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  1. I just received an email from them saying they haven't heard from me that I want a refund. I submitted that form on March 16!!!
  2. I'm waiting until tomorrow as it will be 61 days from when I submitted my request for a refund. So when I call my credit card company I can say I tried to work it out with the merchant and have waited beyond when they said they'd provide a refund. I'll post my experience on your "Experiences filing credit card dispute to get a refund" thread.
  3. Yeah well I'm calling BS on the continued excuse of "oh we just have so many requests we can't get to them all." If they were actually working them then SOMEONE should have reported receiving a refund of their cruise fare by now. I've only heard people reporting receiving refunds of excursions or other pre-purchased items.
  4. I've not yet received any notification about my March 18 cruise that HAL canceled. I will be contacting my credit card company tomorrow, as it will be more than 60 days since I submitted the online form requesting a refund.
  5. By my count it is exactly 60 days since March 13, when the first batch of cruises were canceled. I have an email from Orlando Ashford that says my refund "may take up to 60 days," and another email and chat transcript that both say "approximately 60 days." Needless to say, no refund. I've run out of patience. If I had read a report that ANYONE whose cruise was canceled on March 13 has received a refund, I might have more patience.
  6. I'm very happy all you folks have received notice of a FCC for your canceled cruises. I requested a refund for my March 18 canceled cruise and as of yet have nothing.
  7. I have two emails and a chat transcript from HAL that said my refund could take "up to 60 days." I've marked exactly 61 days from when I requested a refund on my calendar to call my credit card to dispute the charge. I just hope my credit card goes by the date the cruise was supposed to begin. May 15 can't come soon enough for me.
  8. Exactly. Still nothing for the refund request for my March 18 cruise that was canceled on March 13.
  9. My March 18 cruise was canceled by HAL on March 13. I completed their online form on March 16, requesting a full refund. It's been over a month, still no refund. After a month of waiting I finally went on chat, and sent them an email. Both the chat rep and the email just say "60 days." 60 days from when? When I completed the form requesting the refund? 60 days from today? The chat rep informed me that they didn't even start looking at refunds until April 1. So they sat on the refund requests for two and a half weeks. Maybe they wouldn't be so far behind if they started processing t
  10. Not sure what you define as being able to "eat early." But if you show up at the dining room when they open, or shortly thereafter, there shouldn't be any wait for a table.
  11. I'm glad to see this but I didn't receive the email either, and I did check spam. They have my email address. I've booked many cruises directly with HAL and am signed up for their emails. I have a March 18 cruise booked. I usually book directly with HAL, but this time did it online via Expedia because of an OBC offer. I wonder if that's why I didn't get it? At any rate, I'd really prefer to continue with my cruise.
  12. Hi Andy Right now for Honolulu I'm planning my own thing. I think there's a city bus that goes right by the cruise port. One way it goes to Waikiki. The other way it goes past the USS Arizona memorial. Two places I want to visit. When I first started thinking about this cruise, 8+ years ago, I promised myself that when I did it I would book a helicopter over a volcano and look for hot, hot lava! And hopefully waterfalls. So I have that booked in Hilo. Anything else I think I'll probably book onboard. Cruising solo, I typically either do my own thing when I get
  13. I wear slacks every evening. Black, charcoal and gray. I wear a sport coat on my flight to the port so I add that on gala nights. I don't care for a tie.
  14. I'm looking forward to all the details. I'm on the next one, leaving March 18.
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