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  1. This is amazing, thank you for sharing!
  2. Ohhh man where were you three weeks ago? 😫We already went and used a different company...it was only so-so. Thank for the info I will keep it handy if we ever get back to St.Lucia
  3. Is this restaurant still open? It says closed on several sites but then some say it’s re-opened? Anyone know? Thanks!
  4. You can click the link in my signature for my victory review and the Bacardi part is at the end! Hope it helps
  5. It’s been quite a few years but we took a ferry to Bacardi on our own. I don’t recall the cost but I do remember we had to take a van taxi once we got across the water, not walkable. It wasn’t the most terribly exciting tour, we mainly did it to get out of the sun for a bit before we could check into our hotel.
  6. Can you get booze in them with cheers? 🤔 I feel like that's 2 drinks and they won't let you. I can't believe I never thought about shakes being included!
  7. 1&2 my experience has been the same. 3. We have only been able to get fountain Soda and never cans every time every ship we've done Cheers on. Ps If you get Cheers, make sure you get your giant bottle of water each night in the MDR 🙂
  8. Been awhile but looking to repeat a tour we did with Herod back in 2015 but the website isn't active anymore and f b page looks outdated... is he still doing tours??
  9. We used spencer Ambrose as well several years ago, taking the boat to the base of the piton. We Didn't have enough time for lunch on the beach, we got our food and ate on the boat ride back to the ship! Read my sunshine review for more details :) ps it was a tough hike but so worth it! Bragging rights forever!!!
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