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  1. Jasperdo just to update- the 2020 Bayreuth Festival didn't take place and nor will the 2021 so it looks like our tickets will transfer to 2022. We make final payment on this October's Azamara Med cruise on June 30 and either I or Az may cancel before then, in my case if there is quarantine likely . I am checking Italy France and Spain daily for any glitches/policy changes. Of course if none surface in June we will have to go on the assumption that all will be well... Norris
  2. Sorry, I'm not familiar with that name. Norris
  3. Here are links and brief descriptions of my reviews for anyone with a lot of time on their hands. They cover the 3 lines I like to sail; Princess, Celebrity and Azamara. The most recent ones are in my signature at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! I read reviews by too many people to mention (as long as they have photos/videos) Thanks to Crystal (Singinalot) for the shout out! Crown Princess ABC Islands January 12 2018 E734 Photo/Video review https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2588776 8 days of eating (food porn). Also dining ashore which was
  4. Having a 9 day cruise as our longest so far (Azamara) I can surmise that a cruise lasting over a month would wear us down a bit and be unkind to our cat, Snowy. There's no way a cat knows you are coming back when you leave with suitcases. That's one consideration until we are cat-less. From our own standpoint or my own I should say I feel that I would get so into the rhythm of ship-life that returning to work after a month away would really be hard and as long as I have a job not even feasible to take that amount of time off. There's retirement ahead and reduced income but I think
  5. MJ, thank you for the response and for re-reading our Star Princess adventure! I have been surfing various boards looking for photo reviews and of course have to go back a few months to find any that weren't interrupted by Covid-19. Lots of time on my hands to check out lines I haven't sailed. Princess remains my go-to for value and bang for the buck. Thanks for the mention of "The Cruise" videos on Youtube. When I went looking for them a few years ago they weren't available to view in the USA. I have already watched the first couple featuring the Regal. A really well-done
  6. Thanks dspencer- beautifully produced films. A nice balance of narration, subtitles and soundtrack/ ambient shots. Informative and honest. Great job! Norris
  7. Hello Wisconsin! Thanks for taking the time to read my Star review and for the kind compliments. We did 3 Alaskan cruises in 5 years but it's already been almost 5 years since our last. Even though it was the same ports as always we found new experiences on shore and highlights were the dogsled camp, Misty Fjords on a boat and the luxury carriage on the White Pass train. I missed the chance to eat at Tracy's Crab Shack but there's always a "next time". A cruise tour is on our bucket list for sure. Alas we sold our Michigan home 2 years ago and are getting to know C
  8. Marie, thanks for the follow-up and the endorsement of HAL. The few HAL photo reviews I have seen on CC show the food to look good on the plate which is a good sign and now you've given the cuisine a big thumbs up. They have some very old and several smaller ships and although I am not a night owl I do like choices of entertainment in the evening so will think "bigger" when looking at their fleet. I was attracted to the Nieuw Amsterdam sailing on Jan 16 2021 as it stops in San Juan PR and Princess never (?) goes there it seems. A cruise of 51 days? My mind is
  9. Thanks Florence. Adding another step and one that can potentially eat up the customer's time is weak in the digital age. Not a problem on the Princess and Azamara sites so it can be done. I'm not desperate to sail HAL although not averse to the idea as they seem to do a lot right and their ships are built for relaxation and enjoying the sea ( a real promenade deck, Crow's Nest for example) If I can't find a Princess itinerary for January 2021 that suits-one of the newer Royal Class ships just for variety sake -HAL will certainly get a second look. No Az sailings then. Viking? Vi
  10. John, I went back to the HAL website yesterday and checked out a Nieuw Amsterdam sailing on January 16 2021. Tried a booking on a Neptune Suite and again it came up as a guarantee. On Princess as you know you can see all the cabins that are available and book the one you want-which in our case is always aft with a wake view. Norris
  11. Thanks John-I loved the photos and it looks like perfect weather for your visit. It certainly looks less touristy than the other ports in Alaska. I have looked at HAL for Caribbean cruises but don't like that I can't book a specific cabin on their website and I am not the man to book "guarantee" cabins, ever. The ships have some nice public rooms though. Norris
  12. Hi, John- The Bayreuth Festival is communicating with ticket holders later this month and have suggested that 2020 tickets can be used in 2021 or in 2022 which is what we could take as I already canceled one Azamara cruise this October and booked a new one for October 2021 which I don't want to cancel. So should be Germany 2022, August. How was your HAL Alaskan experience? Have thought of them just to visit Sitka. Cheers! Norris
  13. May 2 2020 I'm bumping this up to page 1 to make it easier to find... Norris
  14. Louden-welcome! Permission granted after I take your temperature... Carol is well and appreciates your greeting. Norris
  15. Greetings from Chicago in Lockdown! I'm an avid reader of CruiseCritic, mainly for the cruise reviews. Those won't appear again for some time. I'm including a link to a review from my last visit to Alaska in September 2016 should anyone want (a) a break from talk of refunds (b) for anyone who is curious about Alaskan cruises (c) for anyone who had booked this year only to have their hopes dashed. There are a lot of videos which due to the software changeover/update on CC since this sailing, can no longer be seen. If you keep a screen open on Youtube (Norris Adair channe
  16. Maris (and hi again Noreen!) there are a number of islands where wandering past the port gates is going to get you harassed and there are even recommendations on board to avoid doing so in some places. Ocho Rios is one place that immediately springs to mind. Falmouth too and on my one visit to Grenada 30 years ago me and my then wife chose to go to a beautiful public beach only to have to deal with an endless cavalcade of hustlers. One even went down to the water and brought back a conch shell to sell to me, LOL. I told him that after my nap-"once you go away"-I'll go down and get a free one
  17. Maris, thanks for helping us all through these long days of isolation and reminding us through your great photos of what we are now missing- the freedom to travel and meet new people in far-off places where we can leave our daily cares behind as we glide over sparkling blue seas with a cocktail in hand and a smile on our happy faces. Wonderful review! Cheers! Norris
  18. Maris, your review is helping us all take our minds off the unparalled and uncertain times we find ourselves in and along with Noreen's Silhouette review reminding us of what we are now missing-the freedom to travel on wonderful ships to explore this amazing world we are lucky to live in. Cruising creates happy memories that can last a lifetime. We all hope to sail again and when we come home we hope to share our memories as you have so generously done. I have my fingers crossed for the cruise lines... My thanks for your continuing posts and stellar photographs that tak
  19. Noreen-what's not to enjoy in Murano? It's my favorite restaurant at sea. Worth the spend! Norris
  20. Valletta harbor, Malta, 6 a.m. September 2014 Norris
  21. P & O Ventura, Dubrovnik, September 2014 Ocean Princess, Dubrovnik
  22. Yes, still there but according to my Man on Marco has closed until it's safe to open again. It was my favorite spot on Marco for the seafood, a cold beer and Pelican watching. It's been many years since I was there. A woman called Duffy was always my server and she was a gem. I imagine the Florida fishermen who catch those great shrimp and groupers are having to cut back due to lack of demand by the restaurants. I also used to enjoy a German restaurant there called the Bavarian Inn. Very authentic food. I'm sure when the time comes you'll be very
  23. No stress....... Crown Princess, Southern Caribbean, January 2018 Norris
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