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  1. A good TA is worth their weight in gold. We use one because she gets us better buss. class air, arranges our transports, private excursions, OBC's, and all our pre and post reservations in hotels, trains and air.
  2. Crystal for us....It is all inclusive, all suites, butlers, smaller numbers, great food...We liked Viking as well, but now they have a pretty hard to swallow payment policy.....
  3. Yes to The Toren.....Wonderful...Also look at The Pulitzer...Sofitel Legend The Grand......
  4. We stayed at the Old Town Hilton in Prague...and at the Hotel Torbrau in Munich....BOTH great locations....
  5. Yes, several....and yes Rivers can be more problematic...But we have done them on Rivers either at the front or the end as well...and on Oceans....
  6. You could break them up with a stay in whichever cities you start or end....to get you off the ships for a few days
  7. That would be a NO for me...we usually have a group, and said group usually plan private excursions. .We plan them according to what we want...This really only rewards a small portion of the companies business. .
  8. DEFINETLY not like Carnival......If a TA said that I would find another...That being said we loved our Viking cruises...BUT CRYSTAL is number 1 with us...Everything about Crystal is just a little better than Viking....I will always reccomend Viking and more than likely do them again. Their payment policy is the WORST, but if you can be okay with paying sometimes over a year in full then you will be okay. Crystal is ALL inclusive, ships have a few less passengers, usually priced better....Also look at AMA, we have good things there as well
  9. We stayed at Hilton Old Town on our own and loved it....
  10. End up in Budapest....You cannot imagine what it is like sailing into at night......Do a post in Budapest.
  11. Take your luggage to the Crystal ship for you......They will hold it. You will LOVE that cruise, we did it in October 2019, but we started in Basel.....
  12. That would be a good choice...If you have the time do a pre and post...Amsterdam and Switzerland...they are both fantastic...The pre and post can easily be done on your own....I loved our Viking cruises, but the payment policy is not my favorite currently...They do have the most ships though...My favorite is Crystal. They are ALL inclusive, and our Rhine was less than Viking...but also look at AMA. Half the fun is the planning....ENJOY Also time of year is important...If it does not rain, the rivers are low...if the rivers are low, the boats don't go....Summe can be VERY hot and crowded in Eu
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