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  1. I just wanted to clarify, because I see people posting this regularly. Yes, you CAN use the SBP at happy hour. You just don't get any special pricing. Each drink you order during happy hour count the same against your daily limit. I purchase the SBP every cruise and use the package during happy hour. There's a good crowd during happy hour and I like the hors d'ouevres.
  2. I know they do have Sprite Zero. But don't call and ask for Diet Sprite, or you may end up with Diet Coke. That happened to me when I requested room service deliver a bottle of vodka and Diet Sprite. They delivered Diet Coke. I happened to be at the bar and overheard the room service guy complaining that the guest (me) "changed his mind." I said "No, I never asked for Diet Coke. I asked for Diet Sprite. I will remember from now on to only say Sprite Zero."
  3. What is "out of date"? What do you find confusing about "For gentlemen, collared shirts and slacks are required in all fine dining restaurants."?
  4. Yes. There are no "formal nights." There are "gala nights." From Holland America's website: Is there a dress code? A: Yes, some refinements were made to improve consistency and the policy now reads: Most evenings smart casual attire is appropriate. Shorts, pool/beachwear, distressed jeans and men’s tank tops are best left to the daytime and are not permitted in fine dining restaurants. Gala Nights evoke the grand traditions of cruising as guests dress to impress for special events on board, including our five-course gourmet dinner in the Dining Room. For gentlemen, collared shirts and slacks are required in all fine dining restaurants. Q: Why the change from “Formal” To “Gala” night? A: To many, the “Formal” term was misleading as it implies a specific type of dress (black tie or tuxedo) that has never been a requirement. “Gala” still implies festive or dressy without misleading guests to bring attire the majority of guests don’t wear. Q: What about ladies’ gala attire? A: Dressy attire is appropriate. Dresses, skirts, and slacks are all acceptable. Q: Are a jacket and tie required for men? A: Jacket and tie is the preferred attire in all fine dining restaurants on Gala Nights, though it is not required. Guests without a jacket and tie were allowed in the fine dining restaurants before the new wording so this is not a policy change. Q: Are jeans allowed? A: Jeans without holes, tears or embroidery are welcome on most evenings in all restaurants, but on Gala Nights jeans are only allowed in the casual dining restaurants. Q: Can I wear shorts in the main dining room? A: Not at dinner. The dining room is considered a fine dining restaurant and shorts are not permitted. Q: Is the dress code the same on Grand Voyages? A: Yes. The policy applies to all Holland America Line voyages.
  5. Congrats! I got an offer for a great price on an upsell to a Neptune suite once and didn't respond. I was like "oh, I'm by myself so I should leave the for someone who really needs the extra space." I've regretted it ever since. I hope you have a fabulous cruise!
  6. They all work so hard to make our cruises wonderful. I'm so in awe how they manage it.
  7. So, I will ask again: Have you proposed organizing these kinds of events on your roll call? What was the response? I think we can tell from the responses on this thread that different folks are looking for different things from roll calls. Not everyone is looking for what you call FUN.
  8. Perhaps it's a generational thing. After all, the OP said "The question begs is the reason that Holland america draws a much older pax aboard(we are close to 80 each ) that those people are less active here on cruise critic or not at all active nor even members ;which is sad" I'm in my early 50s, and don't need games to meet people. I prefer to meet people on an excursion, or in a lounge or at dinner, and have a conversation.
  9. I'm looking forward to meeting the folks I've exchanged messages with on my roll call in person, and having a conversation with them.
  10. Have you proposed organizing these kinds of events on your roll call? What was the response? If you proposed these activities on my roll call, I don't think I'd respond. "Crap rolls?" "Chinese Auctions?" "Poker crawl?" I honestly don't even understand what you're talking about. It seems like some kind of foreign language to me.
  11. Some roll calls are all about setting up shore excursions. And others are totally dead. I think it just depends on who on your cruise is also on CC. I've been pleasantly surprised by the roll call for my Oct. Panama Canal cruise. The person who started it seemed mainly interested in finding others interested in a shore excursion. That's great for those who are interested. But lately there have been three of us who have been just exchanging messages about cabins, price drops, Panama Canal cruises in general (one couple has been on many) etc. I'm enjoying it. I'm looking forward to meeting them on board.
  12. I've been on five HAL Alaska cruises. Most were 7 day R/T in May or September, but one 14 day R/T in July. Over all those cruises, I think I can recall two days where it drizzled while I was in port. On most of the cruises I got a mild sunburn, because I thought "I'm in rain forest. I don't need to bring sunscreen." So if I were going on another Alaska cruise, I wouldn't worry about an umbrella.
  13. I've never heard of loaner umbrellas as something for 4 star mariners. While I've been on a bunch of HAL Alaska cruises, I'm still only 3 star. Here's the link to the Mariner Society benefits (I found it under Already Booked/Mariner Society). Hope this helps.
  14. I've never tried that at a bar. I just call room service and they deliver a bottle to my cabin. You can also order a bottle for your cabin in advance of your cruise and it is usually there when you board.
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