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  1. Actually it does. http://www.hamptoninnmiamiairport.com/shuttle.html PORT OF MIAMI Shuttle Services to the PORT OF MIAMI is offered at ONE-WAY basis FROM Hotel TO Port of Miami ONLY - charges apply Shuttle Services provided by 305Connection Tours
  2. To me, Tiptoe Through The Tulips means one thing and one thing only. Tiny Tim.
  3. I guess because of the LB Marathon there were no Hyatt hotels in Long Beach available? If you are staying in San Pedro, your only two real choices in hotels are the Crowne Plaza or DoubleTree. I'd see if they can be booked before cementing your plan.
  4. I think you can't just consider drive time when comparing airports, but the time from when you step off the plane until you are at your destination. For example, at LAX, it can be a very long walk from your gate to baggage claim and then if you want to use a taxi of Uber, you have to transfer to a secondary lot for pick up. Overall it is very time consuming. Add to that that LAX is undergoing massive construction projects and LAX is a bigger disaster than it normally is. LGB and SNA are small airports and very easy to maneuver through. I'd choose either one before LAX. SNA will give you the most flight options.
  5. $5.50 a person, do reserve with the front desk.
  6. It depends on which pier you are using. The Aloha Tower has parking. For Pier 2, it is wouldn't be for too long, I'd drop it at H Mart.
  7. When did you last take Uber from LIH? In my last three, post Covid Hawaii cruises, Uber/Lyft has neigh on impossible to get at Nawiliwili. One of the cruises we hadn't planned to do anything on Kauai, but my father decided he wanted to go to Walmart to buy some more supplies he needed. When we got down to the taxi stand area, the line was an hour or more and zero Ubers responded to my request. Luckily there were neighbors of my father's on the same cruise already in line and they were heading to Walmart too. To get back I grabbed a driver as they were dropping someone off, who turned out to be a licensed tour operator and Uber driver. Seeing my elderly father, she took pity on us and drove us back to Nawiliwili before picking up her pre-arranged group. She explained how few Uber drivers there were on the island and how few licensed cabs, post Covid. That was an April 2023 cruise and when I went back in Oct 2023, it didn't seem things had improved, but I had rented a car from Avis that trip so we could go to Hanapepe and Poʻipū.
  8. That is a very long ways, like a day trip to SLO from LA.
  9. Look at the Moxy, W, Stanton, Residence Inn and Courtyard, all in South Beach.
  10. The Hilton Blue Lagoon is a very nice hotel and I think a great location. I've stayed there on business several times and even hosted a few meetings there and everyone has liked the hotel. Being at the end of the island makes it seem very private.
  11. It is usually better to start your own topic since you are really asking a different question.
  12. PS Love the 94th Aero Squadron, you can find them at several airports around the country. Also love Casa Juan for good Cuban food and even if the Hampton Inn serves a breakfast, I'd still go to First Watch for breakfast. It is one of my favorite places in Florida for breakfast.
  13. My friends who were just at MIA with 6 people and 6 large suitcases had to use two Uber XL.
  14. Just mix some prune juice and fizzy water, and voila!
  15. Semi-correct: Establishments can ask what service the animal is trained to do, but they cannot ask to see the service animal perform that task. This was a Hawaii cruise. The only "foreign port" was Ensenada.
  16. Because of the U.S. ADA and CA laws, there is virtually nothing Princess can do if people lie about their dog being a service dog. They cannot ask for any documentation or proof. I am up to seven round trip Hawaii cruises now and I love them obviously. The five sea days in a row, twice, is my favorite part. You can truly relax when you don't need to worry about your activities at the next port and no rushing around in port. There are so many activities onboard there is plenty to keep you busy, if you choose, or not if you choose.
  17. There isn't any official website stating clearly that there are no immigration checks between Hawaii and mainland USA because there doesn't need to be. It is a purely U.S. domestic flight, no different than flying from LA to Las Vegas or any other U.S. domestic location.
  18. 11:15AM is pushing your luck a bit. Where is the ship coming from? What day of the week? When? There is a massive construction project coming to the port area soon and no one knows what that will do to traffic and route detours. If you can walk off by 9AM, maybe 9:30AM and grab a cab right away, you should be okay, but one hiccup can sink you. LGB is a minimum of 30 minutes from San Pedro and boarding for flights closes 15-20 minutes before the departure time, so you have a very tight window.
  19. A sweater works well, a ski parka is overkill unless you are going into the mountains. For the cruise, a light sweater might be needed.
  20. No idea what a wool jersey or puffer jacket is, but you need more than a "light rain jacket". Overnight lows will be in the 40's, daytime highs in the 60's, maybe low 70's. The coast will be cooler than inland.
  21. On a Mexico cruise it would be quite warm, maybe even hot, September to mid-October.
  22. If you are staying at the Embassy Suites, I'd go to the Ralph's Supermarket (Krogger) on G Street. It will have a better selection and prices.
  23. Because parking is limited at the stack garage, Carnival sometimes directs passengers from the larger ships or longer voyages to the LBCC for parking.
  24. In the base of the InterContinental San Diego is the Harbor Market and there is a Rite-Aid on Ash & Kettner.
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