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  1. It turns out, much to my surprise, that Viking (and I suspect most cruise lines) only give their stateroom sizes in sq ft! I usually look for comparisons on a generic site that lists both ft and metres and hadn’t picked up on this. Oh well, even though only three nations still use imperial measurements, the vast majority of cruisers hail from the US (not many from Liberia or Myanmar), so the rest of the world must do the conversion! Not a problem - I’m of an age that remembers imperial…
  2. Nice…but how about adding the sq meterage for us Europeans?!
  3. Oh, shame; Viking has the advantage here, then, with ad lib laundry (including ironing) at that suite level…. . Never mind, won’t be cancelling our 2025 reservation!
  4. Does the laundry not include ironing? My worst nightmare, ironing on a cruise…especially bone dry ironing!
  5. We have tolerated TK over the years, mainly as a change of venue. Solis looks as if it will be an interesting alternative, especially the fish, although the ‘meat’ section, with its two steaks and plain chicken (at least on the sample menu) is boring. Where is the lamb, the pork, the game? Are these not eaten in the US?
  6. Well done, Regent Mariner, for having the Ireland v S Africa available on tv yesterday. Thrilling match and congrats to Ireland. England will win, though………!!
  7. Oh yes, you can always get what you want, though they may have to go away and get it. We can’t take the Pinot Grigio either, although we’re assured by friends that it’s improved since the ‘80s! Why not try the Morning Fog Chardonnay as a way into the New World - very palatable? We are also enjoying the Pinot Blanc very much, being Alsace fans.
  8. I meant in terms of still providing paper-based information rather than by electronic means. They’re a bit behind, too, in not having an earpiece system for tours. Not at the cutting edge, Regent!
  9. Update! At an exemplary breakfast in Compass Rose, Abegail kindly pursued the elusive wine list and it was delivered in person by the charming head sommelier, Joliza. It’s a formally printed four page document with a nice picture on the front. Can’t think why it’s not in every cabin together with the plethora of other printed stuff that the technically-challenged Regent provides. But anyway, here it is. The Sancerre is not available on this trip.
  10. On Mariner now and have asked five different people, including our butler and at Compass Rose, for the complimentary wine list, but with no success so far. We were a bit surprised last night to receive evasive replies from a not very helpful sommelier in Chartreuse when we asked him to remind us what complimentary wines were available there as they were not listed on the menu. Luckily, we’d checked the wines on the Regent web site and so were able to ask for the Crozes Hermitage, which was produced a little grudgingly and was quite good, recommended! Many good things to enjoy so far on this cruise, but the service is a bit hit and miss, except at the bars where it’s prompt and smiley.
  11. Adding our appreciation for your lovely posts to those already expressed and looking forward to boarding Mariner on Sunday.
  12. I think we’ll be trying the wine lunch, although we only have one sea day, so we may be too shattered! Talking of wine, I’ve scrolled back to your useful drinks list and I’m really surprised to see only five complementary white and five complementary red wines available by the glass. Is this just in that bar? Are more wines available in the restaurants and/or on request? We’ve tried Viking recently (lots of positives, food lets it down), and they have 13 of each - enough for a couple of nice wine tastings. Can’t believe Regent doesn’t do better. Again, nothing unusual or special in Regent lists; the mass-market Villa Maria SB, duh….
  13. Licking our lips here as we look at your photos - and not long to wait as we get on Mariner in NYC as you get off (?). We’re hoping for a hurricane free journey after that. Tell me, do you book the connoisseur wine lunch once on board? Is it frightfully expensive?!
  14. I’ll take a Seabourn one along - that may do the trick. And it’s much nicer…!
  15. We’re boarding Mariner on 17 September and were strangely cheered by your review, despite the downsides! W must try to see the funny side! 🤭
  16. Sorry, the details of the one-way trip we did doesn’t really help you, as you’re planning the return. That’s a long trip, but I wouldn’t worry too much about missing Bergen; just make sure you do the Flam/Gudvangen leg. Actually, Voss and the train trip from Voss to Bergen are not that interesting. You could always get the shuttle back to Flam from Gudvangen or alternatively take the train from Voss back to Oslo and leave Bergen out if you’re only going to see the station!
  17. We did it independently in May, Oslo to Bergen, everything booked on-line in advance. It is cheaper than the NIN offer, especially if you are senior citizens. Express train from Oslo airport to central station, hotel a few minutes walk (Comfort Xpress, cheap and quite comfortable), left our big bags in reception for early morning pick up by Porterservice. Took the midday train down to Myrdal and then on to Flam (booked 90 days in advance, best seats on both trains on the left side of the train as you face the direction of travel). Overnight in the Flamsbrygga Hotel, nice dinner. 10am fjord cruise down to Gudvangen (as someone said, much more impressive than the Flam railway, which is nearly all tunnels), bus waiting to take us on to Voss (again, left hand side), which doesn’t link up well with the train to Bergen, so we had time for lunch there before the one hour trip, then walked the 15 minutes to our hotel with our hand baggage (Thon Orion, very comfortable and well-placed for next day boarding.) Simples!
  18. Very probably! Mea culpa…🙃
  19. The interesting thing is that both the regular and premium wines at Chef’s Table are on the wine list at $8 a glass. We didn’t notice this last time we ate there but this time the sommelier’s choices of so-called ‘premium’ wine were so poorly matched to the Chinese menu, that we opted for the regular, which were more robust. We then compared all the CT wines with the full wine list, and there they all were at $8! So, in effect, if you don’t have the SSBP the only reason for paying $25 is if you prefer those wines - you’re not getting anything special or different. The more we thought about this the more it annoyed us. It is very misleading to give SSBP passengers the impression that they are getting something special when they are not. There are several bottles on the Virgin wine list at between $30 - $45; we think they should be opening those as an attempt to offer something premium.
  20. Am sitting with my feet up in Jupiter 8004 at this moment on an at sea day, the last of our Viking Fjords and Shores cruise. There’s been not a hint of smoke, noise from the Explorer Lounge or from people walking round the deck above. But we are at present getting the odd thump from above with people using ( I think) the bocce court. It’s not a big problem, although in a more pleasant climate than that provided by the North Sea it may be more common and more of an annoyance. We love the space in the PJS and deck 8 but would probably book one a bit further back next time. Oh, and being at the top of the ship we undoubtedly had more movement on the one roughish night of the cruise!
  21. I was just looking at the old list against the new to see what the main changes are. They used to offer 17 whites by the glass, now 13. Have dropped the three French, two of the four Italians and two of the three USAs; the Aussie Chardonnay has also gone. Have added two from Spain and one from Germany(!). They used to offer 15 reds by the glass, now 13. Have dropped three of the five Italians and the single bottles from Portugal, New Zealand, Australia and S Africa. Have added two from Spain and one from Chile. I’m not making any judgements on this, although I’ll miss the Italian Primitivo! I think Viking is still offering a good range of wines for SSBP purchasers. And I think it’s nice to see the list changing, in hope that the changes are not based only on price but on quaffability….
  22. A big thank you, Amelia 3171, for going to such trouble to post the full list! Cheers!
  23. I read recently that Viking has cut the number of wines it offers. Can someone on board very kindly post the current wine list?
  24. Sorry to dominate this thread, but apparently Porterservice does deliver to cruise ships in Bergen; just needs the passenger name/reservation number. They also pick up from the ship but you have to be dockside early to hand over the bags.
  25. They charge NOK 400 per bag, by the way.
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