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  1. When I was planning this trip I could find very little info about the Murray Princess. I’m not really in a position right now to write a full length review, but will post a few pics just in case there is any one looking into booking it. The bottom line is I loved it! I did the 3 night route B2B with the 4 night to make a 7 night cruise, but that did mean that I repeated some of the route. It was very different to anything else I’ve ever done and very relaxing. I was the only non-Aussie on the 1st part and on the 2nd part there was a total of 3 non-Aussies. I met some lovely people on-board and the crew was amazing! I’d love to do it again some day! I’d be happy to answer any specific questions for any one heading down under.
  2. I sailed through Papeete on the Ovation of the Seas in April, and saw what I presume was the Aranui 5 hiding at a far dock. Really looking forward to getting to know her better and see her close up next Spring!
  3. I've got a week cruise of the Dalmatian Islands from Dubrovnik to Split booked with a company called Nature Trips at the end of September. I haven't been able to track down an actual ship name on their website but the pictures look similar to the ship you were on. I'm going with an open mind as I haven't been able to find much info or reviews from past travellers! Perhaps you can answer a few basic questions: How big was the room (compared to the average cruise ship room)? Any luggage restrictions? (It's part of an longer European trip and am bad at "packing light"!) How was the "motion of the ocean" on the smaller vessel? Overall impressions?? My cruise is listed as "half board", was it the same for you? If so presume that you're in port for evening meals and can just head to any restaurant you like? Thanks for any info!
  4. Way, way in the future, but starting a thread on the slight chance that someone else out there also booked the April 11, 2020 Pitcairn Island voyage on the Aranui 5. A short time ago I stumbled on the Aranui 5 website. Having sailed on Princess from Tahiti in 2003, I've always wanted to go back to the area, but find something a little "different". When I saw the Pitcairn voyage, I couldn't resist putting myself on the waiting list - I would have probably booked the 2019 trip if it had been available, but I was way too late for that party! It's a little bit of a case of "be careful what you wish for" as I really didn't expect to be able to get a cabin, especially if they only have the one trip in 2020. But surprise, surprise, I've got a cabin, at least I have a year and a half to pay for it! I will be carefully watching for any reports from the 2019 trips!
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