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  1. Another great blog and also thanks for the Celebrity -> Mlife -> Hyatt recommendation, we have been able to upgrade those with our Elite Plus.
  2. If you have your boarding passes printed, you’re good
  3. Hmm, i think if it is not ticketed, the cost may change. You may want to contact your TA.
  4. Not a fan of cancellation fees by TAs. Sometimes it is worth it to do a non refundable deposit with the cruise line. If you don’t want perks, tell your TA, most of the time there are lower ‘standard’ rates. Good luck.
  5. Only a couple have gone PC, including the Infinity. All Qsines and Silk Harvests will convert to PC during their Revolution upgrades
  6. VT, thanks for taking so much time to bring the Edge alive for us.
  7. Good split of opinions. I would go with option 2 because, 1-unless I am in a suite, not too much new on the upgrade on S class ships and possibly down side with delayed completion and 2-any chance to spend more days onboard is a good thing. I’m fine with repeat menus since I can always pick something else if I want. Either way, have a great trip.
  8. Thanks for two great blogs over the last couple of months. When is you next adventure?
  9. Norma, thank you so much for taking us with you.
  10. Here is a link to Celebrity's micro site for the Revolution upgrades. The Millennium class ships will see the most changes. The new dining room looks very much in the same style as on the Solstice class. https://webapps.celebritycruises.com/revolution/
  11. We have been on several cruise lines and, in my opinion, you are not missing out on too much sticking with Celebrity, especially now that you get the extra value of Go Best on every trip.
  12. Jim, thanks for taking the time to bring us along with you. Have a great cruise.
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