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  1. I’m interested in the taxi to Governors Beach too. It sounds simple enough to get there by hiring a taxi at the port but I am wondering about how to get back easily. I’ll have a five-year old with me so it has to be as simple as possible.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. It’s interesting to get your perspective because the tour often gets average reviews on Carnival’s site. I too like to avoid a hassle and I’ve been pretty satisfied with Carnival excursions.
  3. Did you do the St. Thomas excursion through the cruise line?
  4. I was given a ship on a rope last month on the Dream.
  5. I just completed my first cruise with Carnival on the Dream after a long run with Royal and I was pleasantly surprised how similar the lines really are. Off course the newer ships are going to have better amenities and that goes for both lines. I booked another cruise with carnival in the spring of next year and another on royal that fall. If I had to be super picky, I was slightly disappointed with the offerings in the buffet on the Dream, but no deal breaker there. And I do prefer the openness of the Royal ships - the royal promenade concept is really cool.
  6. Port Canaveral is one of our favorites... we drive and sometimes fly to the port from Alabama. If you need to rent a car, and I’m assuming you will, there are so many options available. Pick up your car at the airport in Orlando, have a good time for a few days, then drop it off near the port. We always stay at the Country Inn or one of the others that has a rent-a-car drop off right near the parking lot and then shuttle, taxi, or Uber to the port. You can practically see the ships from the hotel so no fear of being late to the ship or enduring other hassles. Kennedy Space Center is fun if your in to that type thing - I loved their tour of the launch facilities. The world really is your oyster when it comes to picking a ship at that port - I’d definitely price all the other cruise lines.
  7. As far as ship choice, I wonder how far you and they are from the various ports... will everyone drive or are they willing to fly? I’ve planned for friends and family before and I’m certainly not a travel agent. I just love to do it but if you proceed, I’d front load them with as much information as possible about the whole process (money, gratuities, insurance, excursions, parking and hotel cost an so on) before they ever pay a deposit. I did it again last night around the kitchen table with some friends. We sometimes do an internet search like ‘Carnival Dream Drone’ and watch cool YouTube videos of people flying drones over cruise ships. It really helps to see what a ship’s top deck looks like and then we compare it to other ships we are interested in.
  8. We just returned a few weeks ago from the Dream and we also had our four year old boy with us. Our stories are very similar... especially the arcade and the high prices. I came to accept it and looked at it like that was his ‘excursion’ and certainly worth it to him. He still talks about how much fun he had and we can’t wait to go again next year.
  9. I’m sailing on the Dream on Sunday and I’m wondering what the chances are to find lactose free milk onboard. Has anyone had any experience with this?
  10. I hope not because I’m booked for 5/5 out of New Orleans.
  11. Thanks for taking time to write your review. We cruise on the dream in two weeks and have a similar background... this is our first Carnival cruise and all of our others were on royal. I too like the mall concept on their bigger ships I can’t wait to try the food on the Dream.
  12. Thanks. Everyone’s input will make me sound like I know what I’m talking about when my wife asks. We leave on the Dream in two weeks.
  13. I’ve noticed a barge that often pulls along side the Carnival Dream when it is docked in New Orleans. Does anyone know it’s purpose? I’ve never seen one at any other ports.
  14. Does anyone know has the internet is on the Dream? I’m sailing on May 5th and considering the premium plan.
  15. Fantastic review and I appreciate the time and effort you are taking. I’ll be on the Dream May 5th and your pictures are really bringing things to life!
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