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  1. Yes, the Loyalty Ambassador is the key contact once on board. I may try and reach out to the Concierge of either the Diamond or Suite Lounge too, depending on the stateroom we book.
  2. We are getting close to Pinnacle (if all our planned cruises happen). Wondering if we will get recognition on board the cruise when hit 700 points, or the next sailing? In the past we've seen people recognized on sailings when the hit 700 points. I'd like to have family and friends cruising with us when it happens.
  3. Mailed my application priority mail in September 3rd, and received my renewed passport & card last week. 13 weeks total.🙄
  4. Looks like Pfizer's created a vaccine with 90% effectiveness. Maybe cruising will happen in January?
  5. Royal Caribbean Blog - Test Sailings With Family Only https://www.*****.com/2020/10/06/spotted-navigator-of-the-seas-listed-portmiami-schedule-possible-test-sailings
  6. A friend who is a Waiter on Navigator of the Seas, Facebook Messengered me a copy of his Letter of Employment to return to the Navigator of the Seas on October 25th. Looks likes short sailings from Miami are a go on November 1st. Anyone else heard from crew members?
  7. Just heard from a RCCL Waiter that will be returning to the Navigator on October 25th. Looks like short sailings are a go from Miami.
  8. I got it and completed it, with the exception of giving them my martial status, income & political affiliation. None of their business.
  9. I am really surprised we we're offered a lift and shift option, or some sort of compensation or future cruise credit.
  10. I received the information I posted, and started this thread after hearing from a Restaurant Manager named Wendel Peter, that is losing his job. He was scheduled to return Adventure of the Seas in June, and is now being laid-off, or will need to find a new position on ship. He is waiting for options that will be available once the CDC order is lifted. We've known him for 20 years. I trust what he tells me, as this is having a major impact financial on this family. Let's hope the order is lifted soon, and they can all return to work.
  11. Safe healthy plans NCLH & RCCL 2020-2021 (crew position changes) ENGINE-- no more engine cadets. No more Asst.repairman. No more scrubber engineer 2/e. No more 2nd elecrician. No more electronics/entertainment electrician. No longer sr. repairman position. DECK-- no more deck cadets. No more Asst Carpenters. No more security supervisors. All Ab will be now a quarter master. No more crew fire fighters (all fire fighters to be actually trained Firemen) No more Environmental Supervisor. The asst.personal manager will now be the deck, engine and safety secretary.
  12. Our Jewel on September 23, 2021, has been cancelled. It was a 12 Night Greek & Mediterranean cruise. Dear Guest, We hope this email finds you and your family healthy and well. Over the next few weeks, we will be making schedule and itinerary adjustments to some of our 2021 summer sailings for five of our ships. These changes are being made after tapping into market research and listening to feedback and input from guests and trade partners on opportunities for adventure for this upcoming summer, as we work to apply the best available public health, science and engine
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