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  1. Boarding the Epic in Barcelona on the 28th! 🙂 1- Yes, your passport and printed boarding pass are what you need. Have the credit card you are using for onboard purchase too in case they need to scan that. 2 - All Norwegian ships are equipped with North American standard, 110 volts AC and standard European 220/230 volts AC outlets. 3 - I use a lanyard. They will not give you anything but they can be purchased on the ship. 4 - Just print your luggage tags on regular paper. I am sure your hotel will help you with the stapler, or the porters at the pier should have something to attach them for you as well. I use clear luggage tag holders that I ordered online a while ago, can't remember where. 5 - There is a thread here about "things you wish you had brought on a cruise"...take a look at that for any ideas of things that may be useful to you. Looking forward to a fabulous cruise for all of us! 😄
  2. Yes. I did the same thing on the Bliss in April with no issue, it was all online.
  3. This thread is from June. Pretty sure the question has already been answered....
  4. Did you go to your personal NCL check-in to see if the offer was there? Have you booked with "VTG" (and yes I know the reference) before? Because the "30 days prior" that they mention in their email offer isn't correct for NCL...it's typically 80 days out. I've been offered the Upgrade Advantage on every sailing at 80 days out...and have been Platinum for the last two sailings. But, I always got the offer even before then. I think it has more to do with the agency you book through if you are not getting an offer now, officially, in an email. But do check to see if it is there and you just weren't notified.
  5. Probably the beginning part of the upgrade process. Or not. They may pop back into inventory tomorrow (seen it happen on other sailings). But likely that it is the beginning of the upgrade process. Good luck with the bid!
  6. WOW, amazing pictures, thank you for sharing! And for the Dailies as well! Will be on the Epic at the end of July so I appreciate all the updated information. 😊
  7. Maybe, maybe not. I've seen inventory pop in and out of availability MANY times when watching for my upgrades. I wouldn't put too much stock in it at the moment, especially with the IT issues going on. I've been upgraded into categories that have shown as sold out. It could be that they are starting the upgrading now, for sure, but it doesn't mean that everything was upgraded completely already for a July cruise, if a category shows as sold out.
  8. Try and find a Haven rep outside the terminal, if there is one. They will walk you through security and to the Haven waiting area, whatever that set-up may be for Port of LA. If there is no rep outside, once through security there will be someone to assist you. I've done Haven embarkations in Miami, but they have NCL ships there year-round so their set-up is better. Out here, NCL ships are seasonal, so not sure if they will have the outside reps or not. You will board first so I would plan to arrive by 10:30 or so. Lucky you in the Haven, you will love it!
  9. First of all, congrats on the wedding, sounds beautiful! And thanks for sharing such a detailed review. One question...you had to make RESERVATIONS for the silent disco? I've done this on other ships (and it's a hoot) but on those I just walked in, got a headset and moved on. How exactly did the reservation process work for that?
  10. Based on the current weather forecast, no.
  11. We have very little humidity in Southern California, except for a few random weird times of year, and those are not this time of year. Every night be prepared for cool-ish temps when here (although if you are Canadian, it may not feel cool at all to you). While on the cruise, from Cabo south it is much more tropical, although Cabo can still be a bit cool (compared to the typical Caribbean weather) this time of year. Someone posted the weather forecast for this cruise and it looked like 80s all around, and maybe upper 70s in Cabo.
  12. None of the beds split in the Haven suites.
  13. I've had norovirus (NOT on a cruise ship) and trust me, you would KNOW...without gross details, nothing stays in you at all. You live on the bathroom floor. It's hideous. It's vastly different from anything like IBS or sensitive stomach issues. I'm also sailing the same week you are and agree that normal precautions make the most sense. I've sailed on ships with active noro outbreaks and on ships that just got deep cleaned and were the first sailing after noro outbreaks. Just wash hands often, don't touch your hands to your face (I actually use my knuckle to punch elevator buttons) and use common sense regarding buffets.
  14. No, it's definitely not like a silent auction. With those, you can SEE what others are bidding and bid appropriately. You are blind bidding for the upgrades. If your bid is accepted, you will pay the per person price based on your bid, and pay that full amount...it's immediately charged to your credit card.
  15. Nope. I bid the maximum on a spa mini-suite on the Bliss and did not get it, but did get a spa balcony (with a way less than maximum bid). It's not a guarantee. Bidding maximum on the HAVEN, however, if there is availability, is a different story. However, bidding the maximum may very well be overkill...base your bid on availability for the stateroom type you are bidding on and your comfort level with the price.
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