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  1. Big Bus Tour Our room wasn't ready when we arrived at the hotel but we were able to drop our luggage off. A selfie while I waited for Carol prior to our bus tour Good to be back in Whitehall Gardens Carol had bought the tickets back in Chicago, I think? So we just had to walk a few hundred yards along Victoria Embankment to a Big Bus stop. We would be taking one called the Red Route which would take us West to Green Park and then loop around through Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square then over East to St Paul's and Tower Bridge before bri
  2. Thank you Cinnamon! What a class experience to have lunch with Princess Anne and for such a worthy cause! Norris
  3. Evelyn-give my love to Edison NJ which I once called home. Our excursions were all Celebrity on this cruise which was the opposite on the Cuba one. I always have our cruises planned well in advance so who knows we might pick the same ship and itinerary at some point . So far it has only happened once that I sailed with a CC friend- screen name needtocruisesoon (AKA Ron) on the Regal Princess. It was fun meeting him and we have since had lunch together in San Francisco. Thanks for following along! Norris
  4. Thanks for sticking with it as it begins to wind down. I have spent less time on writing this due to techno difficulties and a heavy workload. Three days in Michigan-which we had to book a year ago due to the popularity of the winery we like to stay at, has also put me behind schedule. I too get Oceania offers almost daily but dislike their pricing where they will halve the "brochure price" which has nonsensical dollar numbers. We will continue to consider other lines-Viking Ocean is one that might fit us well. Carol likes smaller ships now having sailed Azamara. Norris, press
  5. The drive into London from the West is so familiar to me even though so many years have passed since it was a regular occurrence. In 1970 when I first moved to London with my mother's blessing I lived in Wembley Park, Golders Green and then Kensal Rise where I rode the number 6 bus to Selfridges where I worked, on Oxford Street. But in 1974 when I returned after brief stints in Germany (Nuremberg) and Northern Ireland I found myself in South Kensington which is where these photos begin. And yes they are car window shots, taken randomly. In 1974 I lived in the basement flat o
  6. Southampton and it is sunny. We are unexpectedly early in finishing our disembarkation and now have an hour to kill while waiting for Smith's Cars to take us to London. Carol waits indoors with our luggage and her Kindle and I am outdoors awaiting a driver holding aloft our names on an iPad or piece of paper. There's a smoking section with some cheery Brits to pass the time with. There's also this food stand selling bacon sandwiches (baps), coffee and I can see a listing for something that makes my British heart beat faster- Sausage Rolls! "We just so
  7. Hi, Lisa and thank you for all the kind things you say! We are just back from the Fall Foliage trip. I drove 960 miles and the last 350 of those today were in rain and snow but we stopped half a dozen times at rest stops and still managed a 50 mph average with speeds from zero to 100mph on smooth and potholed roads. I took some pics and will drop a couple in once I have looked at them. My camera is drying out as we speak. We ate in 2 favorite restaurants and had a picnic or two in scenic spots and in the car today as we had six hours of non stop rain and snow. Winter is here.
  8. Just a quick note to say that after coming home from work at 11pm last night and hitting the hay at 1 a.m after a midnight dinner I am up and packing for a 300 mile drive to a most scenic place in Michigan so will be away from the computer all day. Fall Foliage will be at peak on the Mission Peninsula, north of Traverse City. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbm=isch&sxsrf=ACYBGNQDBXsPZSh-h-xr3RnxI7YpXDwMMg%3A1572348539820&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=639&ei=eyK4XdPuL4Wb5gLE3oDwDw&q=mission+peninsula+michigan&oq=Mission+Peninsula&gs_l=
  9. Our luggage number is called and we grab our carry-ons and camera bags and make our way to deck 5 we say bye bye to the quirky art and to the forlorn tree there's a final "ping" as our ship cards are read at the gangway and then a long zig zag walk down to terminal level. What? No customs? Yay! We are traveling from one EU country to another (temporarily). We wheel our luggage outside into the warm Southampton morning. We'll have to wait for Smith's as we are early but it's a lovely English morning with not a hint of rain. There's a place to discar
  10. the Library my favorite elevators at sea another popular room on sea days
  11. You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned our next Celebrity cruise.Unlike our previous two X cruises we didn't book another on our last day to take advantage of the perks. We didn't even discuss it. We already had two cruises booked ahead-in January and October of next year and have to do some land trips at some point. We apply for tickets to the Wagner Festival in Germany each year. The last year we got tickets was 2013 when we had to cancel a Med cruise, so there is a good chance that 2020 will see us in Germany. It will also mark 17 years since I was in Northern Ireland to see my famil
  12. Sunday September 8 2019 The room stewards are preparing for turnaround. We have to be out of our cabin by 8 a.m Our disembarkation time was 8.30. We like to wait in the Hideaway where it is quiet We've both had a buffet breakfast for expediency sake so we can meet the cabin exit deadline the coffee machine can't be used this morning, alas
  13. Mrs Goggins, thank you for following along and enjoying this. Bon Voyage tomorrow! We are going on a Fall Foliage road trip to the Mission Peninsula in Michigan on Tuesday at the crack of dawn. A 300 mile drive so I will be away from the computer a lot. I hope you'll come back to look at the London wrap-up pictures. The Princess cruise ends January 25 and the review should start the 26th. New ship! Cheers! Norris
  14. Carol's notes tell me that after LC Grill we went down to deck 7 and there was a band playing sixties music down on deck 3-the one testing their sound on From Me To You earlier and that there were mobs of people on the dance floor. She retreated to the Hideaway and listened from there. People were dancing in the elevators her report says. I didn't stay for the band but instead renewed my acquaintance with the bed pillows. Here were the things to do on this last sea day The Senior Officers
  15. It's about time for another Gentleman's Seafaring Journal and luckily I have something to report - a Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords on my favorite ship. Here's the itinerary (well almost as gremlins have been at work since we (Norris and Carol- not the Royal "we") arrived home from London yesterday afternoon. There was a sea day to get back to Southampton and then a day spent in London before flying home to Chicago Monday September 9th- yesterday if my math is correct. Photos fro
  16. So now you know where I have been. Next I'll tell you all about it.... Norris
  17. Here begins the tale of our latest cruise where we (Norris and Carol) will boldly go where no man has gone before-Alaska! Oh, wait a minute-apparently that's not quite true as people have been going there for years and some even live there. Hmmm...I fired my last fact checker and didn't bother to replace her as I figured she was "surplus to requirements" and her "core competencies didn't fit my paradigm". I'll call her later and offer her the job back (note to self). OK we just got home at 6 a.m this morning from Anchorage and my return to Chicago got off to a bad start when I went t
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