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  1. I find the vibe on the Med cruise is different. You won’t find people wearing flip flops and tank tops to dinner, no drunkiness by the pool like you find on the Caribbean cruises, no lineups for shows, most people are getting ready for excursions the next morning.
  2. Love the 3 people breaking it down during the away party while the deck is empty lol. Ship looks great!
  3. The Baltic cruise we are booked for this summer seems to continue going up in price. Popular cruises like the Baltic's or Greece it’s always a good idea to book early.
  4. Destination, we treat a cruise like a hotel, places that we can get a sense for the city.
  5. Getting pool chairs before 9am during March break? Try before 7am for any chance to be near the pool.
  6. Supply and demand, open up the market to the other cruise liners and prices should fall. Until then POA is the only kid on the block, take it or leave it.
  7. Also set your expectations now. You are going from high end cruising to a mass market ship. Food, crew vs passenger ratio, service and the type of passengers you will interact with will not be like Oceana and Windstar. Crew will not know your name nor would they care about it with 4,000 other passengers to serve.
  8. NYC is a bad example as you have multiple factors in play. Lots of wealthy families, driving distance from Canada, Chicago, Michigan ect.. means families have more disposable income to drop on just the cruise vs booking flights. I still see cheap deals to Bahamas from Miami if you don’t go during peak weeks.
  9. See my thing about this upgrade is why advertise on your website all drinks by the glass are included but then one day decide to deny someone a glass of "expensive" wine or one ship no longer serves bottles of Veuve but others still do? And then you can't really argue it because they just point you to the small print saying they can change their mind when ever they feel like it..
  10. Bermuda is pricey no doubt about that. I've been to Bermuda a few times as a land based vacation and everything from food to alcohol is expensive. They import everything so even ordering a burger and fries could cost you $30. Bermuda also has a lot of expats who work there with very little income tax so take home salaries are high. Anyways, a cruise is one of the best values for Bermuda as you don't have to worry about those things which is why it's very popular.
  11. Yup, going from fine dining on Oceana to chicken wings and spinach dip, you are in for a real treat lol.
  12. $250 is just robbery, plus the cost of the Vibe pass. As Cramer would say, NCL is a buy!buy!buy! stock lol.
  13. I was going to say from the wake from the back of the ship it doesn't look like a controlled departure.. Seems like those engines are spinning pretty fast.
  14. The Florida/Bahamas cruisers would riot if they couldn't wear their swimming shorts and backwards hats to dinner.
  15. I doubt it is expiring, I think NCL is trying to get people to move into that allinclusive model. Pay more upfront but most passengers will never hit the alcohol/food limit that NCL pays.
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