance carry-on schlepping. I would normally have taken mucho pics along the Uber route but there is only a shot of Egerton Terrace SW3 a rare opportunity as there wasn't a truck driving right beside us I look at my watch and there is enough tim
  8. Ron, I can't imagine you not having a blast, regardless of the ship! Enjoy and tell us all about it afterwards! Norris
  9. We summoned an Uber to pick us up at the ROH and within 20 minutes we were back at the hotel and a few minutes later took one last look before an early to bed, early to rise The Coca Cola London Eye It was there next morning when I was out around 6 a.m too early for the Starbucks next door so I got my cup of Joe here I sat at a table outside with my coffee and an ashtray and was joined by a Welsh man who rolled his own cigarettes for economic purposes. During our chat I mentioned the clever homeless people who sleep in tents on
  10. The Royal Opera House We didn't have far to walk said Google Maps. A cozy pub along the way a couple of street turns .... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Opera_House their season won't start until September 16, a week away nothing happening tonight the steel and glass section was added in 1999 to give more bar and restaurant space someday we will go inside holding tickets!
  11. Thanks for that info! I started cooking chips in N Ireland when I was about 5 as I have always been useful in the kitchen- when I was on my dad's cargo ship I would help the chef in the galley- and back then I was cooking with lard and later beef dripping. It was only when I left home at aged 18 to live in London that I discovered oil (probably Canola or vegetable) and, many years later the said peanut oil which was the very best. Norris
  12. Hi, Maris and thanks for the very kind words. The Edge has a series of missteps and blunders in her design for my taste and I'm not alone and I just hope X thinks things through a little more in the future Edgefication. Already I see them putting sofas and chairs where the "bocce ball" (seldom used) space was and I bet they haven't got a place to put all that furniture when it rains- the Sunset Bar was a disaster in Norway as the furniture and cushions just got wet as the crew weren't on their game. I'm all for practicality over fluff any day. Designers have to imagine being passe
  13. The Last Supper We Ubered our way over to Covent Garden chatting to the African driver as we rode on unfamiliar streets. In Chicago we gave up using taxis a couple of years ago and don't miss the dirty cars, reckless driving and listening to one half of a phone conversation with someone back in Turkmenistan. We use Lyft and like their service and pricing and lack of would-be race car drivers yakking on a phone. Before going to London I had been looking to have a fine dinner at Gordon Ramsay's on Hospital Road, the foundation of his Empire just to satisfy my curiosity but I really e
  14. Goin' down the pub Carol- my researcher- found us a pub that promised water views but it was in Southwark and her research showed we could take a tube (and I don't mean toothpaste) to Blackfriars and walk across a bridge to our destination. We walked to Embankment station a one minute walk. I liked this little tourist shop along the way in Embankment station, so much better lit than I recall platforms being our only tube trip even though we had an Oyster card for getting around on public transport after a very short ride we emerge
  15. Nancy, where was your land trip? We just had a quick 3 day driving tour to Northern Michigan with not the best weather but fantastic nonetheless. 960 miles in 3 days. We are choosing excursions for the Sky Princess cruise and will be happy to have the sun on our faces again. We will be eating ashore at some ports which is my favorite thing. I'm looking forward to Roatan as the swimming is good there near where the ship docks. I never swim on the ships. I know about busy days and they have kept me away from the computer more than normal when writing a review. January is
  16. Rick the garden view would give you a very pretty public garden to look at but for us we always ask for a high floor as far from traffic noise as we can get and when I saw the photos of the Horseguards with those tall trees I was glad we got rooms on 6 and 7, though higher would have been even better for us. To wake up with a Nespresso and a view of St Paul's in one window and the London Eye and all that boat traffic in the other was unforgettable and there was no forgetting we were in London. The Horseguards is an old fashioned hotel with few amenities like fitness centers and p
  17. Now we could get the keys and enter our room and unpack for one last time before our flight from Heathrow to Chicago on Monday morning. We were one floor higher and more to the center of the hotel than before More accessible closet than before which was a narrow room with a doorway. Here it was bigger and out in the open Having the safe etc in the center ate up space for long clothes to hang Nespresso on the desk and a complimentary mini-bar provided art reflecting our surroundings we had a
  18. The Shard and the Tower of London odd edifice a London ambulance in yellow there's some significance in the dragons seen along the Victoria embankment but I haven't the foggiest idea what the guide was saying https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_boundary_mark We got off the bus where we had got on, very happy with our 2 hour tour for 35 pounds each. We had killed time nicely and our room would be ready after our short walk to the hotel. Highly recommended!
  19. classic architecture a pedaling bar on a bridge over the Thames pubs with flowers, so London! I had often driven across this bridge to get somewhere but this is the first time I wasn't behind the wheel and had a camera in my hands
  20. Saint Paul's Cathedral I have to shamefully admit I have never been inside it, despite spending a total of 13 years of my life in London. I've been in most of the 1970s and 80's rock pubs and concert halls and famous clubs like the Marquee ( too many times to count) and Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club and I visited many of the museums multiple times, particularly the National History and the Imperial War Museum. I shopped in Petticoat Lane and Notting Hill Gate markets and ate out in Berni Inns, Wimpy Bars (I loved you!) and countless Indian Restaurants. My concert venue was Hammersm
  21. Thank you for the confirmation! If there are others I stumbled upon please feel free! Cheers, Norris
  22. A statue of Boadicea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boadicea_and_Her_Daughters I wish we had time to get off and take a look in this grand train station https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Waterloo_station our hotel peeking above the trees one of many pubs I will find along our route we were driving along Fleet Street now and this is a pub from 1667
  23. the bus tour continues a man taking a nap on a sheet of cardboard is this the Ritz Hotel or the Savoy? Burlington Arcade Piccadilly Circus up ahead entering Trafalgar Square
  24. On Buckingham Palace Road a restaurant with Roast Grouse on their specials board for 35 Pounds Maybe the trash men were On Strike? Same thing in Whitehall gardens... Green Park underground station entrance Here, a surprise -we have to get off and change to another bus! Bah humbug! We get good seats so no harm done we now turn Eastward. Did I mention the cranes? to be continued..
  25. looking West This building was undergoing a facade renovation and had a trompe l'oeil scrim hanging down to cover the work taking place behind. Nice touch! nothing to see here. Return to your homes! London is scaffolding and cranes beautiful properties a sister bus the back of Buckingham Palace's grounds The Grosvenor Hotel it's a beautiful day!
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