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  1. Don't think so, at least officially..... Other question is it allowed to invite others using my FAS+ spec dining option? We are cruising with friends and have 2 spec restaurant more. So, go by 4 people one day would work?
  2. I'm sorry to ask again. Within my description they state wine by glass. Bottle 40 % off. Valid for all restaurant? Cagney's as well?
  3. Within Europe luggage is not able to fly without the owner...therefore not able to fly - unloaded luggage
  4. The Option I know go to the doc at the airport and Tell them you are vomiting all the time. He will declare: you are not able to fly....
  5. We have 7 spec restaurant within our booking. 5 come from free at see and 2 from the FAS + package. I was able to prebook 3 restaurants at bliss. But no more.....I've booked always table for 4. Is that the reason? The other party has 5 vouchers.... How to do the other reservations? Is it allowed to 2 times to may be Cagney's? Last question: as we have 2 more dinners than our friends we are traveling with. Is it possible to invite them using our 2 dinner vouchers for one evening?
  6. Just checked to prepay OBC Option to cover DSC.... not worth, only a litte bit of savings The actual exchange (EUR / USD) rate is not in favor.... The better Option is to prepay DSC NCL ask for 12€/day vs 18US/day. Nobrainer....prepaid....
  7. So far I know, non ref OBC is not accepted at the casino
  8. Just had a Look into our bliss Panama canal cruise. Some free stateroom, not so much. But a lot of free haven....
  9. I've bought upfront the free at see plus package. My problem is, I'm not able to buy one for the +1. Homepage say not possible....to give her the same drinks as I have....is it possible to buy on board? If yes payable by non ref OBC? I assume shareholder is non ref, right?
  10. So far i've paid only one person...675€.... Asked the TA to add the 2nd. At NCL homepage, it was stated booking of the 2nd person is not possible... May be the cost are for 2 in general?
  11. Ive asked my TA to book the plus package. I got the confirmation and invoice from TA, plus for me only. Checked online at my NCL: both got it.... Hmmm By the way, question to the 2 extra spec. restaurant visits: 2 times the same possible? Possible to invite friends to have a 4 Pax dinner using the 2 Voucher?
  12. For us, it was a low brainer.... Had a huge price drop, but ncl didn't honer.... So we decided to cancel and rebook and loose all deposit. NCL offered if we book a higher class, they only ask for 50bucks changing fee. We saved over 800 in the end and booked club now....coming from normal balcony.
  13. I've a lot of FCC at NCL. Is it possible to pay the upgrade bit using these FCC?
  14. And what's the problem? Looks like your idea was to invite them to your room to have non YC guest having YC dinner
  15. To my knowledge you loose if you don't sail until September
  16. Exactly this mail I've too... Yes it was COVID cancelation. We got the 25% for the may cruise. This one was canceled as well...
  17. Statement from TA was a few days ago. Is there a difference if FCC are new or old once,used for payment and canceled again? The old are coming from a 2019 Asia cruise X canceled. Used to pay a may 22 cruise. The May cruise was canceled because of positive covid test
  18. TA said: X rejected the FCC, but accept them for total ..... One strenge thing i'm worried about: The old TA, US based said: X state the FCC have a lifetime of 1 year. On there Homepage and by Mail they state: unlimited lifetime. May be a trick.....: cruise is in13 months... Then they come back: Bad luck FCC gone....
  19. Ive a lot of FCC Now ive booked a new cruise and want to pay the down payment using the FCC. X has confirmed I'm able to use the FCC to pay the cruise, but rejected them for down payment. Is that normal? Ive asked to use all the FCC, about 4kUS, to use for this cruise now(4.6kUS) to have only a small rest to pay next year....
  20. Next 2 weeks over, no Response. Any lawer recomendation?
  21. That's a thing I do not understand. The most expensive suites are under the most loudest locations. I've booked once such a ( very expensive) suite on Summit....sorry to say, never again...
  22. Tried exactly that. NOTHING 3weeks NOTHING, not even an answer, I've mailed a few times to engagement....
  23. We found a cruise we like to book, but X was not able to use the FCC they promised... So no cruise with X.....for a loooooong time anymore.
  24. The test certificate was sent by TA to X. Test was sent on 05/02/2022. One couple of our party, test positive as well, got FCC, but they paid cash. The others, using old FCC, didn't get anything from X. We got confirmation from TA there are FCC, but if we try to use them, nothing.... May I ask, is there a option to see it? Somewhere in my account?
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