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  1. when are you bringing the family to Australia? lol This is where we are driving to tomorrow (we have a caravan). It will always be one of my most favourite destinations in the world, even though it's in our state. I've bought a new lens for my camera (75 to 300mm) and hoping to practice some photography for our Iceland/Greenland trip. This is peak time for whale sharks and humpbacks. We've seen orcas up there too!
  2. AusMum

    Muster Drill

    My least favourite activity on cruises lol
  3. We did Alaska with another cruise company in 2018. We did a week in Denali 'on our own' and caught the train back to Anchorage. We loved having our independence, so hired a car. It was an amazing experience. Make sure to look out for bears! we kept getting a false sense of security whenever we pulled over to use rest areas.
  4. Can't believe it's been almost 30 years since we went there - we were in our early 20s and could barely afford to eat, but we had an awesome time 🙂
  5. Interesting to know. We are also early 50s and were wondering if we might be the youngest on a Silversea cruise, but guess you can never really tell.
  6. we were going to do that, but then we got tantalised by Icelandic crime drama, and decided we wanted to see more 🙂 we initially thought we would spend a week in Scotland, but we were more likely to go back to the UK in the future than Iceland
  7. https://www.silversea.com/destinations/cruises-arctic-greenland/reykjavik-to-reykjavik-ev230905016.html that's our cruise
  8. Ours will be on The Endeavour in September next year, so will look forward to your posts! are you planning to do any days in Iceland pre-cruise? we are considering doing the Ring Road
  9. You are so much closer to Alaska than we are - even if you use a more 'affordable' cruise line than Silversea, then land based into Denali etc, it's an amazing part of the world.
  10. We got to see glacier calving on both of our trips to Alaska; you are right in saying it's very bittersweet, but the sound is amazing. Our son was 4 when we first went to Alaska. he got an award at school for doing a presentation at assembly on 'Glacier Calving in Alaska'. As I write this I realise why he's so drawn to wanting to work in renewable energies, and how much of a positive impact travel has had on his ambitions.
  11. Perth (Salter Point) - you? Our cruise is in September next year, so we will be in Iceland in late August. I have a wedding to go to in Denmark in August, so we needed something that suited our time frame. Any words of wisdom for an Australian in Iceland? We had booked to go to Antarctica in 2021, but it was only with Celebrity, and we had to cancel. We always hated the journey we would have to take to get there, via Argentina. The dates had us passing through Sydney for NYE, so it was always going to be difficult. We were watching Foxtel, where we saw an ad for The Arctic on Silverseas. They enticed us with images of polar bears etc, and both of us said, "Hey, let's go there, it seems to be so much easier to get to." We have our 30th wedding anniversary next month, so I guess we are just celebrating a year late.
  12. The first thing I do when I get home from work is check for your updates! Am going to miss your blogging when this cruise is over.
  13. I love Singapore! If I can help you in any way whilst you are in Perth, just inbox me 🙂.
  14. Can't you have as much as you like?
  15. I think this recent weather has been helping us to prepare lol. I keep getting hubby to stand outside in his new gear from the Anaconda sale, and have said, "This is as hot as it ever gets in Iceland!". Which journey are you taking?
  16. What camera did you use back then? I've just purchased a new camera, and can't wait to find out how it captures my Iceland/Greenland adventures
  17. Hey, you are in the same part of the world as me now (although I am much further south here in Perth) - we have been experiencing the coldest and wettest winter in something like twenty years, so am not surprised the weather has also been a bit 'off' up north. We are planning to drive as far north as Karratha, in about 10 days time. JJS your best option would be to fly from the US to Sydney, spend a few days in Sydney, then travel to Broome via Perth. Broome is a small town, but it's a major destination for Australian tourists - they have regular flights on decent aircraft. Because Western Australia has a massive mining economy, with so many workers living a 'fly in fly out' lifestyle, big airlines like Qantas fly there. Broome also has a large oil and gas (offshore) industry. We have only cruised from Perth to Broome (much cheaper cruise company) and we also had issues getting into some ports. Things like weather can't be controlled, which makes it difficult when you live miles away from a destination and it might be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.
  18. We were lucky enough to witness whales bubble net hunting in Icy Straits Alaska - it was such an emotional experience I cried
  19. sorry if you have already answered this - did they give you a backpack on this cruise?
  20. I'm organised and don't leave until September next year! Loving some of the suggestions, and can't wait 🙂
  21. I've seen people complain about men not wearing ties etc, but Crocs are beyond hideous.
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