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  1. You may have better luck with the pined cabin review thread above
  2. It used to be on the pdf, I guess it is truly gone, at least for now.
  3. The Pub lunch was free, the Crab Shack made money. Thanks for the responses.
  4. The app is not showing any of the “pop up” type specialty restaurants such as the crab shack, on Majestic Princess . Are they currently being offered?
  5. I believe they increased the discount to upgrade internet. You also get 10% off drink upgrade. We still have the category upgrade. There is more too. Now that cruises are restarting and new surveys will go out, I’m sure they will feel pressure and make changes.
  6. I did not read other’s comments first, so sorry for the duplication. we sail on both of these lines a lot. For the same price, I would sail celebrity hands down. In the future, if you can get a favorable rate, the carnival vista class ships are very nice. When you do sail carnival, just go with the attitude of having fun and you will love it. since you are already on Edge, I’d go on reflection
  7. I’m sorry, but the drinks, Internet, and tips are not included with the move up. Good news is the retreat lounge, sun deck, and restaurant are. Not sure about the thermal suite.
  8. I was able to change to a noon boarding time, thanks
  9. We are Elite plus, so I’m guessing they just have the one time for now
  10. I checked in for the 7/30 Millennium and they did not ask for vaccine info. I assume they will check at the port
  11. We just checked in for the July 30 Millennium Alaska sailing. Our checkin time is 3 with sailing at 4. I assume one of these will change. Has anyone seen this before?
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