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  1. Haha. No, I'm not a troll. I might disagree with you, but that doesn't make me a troll. But goodbye and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Welcome to CC, I see this is your 4th post in our community. Just because I didn't think your post to me warranted a comment, doesn't mean there are Crickets. I also never said that Mumps and Measles weren't a virus. I simply stated that comparing them with Covid is ridiculous. The one link between the 3 is that the MMR vaccine can help with Covid. You obviously missed the point I was making in that original statement, which was all of those had much higher mortality rates prior to their studies and the vaccines, which...by the way took YEARS before they were tested enough to be distributed.
  2. Sorry my dear....my information is not 100% false. 😉 But if that is what makes you feel better that you know EXACTLY how the contract tracing works. I have friends who do this as well, and I have been informed, not only from them but also my doctor...who by the way insisted and still insists that the last test that showed positive was in all certainty...a false positive test! Do you not think that the majority of people who tested positive have not contacted those they feel they have been in contact with? I know everyone that we are related to, work with or are friends with have all let us know when they either came into contact with someone who might have got the virus or they themselves tested positive. As you mentioned, they can do a much better job letting those people know that the health department that already has enough issues of their own. My brother in law, who works for a hospital in Hilton Head has been on top of this throughout this pandemic and there is a lot of interesting information that SHOULD be shared with the masses, but it is not. Main stream media has been in control of what you know about this virus. Unfortunately, not many people are smart enough or maybe they have no desire to do their own thinking and their own research. Do you realize that you are only contagious with this virus for 48 hours. I know I didn't...until I spoke with someone who works at Vanderbilt childrens hospital, and then did my own research because I couldn't believe that to be the case, since we have been told for months that we need to quarantine for 14 days or so. I find it absolutely amazing that there are people wanting to rush to get a vaccine (essentially a flu shot) that is only 95% effective for a virus that has a 99% survival rate! Pfizer and Moderna were both given 2 BILLION dollars by the government to develop something in record time, which shows you just how big pharma and government has jumped into bed at the expense of the American taxpayer.
  3. Hahaha. You totally missed my point. Contract tracing is a joke. The CDC has pretty much claimed that there is no real way of knowing WHERE you have picked up the virus. As for notifying others...they DO NOT do this, and this is put on the person who has tested positive. We know this first hand, as we have been around others who tested positive in the months that this has been around.
  4. I don't need to share information about MY area on a cruise board. And yes...first hand knowledge from those in the medical field mean a hell of a lot more than something that someone "found online". 🙂 As for deciding factor...yes, the mortality rate has A LOT to do with requirements like this. It isn't like a simple mask mandate. But thanks for playing!
  5. I see you are not from the US, let alone Tennessee. I can assure you that it is not as bad as the information you are googling. 😉 I have a friend who works for Vanderbilt here in Nashville. I also work for a pretty prestige company and have quite a bit of connections with the Chamber... What you are sharing isn't factual. 😉
  6. I can almost with full certainty tell you that a vaccine will not be required. The mortality rate of Covid does not warrant a requirement for a vaccine to cruise, fly, travel, etc. Maybe some people should step away from the TV, do some actual research. Talk to those in the medical field (I have two family members in the medical field), and talk to some people that actually have some logical information...FACTUAL information about this virus, past viruses, etc. I just can't with you. Your OPINION is simply that. Maybe you will decide not to cruise when you see that we won't be required to have a vaccine to sail. 😉
  7. Care to explain? You quoted me but have nothing to add but an emoji? LOL
  8. This is really comical. You do realize that those not wanting to get this vaccine has NOTHING to do with someone being scared of needles. As a woman who did several rounds of IVF treatment and had to have an IM needle (22 gauge) stuck in my butt over and over again as well as several other shots I had to give myself or the countless times I had to give blood, I have no fear of needles what so ever. It all boils down to the fact that this vaccine has been rushed and not tested well enough to even consider putting in my body. Nor am I going to be forced to put it in my body to cruise. These cruiselines are not going to force you to have this vaccine to be able to be on their ship and spend your money with them! Your point?
  9. First, anyone would be crazy to take this vaccine immediately after being released. There has not been enough testing to know what the long term affects of this vaccine would be on someone. Not to mention....the RUSH to get it out. We have had the flu vaccine for decades and people still get the flu after taking the vaccine. The only time I have ever had the flu, I had gotten the vaccine. Since not taking the vaccine I have not gotten the flu...knock on wood. BUT, should I get the flu, I will be ok....like millions of others every flu season. It is a virus, so yes...it can spread. However, there are many cases where someone in a home tested positive and others living in that same home never got it. Oh...let's not forget the countless positive tests that come back as negative with a second test. We moved our February cruise back to November 2021...ONLY because we refuse to sail with restrictions, like masks and excursions. BTW, there have been several that tested positive, only to have a second and third test come back negative. So.... I was on one of the last cruises (Getaway) prior to the shut down. It was easily one of the best cruises I have been on and quite frankly, I would get on a cruise this weekend if I could! Now...an airplane is a little different story, but...if it involved traveling on a plane to get on a cruise, then yes I would! Well, considering that the CDC themselves stated that 85% of those with the virus were wearing masks...I guess it makes perfect sense to not have a mask protocol. But I digress. EXACTLY!!! Unfortunately we have seen throughout this "pandemic" that people take what they are fed and told by the MSM and run with it...even without truth or knowledge to back up such claims. I am a realist and logical person. I'm also a numbers person and refuse to let someone tell me how to think or feel. I do my research and have had PERSONAL experience with this virus. I will not live in fear, nor will I let someone dictate what I was feel about this virus. I am ready to cruise, and would cruise in a NY minute...but without a vaccine and without restrictions. I will not pay my good hard earned money on a vacation to be restricted on what excursions I can do, or required to wear a mask when outside of my cabin. If I was scared of catching this virus, I would simply not travel...ANYWHERE, since the fact of the matter is that you can catch it anywhere. These people could have easily brought the virus on the ship when they started the cruise. Having temperature checks and testing has been proved to not be 100% effective.
  10. That didn't age well for you... If you don't feel safe cruising with people who won't vaccinate for Covid, then don't cruise. It is that simple. I promise there will be far more people who won't get the vaccine, especially anytime soon than those that will get it. Here is the thing. This is a virus, not a disease. Not to mention that many people get the flu vaccine that has been in production for years...and still get the flu. Matter of fact, the ONE time I got flu, I had received the vaccine. Putting Covid in the same category as Mumps/Measles is ludacris. I cannot understand why anyone would jump at taking one of these rushed vaccines. This has not been properly vetted or tested to know what any long term affects are of receiving the vaccine. The flu has been around for decades, we have a vaccine for it...and you can still get the flu because they don't know the full makeup of what it is...not to mention in mutates from season to season. This virus is like many other viruses. It affects everyone in a different way. If you are immunocompromised, of course you are going to have it worse than someone who is healthier. I've had friends, family and coworkers have this virus. Out of over 20 people I know who had it, only one needed medical intervention. The rest have felt worse in their life than when they had it. My own husband tested negative for Covid after being sick with a fever for 3 days. After OTC meds weren't helping, we went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis and given antibiotics, steroids and cough medicine. After still not getting better, had xrays and retested for Covid (10 days after the first negative result). Was diagnosed that time with pneumonia and given antibiotics specific for phenomena. Our doctor didn't want to test again, and was 100% sure that it wasn't covid but was required to test for liability reasons. We were told that if we didn't hear anything within 2 days to assume the test was negative. ONE WEEK LATER we get a call that the test was in fact positive and to stop the antibiotics and quarantine for 3 days (10 days after the test was administered). The doctor even said she didn't believe the positive test. I NEVER HAD THE FIRST SYMPTOM! Not even a cough or slight fever. My husband continued on with his antibiotics because he was feeling 100 times better! We have been harassed with phone calls from the local health department trying to do contract tracing, which is a joke because there is NO WAY to know where anyone picked up anything! Needless to say, we have not answered any of their calls or messages. Again...this is a virus, and although it is real, it is NOT going anywhere. It is time to get the cruise ships back out running again, and if you are worried about catching the virus, choose a different type of vacation. You can easily pick up this thing at your local grocery store, restaurant, or countless other places.
  11. As someone who grew up in central Florida...I can tell you a "trip to the beach" isn't all that, especially when it comes to cruising. I'm not a beach goer, but I'll jump on a cruise this weekend if I could...even if I didn't even step foot off the ship. I'm one of those that is not going to be a negative Nancy, and I'm not all about doom and gloom. MSC is showing that they are capable of cruising for 7 days, and I think that is a HUGE step...even though it is a Europe cruise. There are plenty of people that are ready to cruise, and there are already some islands that are starting to reopen for travel. They need the economic uptick just as much as we need it here in the states. I'm currently booked for a cruise on another line out of Canaveral the end of February and I'm keeping my hopes alive...and we will see what October/November holds.
  12. Yeah, this is strictly for budgeting purposes, not necessarily what will actually happen.
  13. I've had this argument with many people over the past several months. HERE is my issue with the numbers the CDC pushes out. Right from their own website, they cannot give EXACT flu numbers...but instead give a 'range', which by the way...happens to be a fairly large range. So, if they cannot even give accurate to the number flu numbers, which they have been tracking for decades, how on earth can you believe a straight flat out number for Covid?? It is impossible! I personally have had two friends with loved ones die during this mess that are still fighting to get the death certificates fixed because they listed Covid ... when one never got tested and the other was tested and negative. There is a lot of mis information and calculations being put out there. Not to mention, if you get tested positive, and then go back to get tested again...that is counted as 2 cases, not one! I could go on and on.
  14. I don't think anyone has to worry about the vaccine becoming mandatory. But I can assure you that there will be a ton that will choose other vacations over getting this vaccine. I'm in that group. There is no chance in the world I would EVER take this vaccine, and I am not an anti-vaxer at all. The problem with this vaccine is that it is being "rushed" and not properly tested. Not to mention that the mortality rate for this virus doesn't warrant the need to take the vaccine. Um, ok. Not sure what is so wrong about someone who refuses to take a vaccine that has not been properly tested and that is being rushed. I cannot imagine why someone would rush to get this vaccine without knowing the long term effects. But...that doesn't make me want to not be around that person. I'm a numbers gal, and a realist. I do my own research and don't follow the crap the media wants to feed you. The numbers do not warrant the shut down. The numbers do not warrant the fear mongering. And while I'm on the topic of numbers, it has been proven over and over again that the numbers have been inaccurate in many MANY states. As for the delays, the fact is they need to just open up. If people feel UNSAFE, then by all means, stay home or choose another vacation. I don't see anyone playing any games. These cruiselines are at the mercy of the CDC unfortunately, and they are trying to do everything in their power to reopen. This is such a fluid situation and things can change daily. You can bet there are plenty of folks that would get on a cruise ship this weekend, even if it went out in the ocean and floated around. Sure beats sitting around watching the ridiculousness of what is happening around most of our country right now. There is no way to "contain" the virus. People seem to think it will just go away... No negatively here. I feel everyone is entitled to their opinions. After all, those that don't agree with you have their own opinion, why not be able to have your own. I too feel quite the same as you do.
  15. This same thing happened to friends we know here in Tennessee. They both went to get tested and waited an hour and half to get the test and decided to leave and try another testing facility. They drove by the other testing facility and the line was too long so they were going to go back in two days when it was open again. Got a call the following day from the first place saying their tests were positive...they never took that test! Again, we personally know these people. I agree with the first part of your statement...this virus will be with us for a while and a vaccine isn't always the answer, especially one that is being rushed in the manner this is happening. Herd immunity and building up your immune system is a positive answer for sure. Masks, that's something I don't agree on...and we can agree to disagree on that. BUT, anywhere I've been in the past several months, it's the older folks that are not wearing masks unless forced to do so, but yet the millennials that are wearing the masks like they are a new accessory. Even my 90 year old in-laws do not wear masks, and one of which has a pacemaker (his 3rd).
  16. The cruise director Matt Mitcham is not there...and a few others I follow on social media are not there. When you say most, how many are you talking about?
  17. On the shareholders call on Friday, they mentioned the break even point was at less than 1/2 capacity, or there abouts. I'd have to go back and read the transcript.
  18. Agree. Anytime I have booked myself online, even with a courtesy hold...I get an immediate confirmation email sent to me.
  19. Sorry for your switch. We are one's that actually book our cruises based on the ship itself, more than the actual ports. BUT, with that being said, we loved the Regal.
  20. Maybe I'm optimistic or maybe I just refuse to be all "doom and gloom", but I feel that cruising will get back to what we know. There are certain things they can enforce and change with protocols, like no self serve buffet or ice cream, etc...but people are natural born social beings. We need the interaction with fellow humans. God intended us to be that way, he didn't leave Adam alone did he? I mean, people are going to naturally socialize and talk with other people...if they choose to. You may not have large tables in the dining room...but there will be a table close by that you can still chat with a fellow cruiser. We actually prefer to have a table for two because 1)you never know what kind of table mates you might end up with that could either dominate the entire table conversation, come in drunk, or be just flat out awkward; 2) we personally like to talk about what we plan on doing the rest of the evening, or what we enjoyed about our day just to each other. One thing that I am actually looking forward to, at least at the beginning of cruising, is a less crowded ship since they will not be able to sail at full capacity for a while.
  21. And that picture could have been taken at ANY TIME. I was right down the street at Crossroads listening to some friends of ours play that same day, ironically enough. There was not hardly any people out that day because of the threats of riots/looting for that weekend. There was constant police presence all over the streets. I'll admit, I didn't go INTO Kid Rocks that day, but I walked by it several times and it never looked like this from the outside. Edit to add: Losers has actually been closed for a while (it's on 3rd Ave S). It's a very small bar and to be at max capacity isn't really worth them opening because the number allowed would be so low. It's really no great loss for that bar because it isn't worth much. LOL Wildhorse is more of a venue, than a bar. It often isn't open unless they have something going on in there.
  22. Aww, thanks for the nice comment. We also have the Mardi Gras booked for next year, early (February)...hoping there isn't more of a delay on the delivery, but so far it seems ok. I check often with our TA and Carnival boards. We love Harmony and have actually been eyeing a sailing on her the week after Thanksgiving this year (our favorite week to cruise). Of course, we've also looked at another NCL cruise out of Nola that week too... I'm definitely ready to get on board a ship soon but at this point, who knows when that will actually occur. I think you will love the Getaway. We went in with an open mind, because of all the somewhat negative reviews we saw...but it was easily in our top 5 cruises. The food blew RCCL out of the water for sure. I would probably do the priority access again, especially with any port that has a tender.
  23. Totally agree with everything. As for us, we are at 75% capacity...and that's definitely heading in the right direction. We were happy to see live music come back.
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