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  1. Yes, La Pensione is on the corner of Indian & Date Street, dead center of Little Italy. There isn't a better location for restaurants to be had.
  2. Columbia is where the cruise port is, and the USS Midway, etc. It is "in front" of Little Italy. You have the names of the The Residence Inn Bayfront, SpringHill Suites Bayfront, Hotel InterContinental San Diego, Hotel Carte, and Wyndham San Diego Bayside presumably. Those are the hotels nearest the cruise terminal. You might find one of them under $300. My parent's favorite place to stay in DT San Diego is La Pensione in the heart of Little Italy. Also in Little Italy is the Best Western Plus Bayside Inn. Nice and reasonable not far from the cruise terminal are the Hotel Bristol, Sofia Hotel, The Westgate and Courtyard San Diego Downtown. No idea how hotel pricing will be May 2022, but it is cheap right now because of lack of convention business and business travel. You might be able to lock in a 4 star hotel on the cheap, so do check the Manchester Grand Hyatt and Marriott Marquis too.
  3. To clarify, "the Shoreline area" is in Downtown Long Beach, 6 miles from the San Pedro World Cruise Center. The San Pedro hotels are less than a mile from the WCC, but I would say if you are spending more than just the night before the cruise, Downtown Long Beach would be preferable to San Pedro for a multi day stay.
  4. Which hotels? What would you like to know about them? There are two dozen or more in the Gaslamp, East Village, Marina, Little Italy and Core District, which are the other neighborhoods of Downtown besides the Columbia neighborhood, which is where the cruise port is. Downtown San Diego is pretty small. It is easy to walk from the Columbia neighborhood to the Gaslamp, and of course to Little Italy. I think Columbia is the nicest neighborhood right now. It is on the water, very walkable and relatively quiet.
  5. As an example of the train's unreliability, train service between South Orange County and San Diego County (Laguna Niguel to Oceanside) is currently suspended and there are no work-arounds. The tracks will be closed until at least Oct 3, 2021 due to instability in the bluffs in South Orange County that threatens the tracks.
  6. It might sound small and silly, but I am so used to the Princess' giant screen that they use for Movies Under The Star and for various other things during the day; it seems completely strange when I am on cruise ships that don't have a giant screen for movies and concerts. It might sound small and silly, but I really miss it when ships don't have it. If there were two similarly situated cruises and one ship did not have the giant screen, that would be enough to tip it for me. It might not be a big deal on a cruise were you are in a new port every day, but on a 15 day cruise with 10 sea days, it actually is a pretty big deal.
  7. Well I am sure she isn't going to like that.... 😁 🤣
  8. The Cove is not in a great area. Try the Golden Sails Hotel.
  9. I think the Holiday Inn San Diego - Bayside is a much nicer hotel and they allow up to 10 days free parking. You have to choose the package in offers from their webpage.
  10. Curious which Celebrity ship it was.
  11. Know what you do when a doctor tells you to give up bacon, wine and chasing women? Find a new doctor!
  12. I'll defer to 4cats and Steve on this as their experiences on Celebrity are more recent, but it seems to me unless you book a top tier cabin on Celebrity and Princess, they are very similar, with Celebrity winning in the top tier battle. Food is one of the most important factors for me on a cruise, entertainment (shows) is a nice, but not a deal breaker or maker.
  13. Last time we did a cruise that included La Paz, there were buses that ran from the ship to the commercial area of La Paz (Paseo Obregon) and we took a cab back, which was about $10 U.S. If you use a cab, negotiate a price before getting in.
  14. What kind of prices are you seeing?
  15. And soon they will be disposed by an Amazon delivery robot that resembles R2D2.
  16. I know. It is so sad. Gone is the milkman, the Helms Bakery truck, the Fuller Brush man, encyclopedia salesmen and the Hoover vacuum salesmen.
  17. You really should have started a new topic, rather than hijacking dfencecoach's topic. I think Southwest is a miserable airline. I fly them as little as possible. If I was going to OAK I'd use Hawaiian Airlines.
  18. Not much to add. Steve said it all.
  19. If you put another animal's name in front of the word "bacon", it ain't bacon.
  20. OMG, whatever you do, please don't say, "San Fran" around your friends, or they might start saying it too. For hotels I'd look at the Embarcadero, the Harbor Court Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Club Quarters Hotel, Le Meridien and Hotel Vitale, if they've reopened by your trip.
  21. I am with Steve. For example, we'd never fly into SF on the day of a cruise, too many things can go wrong. If we still lived in Santa Barbara and had a cruise out of San Diego, we'd go down the day before. We might even for San Pedro or Long Beach.
  22. Oh you shouldn't have told him.... you could have gone and told him, "that's the bar stool where Glen Fry sat; that's the corner where Don Henley passed out", etc and he'd have been happy as a clam.
  23. So sad to see. My parents had a home in PV for more than 30 years and I know the area well where this flooding happened and it breaks my heart. In all the time we spent in PV you couldn't have encountered more friendly or helpful people. I hope they get help in a hurry.
  24. We've used a company called Baja Winery Tours, but not from Ensenada, from San Diego because they do cross border pickups for groups. They did a fantastic job.
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