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  1. It wouldn't be a bad promo if they offered a drink credit or food credit like $1400 if they reduced the price of the cabin. Like everyone said the "free" promo's are just baked into your cabin price, sail away vs full pop depending on where you are cruising could be a huge difference. I personally would go for something like that, I think a $1400 bar tab would allow me to enjoy premium whiskeys and wines after a long day at port. For us we cruise for the ports so are mostly exploring the town's and city's we want to see vs getting sloshed on the pool deck with mixed drinks.
  2. "But wait my Personal Cruise Consultant is telling me cabins are booking up fast I better secure my room now!" Is the next reply we will see from our loyalist here.
  3. No airline will let you back onboard if you've tested positive, regardless if it's false or not.
  4. For reference, everyone arriving at the Punta Cana airport goes through the finger pr1ck Rapid test before you are let out of the terminal. Does it make you feel more secure, not for me since I still see flights arriving with vacationers testing positive after their flight. The concern is more how quickly Covid spreads in close contact and indoor spaces i.e. packing people on a cruise ship.
  5. Well we have a few vaccine candidates in stage 3 of testing and reports are saying by end of this year we should know if we can begin mass vaccinations, so that’s promising.
  6. You know what this video is missing is where are all the billionaires are parking their yachts these days, I don’t see any yachts in this Miami video 🙃
  7. More like when a safe vaccine for all ages is available will demand come back. Who do you think the majority of cruisers are during the off season? Take a guess, it's not your healthy under 60 years old crowd..
  8. Let's keep the party going, or not.. But keep listening to NCL's marketing department on how they will keep you safe, not. The CDC has extended the No Sail Order and its report is a shocking read of how the cruise lines have responded to this virus. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html."Cumulative CDC data from the period of March 1 to July 10, 2020 reveal a total of 2,973 COVID-19 or COVID-like illness cases on cruise ships, in addition to 34 deaths. These data have also revealed a total of 99 outbreaks on 123 different cruise ships, meaning that 80% of ships within U.S. jurisdiction were affected by COVID-19 during this time frame. In addition, 9 ships still have ongoing or resolving COVID-19 outbreaks on board.""The current scientific evidence suggests that cruise ships pose a greater risk of COVID-19 transmission than other settings. A recent article published in the Journal of Travel Medicine by Rocklöv et al. demonstrated that the Diamond Princess cruise ship experienced an onboard R0 (basic reproduction rate) for COVID-19 of 14.8 before ship-wide quarantine was enacted. This means that each case onboard the Diamond Princess transmitted COVID-19 to approximately 15 other people. This reproduction rate is approximately four times higher than the R0 of the original epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, China,..."A reproduction rate of 15 is astounding. The report also notes examples of non-compliance on the original NSO by the different cruise lines. Doesn't build any confidence that the cruise lines have the understanding of what is needed to keep anyone safe from this virus.
  9. "CDC tells Florida to get their **** together" should be the headline.
  10. Guys it's over, no one is cruising until a vaccine is available or herd immunity has been reached. Future cruises will require you to show proof you've taken the vaccine in order to sail. People will lie regardless, there is no questionnaire that will prevent someone who is sick or doesn't even know they are sick to board. Unless they test everyone and can produce results in minutes when boarding.
  11. Lol "face masks required in all public areas of the hotel" Yeah ok in the dead of summer in the Caribbean, who are they planning on attracting to these resorts?
  12. Who cares, there is no money to be made from people paying $300 for an inside cabin to sail to Mexico or Bahamas in the summer unless the ship sails full. The bread and butter in the summer is Europe where you pay $1500 for an inside cabin, those are the ports that matter and you can get away with not running a full ship.
  13. And that's the problem with the masses, someone will try to hide their symptoms because they don't want to lose their "right" to vacation and spread it onboard. No filter is going to help you if they cough or talk moistly in your face.
  14. Meh, seems like normal pricing for a Febuary cruise, kids are back in school, not really prime time. Plus $1500 us dollars? Pretty much $1800cdn. I would expect fire sales to get people to cruise again after eliminating a lot of the things they are talking about, buffet's, wearing masks ect..
  15. Safe or not the mind set of people has changed. People physically will move away from you when walking down the grocery store isle or will wait for you to pass. Cruise ships will not sail full until there is a vaccine to change people’s mind sets back to feeling protected even when restrictions are lifted.
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