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  1. We got one !!!! package for one device. 2 Pax plus package..... Youtube Video do not work on Bliss...
  2. On Bliss they don't have Bailys.... Something similar but not the origin....
  3. Yes, there is an extra smoking booth, closed doors
  4. A new stage of chairhog....4 deckchairs, incl. umbrella Blocked without useage for 2.5h now....
  5. Dinner at Los Lobos yesterday. Service was a bit confused, looks like they never had FAS+ ordering stuff..... Restaurant was nearly empty at 7pm. After dinner at 9 only 2 table where used. Food: hmmm to be honest, I don't like that taco stuff. Was not hungy afterwards, but again: nope Today Acapulco tour was nice, but you see clearly this City is going down to drain..... Lot of ruins, brocken hauses..... Cliff jumper where absolut great.
  6. The workaround in Germany was, do an upgrade to a higher category. Then penalty was reduced to 50€ / booking. Saved us about 700€....
  7. I'm sorry....i can't upload pictures: Tried but connetion seems to slow. I can do und upload after return home....
  8. Dinner 2nd time in Manhattan at the same waiter Joseph. Perfect Service. He remembered the dinks we had the day before and asked: same like yesterday.... Its possible to do a reservation with your prefered waiter at the entrance upfront. Will check how much days in advance is possible. First "summer": sea day.... Pool Deck crowded. But no waiting lines at the bars..... H2O full, but still quite and no wait at the bar. By far not enough umbrellas (shade at all)
  9. All solved: excursion needs to be done to get the $$$ is the "trick"
  10. No, ive got the full amount from canceled excursion back. Ive paid 2x50 less. Therefore they charged the 2x50 i've not paid, so far so clear .... But they charged the new excursion in full. No discount given (Pax 1 +2) Julig: thats the missing link
  11. Is the 2×50US discount at FAS+ package valid upfront cruise only? I'v canceled a upfront booked excursion and booked a new (more expensive) on the ship. They refunded the old in total and charged the new full.....but additionally they charged 2×50 bucks extra....
  12. I've a bunch of ref OBC. Tried to Cash out some. Rejected.... They stated, at the end of the cruise only... Is Casino an Option?
  13. On Bliss you can do everything . Even write here without using your minutes. Important is to switch on flight mode and then connect to NCL WiFi.
  14. Agree....yesterday canceled an prepaid excursion. Money instantely back in account and new excursion paid by non ref OBC
  15. Today Cabo san Lucas on a sunday. Took a water tax to the beach... Sand is very rough, walking along is a pain after a while. Water cristal clear, about 26°C. In the afternoon, starten about 2pm beach was a zoo...i assume because all the locals came in. Dinner in Manhatten was great. They had mixed grill today....First time experience I was able to carry the unfinished bottle of Moet with me. All other lines sent it to the room. Moet was limited to the + members at the table. The bottle of red we shared with our friends without any problem.
  16. Internet advice: if you have one unlimited plan, you are told you can not share. The work arround: NCL state you need to switch on flight mode to access NCL Internet. Yes, right.... But.... Switch on flight mode Start Internet connection with NCL Switch of flight mode, be shure to have no connection to a mobile network. Switch on hotspot _tethering using strong password. Enjoy on as much devices as you like internet
  17. Confirmed today.: the only smokers corner is at H2O. Casino in a seperate both, while gambling. Cigar lounge: only cigars allowed.
  18. Checked the dining reservations, today. Exept today they are all gone. (6 out of 7) Tried to rebook but our favorite times at the restaurants are blocked already. So, do we have to check every morning?
  19. Correction and Update.... There is a power outlet in the bathroom. For all the blind fish like me: right hand side obove the glass beakers.
  20. First night is over. I've to say, not really great. First of all: in one of the rooms close to us,TV was so laud, we are able to partly understand the content. Second: Ship has a very unusual shaking. At a frequency of about half a second. Very uncomfortable if you try to sleep. Shower is nice having the 6 water outlets.
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