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  1. Cancelled: 13 Princess, 1 Carnival. Current Bookings: 8 Princess. ---
  2. 47 days on Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas -- from Port Canaveral, full South America around the horn, to Los Angeles -- in infamous corner aft cabin 1688*. (52-day trip including land pre-cruise in Florida.) Maybe some day I'll be able to do a longer Princess full South America around-the-horn itinerary. *Cabin photos (not mine): ----- Itinerary-Mariner-1-4-2009__v3_w_PreCruise updated 2008-12-11.pdf
  3. Yes, I have: On 12/30/2020 I booked directly online on Princess.com a 4-5-4 day B2B2B, total 13 days; the first 2 legs are in October 2021 and the 3rd leg is in November 2021. I am aware that one leg of 2-leg B2Bs before 10/31/2021 may need to be cancelled; if this happens I'll possibly cancel the first leg if my November 2021 segment is still allowed, or perhaps cancel the middle leg (to be replaced with a short visit to 🎰Vegas). Usually soon after I book on Princess.com, I transfer the booking to my TA; this time I'm first waiting a bit, just in case Princess con
  4. At the same time, Royal Princess had at least 3 nurses manning the medical center, one for each shift, in addition to someone who was perhaps a nursing assistant who did intake in addition to other duties.
  5. Royal Princess in February of this year had 3 doctors, basically one for each shift. They overlapped hours, and a few times I saw them working concurrently. Dr. Timothy Platt was the senior doctor, and was from South Africa. (He was quite excellent when he took care of me!) ---
  6. E632/E633 on Ruby/Emerald/Crown Princess are grouped with nearby cabins that really are obstructed by equipment or tenders; I think Princess decided it was just easier to keep E632/E633 in the same category. The following link is to a post showing Crown Princess; E632 is touching the left bottom of the "s" in the word "store" (from the photo's Photobucket watermark). I'll also include the photo here.
  7. Ruby Princess - Cabin E632 "Obstructed View" of Los Arcos, Cabo San Lucas - taken on New Year's Eve 2018 (Mexican Riviera 7-night 12/29/2018 from Los Angeles).
  8. --- E632 Ruby (same view as from Crown & Emerald, same level of "obstruction" as from E633): My photo of our Port side view of Los Arcos from Ruby Princess "Obstructed View" oceanview cabin E632, as we approached Cabo San Lucas.
  9. A nice memory for us, definitely; I use it as my laptop wallpaper and I also put the image on my main mousepad.
  10. PORT absolutely -- if the choice is Port vs Starboard. (If you also like Aft cabins, when docked at Pier 27 your view also will be of San Francisco.) ----- Reasons I always have booked PORT side from SF to Mexico: When docked at Pier 27, the view from Port side cabins is most of the city including Twin Peaks (my neighborhood), Fishermans Wharf, and Golden Gate Bridge. ● Leaving SF: In the rare case I'm in my cabin when we are leaving SF, I enjoy the view of the city. ● Returning to SF: I always leave my Port side cabin to get on dec
  11. Hmmm -- *I* live in San Francisco and *I* haven't seen the Exclusive for San Francisco Residents!
  12. The San Pedro port listing for the Crown Princess 2021 June 26 / July 1 / July 5 sailings would fit the 5/4/5 itineraries [5 nt Cabo overnight / 4 nt San Diego & Ensenada / 5 nt Cabo overnight] -- currently sailed by Royal Princess*. *Royal Princess' last 5/4/5 sailings on this itinerary being 2021 April 10 / April 15 / April 19. ---
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