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  1. Time for some European (topless) sunbathing on the upper deck, below the smoke stack. Special reserved sunbathing area, for special people. ShipShape poolside water fitness in the afternoon. Have to collect enough ShipShape dollars to get a free yellow t-shirt.
  2. I have news to share with you. And it is, in fact, stunning. Beginning midnight tonight, we are pausing the fleet's U.S. sailings for 30 days. We understand the gravity of the public health crisis confronting the country. And this is our part to play. This is probably a good moment to take a breath. This is obviously big news, and there's no point in sugarcoating it - it's rough news to hear. But it is not the end of the world. We have a lot of work today to address the many ramifications of this decision. We are reaching out to our guests to help them work through this disruption to their vacations, and we are also communicating with our crew to work out the issues this presents for them. We are on it. And you need you to be on it - in fact, we're all about to work as hard as we ever have. We have a lot of updates to send you in the coming days. Look for them. Let's stop rumors. Let's stay together. The next destination on our journey is on the other side of this crisis - the time when things start getting better.
  3. Just received this letter from a crew member on the Adventure of the Seas. He is still waiting to see if he'll be staying on board, or going home during the suspension.
  4. Looking at a few smaller ships, and not sure which DO NOT have a Concierge or Diamond Lounge? Wondering if an area is designated for cocktails and mingling on the ships that don't have one?
  5. Suites only showed available a few days before we bid. It happened really fast.
  6. It depends on the ship. Last couple years we always sail near Thanksgiving and the ship is typically decorated when we board. On Serenade we sailed from November 30th to December 21st last year, and the decorations did not go up until December 10th. We asked why, and we told they were observing Hanukkah. The Christmas trees, gingerbread village, banister garland, Windjammer decorations and poinsettias appeared overnight.
  7. For Serenade of the Seas, December 9, 2019 sailing - 11 Night - Southern Caribbean, Panama, Costa Rica, and Columbia. Bid $300 per person on October 10th to upgrade from Junior Suite to Owners Suite. Received a notification on October 15th that we won and the bid had been accepted. Owners Suite is mid-ship with a very large wedge balcony, so we're very happy.
  8. Is RoyalUp bidding offered outside the United States?
  9. Thanks everyone for you feedback and responses. I'm going to check and see if I can find out what type of detergent they use for laundry too.
  10. It's exposure for extended periods of time, so napkins and tablecloths aren't an issue.
  11. Has anyone brought their own sheets & towels? I've got allergy sensitivity and use All Free & Clear detergent at home. If you do bring your own, any issues using them?
  12. Is their a separate dining area available for Diamond Plus members other than the continental breakfast in the Diamond & Concierge Lounge? On some ships an area is reserved in a specialty restaurant or designated area in the main dining room.
  13. We feel the same way. It's a bit of a zoo for us and we like a more mellow environment.
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