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  1. Room was very quiet at night and AC worden perfect, esp. very quite.... Pictures are from rooftop Breakfast buffet was very good, only American Coffee at spain is a bit strange.... Hot water and some Espresso on top... Headed to port at 1130 by taxi. Port empty, embarkation process ultra fast. No lines, total from arrival to ship entrance, less than 10 minutes. Ship is in excellent shape, we went to buffet. Food there was good, exept the non seafood paella, this was more of a non definite thing, something brownish, no rice visible anymore.
  2. Flight to BCN was without any isssues. Food was ok,not excellent, but eatable. Some ham, egg salat . Waiting time for luggage was about 45 min, better than FRA but in C .....hmmm. Going to BCN downtown by Taxi, 60€, 6 person, 12 luggage....ok I think. Checked in Barcelona Universal Hotel. To be honest, better than expected. Nice rooms, clean. Rooftop pool, amazing view from there... Walking out to La Rambla market... Puu Iberico ham is expensive now....15 to 20€/100g ....I'm used to pay 4 to 5.... Had dinner at a restaurant, antique Cafe espanol, close to hotel very, very good. Lobster paella, iberico Steak, bottle of crianza( very good) incl tip, 60€ Back to hotel , on right hand side of the lobby is a caffe machine, espresso for free....as a final....more tomorrow....
  3. And the time goes by, its 3:45AM.., on the way to airport parking ...we booked a space a bit outside airport, due to cost reasons. In case somebody need the adress, feel free to ask... CI automaticaly done by LH, first time we had that...
  4. Hi Folks Start the Live from totay. Luggage is packed, nearly. Boarding passes for C flight LH, FRA to BCN issued saved on phone and print. CI at X completed..... First time Aqua class, normally we do Concierge or Balkony... Start will be this night about 3Am, heading to FRA airport.
  5. Ive had same but different. This guy had a balcony as a second, while sitting in GS with his friend. Every time he left his room, TV was set to max....and left for whole night, or even 2 days....
  6. We found the soup at speciality restaurant much better than MDR....
  7. By the way, what kind of key are they using? 3 or 4 side
  8. Not seen....Immigration itself was a thing of seconds....no idea why this big delay
  9. ROFL....nothing.... Of ship , now waiting line for imigration
  10. Today disembarkation.....,in theory Plan to be off ship 8 AM. Now its 1010 AM . 3 other groups to call upfront ours. Total process stopped by customs, due to the big zoo in arrival hall.
  11. They have no big Show, like X. There is Six, and a Sinatra talk.. I say talk not musical, because more ralk than music. We left on both early Additionally a Beatles Tribute, these guys can't sing....clothing like indian basar in pink colour....all in all disappointed
  12. As I'm not a Whiskey drinker....I assume no. I got one for a test, price was 25. There are special called experience, here price goes up to 490 the glass. This is not included
  13. If you have a prepaid shore excurision and this excursion is available on the ship. You are able to cancel the prepaid, you get ref OBC then and book new on ship. First non ref OBC is used for payments
  14. Pending on origin booking only one device WiFi....we had that actually....enclosed Whiskey menue from Bliss....
  15. Last day...to sum up the cruise: PRO Food overall excellent, exept Local Bar and Grill on Deck 7. Service overall over the top, allways a smile, all thoghter are going the extra mile for you. Restaurant ranking 1. La Cucina 2. Cagney's 3. Teppanyaki 4. Los Lobos Ship cleaningness inside very good. Ship cleaningness outside soso. Al windows are blind from salt or soot. Never seen a person cleaning the windows. Assume they wait for rain 😀 CON Smoking area, way too small for 4500 Pax. About 15 to 20 seat close to H2O bar. Place always ugly dirty. Therefore floor on H2O dirty as well. On some days inside H2O smokers are found...always the same. They don't care about bar men speech nor security. Stoppt the time they attend, smoked further afterwards. Soot From my point of view a big issue on this cruise. Sometimes like dark brown rain, today oily flakes. Loudness Way too loud on pooldeck. Talking if the band or DJ. plays is not possible. Extra speaker on Deck 17.... Sound from ???? until 11pm inside stateroom. May be Covern Club. The only quite place on ship is H2O bar, as long as the "special smokers" havn't drunk so much... Other example is guest service: as an safety guy from germany i would say they have to use earplugs as protection, way too loud there, on all events. Overall a good cruise, more time at port would be fine. Do we have a problem with this cruise, definitely GAINED TOO MUCH WEIGHT 😀😃🙂🙃
  16. Ive to correct: inside FAS+ exept garden cafe buffet
  17. Today ship is ill...coughing soot in an extent iv'e never seen. These 2 pics are the result of about 30 sec. We escaped from H2O sundeck.
  18. Its relatively easy: inside the ship you get everything from plus offerings. Outside: nothing FAS only. All over All we are happy to have it. Especially the wine selection at dinner is much better.
  19. Today first time at "The Lokal Bar and grill" for lounch. Very fast service, but...... Ordered medium cheeseburger for +1: well done Ordered mine medium rare: well done Taste was so so...lets say Whopper tasts better. Cheescake as dessert was a bit hard, but taste was good. We like they NY-cheescake style....soft.
  20. Depends on the restaurant and the waiter, you have. As an example: Somelier broght the moet - 2 glass limited to plus owner. Day later, same waiter, remembered bubbly and wine order: 4 glass no problem.So we stayed with the same guy all cruise, we ate in MDR , and tipped..... As an different example: we ordered 2 glass of VC, same waiter brought a bottle for the table. I've asked hey this Version is by glass only within the package, he said, no problem sir iv'e booked 5 glass for you 😀 Same with Oberon wine....
  21. On bliss shorts and t-shirt is ok in MDR and Spec. Exept ocean blue. Here they ask for long pants and at least polo.
  22. Dinner today at La Cucina, the Italien Restaurant. I've to say from my point of view the best restaurant on Bliss. I would say the most unterestimated restaurant on Bliss. We had a few different entree, exzellent taste, but way too big for entree... At home this is main course. Al of us had the filet as main. To be very honest way better than Cagnes. Service perfect.
  23. First time it was open.....total canal passage.....
  24. A few miles from Panama, they switched to Diesel.... Clearly seen on exhaust...., during passage of canal, Diesel....Out of the locks....normal fuel....lot of soot again.
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