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  1. In Seattle I stay Downtown. The two places I've stayed there that are under $200 in August 2020 and that I can recommend (and definitely would stay at again) are: 1. Executive Hotel Pacific: -- Currently as low as Total* $165 Friday, $185 Saturday nights in August. -- 10 minute walk to Pike Place Market. -- Here I prefer a High floor, nearest the corner, on the Spring Street side for a view of the Central Library. -- https://www.executivehotelseattle.com/ -- https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60878-d100547-Reviews-Executive_Hotel_Pacific_Seattle-Seattle_Washington.html 2. Moore Hotel: -- Currently as low as Total* $186 Friday or Saturday nights in August for room with ensuite bathroom. -- 5 minute walk to Pike Place Market. -- Here I prefer the Top floor, on the 2nd Ave side for a possible peekaboo Puget Sound view. -- https://www.moorehotel.com/ -- https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60878-d100544-Reviews-Moore_Hotel-Seattle_Washington.html *Found by using a major 3rd-party travel website search.
  2. @dreaminofcruisin: I'm happy to hear this worked well for you too. β˜ΊπŸ‘
  3. -- I didn't ask for Princess' explanation. -- FYI the 2nd chair was very comfortable for both of us. -- Also FYI we were just on Star Princess on October 6 (Seattle-Vancouver 1 night) and our regular balcony cabin (Category "BE") had a 2nd chair inside: a barrel chair.
  4. Yes I received 3 today from CIBT [ visaadvisor-HA@cibtvisas.com ] for upcoming sailings in December, January, and February; I clicked Unsubscribe to all of them.
  5. *NOTE*: This intended audience for this post is the Princess cruiser who is interested in getting a second indoor chair for the cabin. If you don't want a second chair for your cabin but have helpful suggestions, please feel free to contribute. Please ignore this thread If you don't want a second chair for your cabin and don't have helpful information for cruisers wanting a second indoor chair for their cabin. Thanks! ----- I just got back from a B2B aboard Golden Princess a couple of days ago. (Yes I did have a great cruise!) There were two of us in our cabin -- a regular BE balcony (A630). The cabin had only one chair in the room: the desk chair. On the balcony were the two outdoor chairs. I did not expect to see the barrel chair in the room, given the helpful reports here on CC. (On my prior cruise ending the first week of January -- on Ruby, my unobstructed "obstructed" oceanview cabin still had a barrel chair in addition to the desk chair.) On this trip aboard Golden, before my steward was available to meet on the first day, I stopped at Guest Services and requested a second indoor chair for the cabin. The rep said that this request would be forwarded to my steward. I later met my steward before dinnertime. The steward had not received the chair request, but confirmed that barrel chairs (which he refers to as tub chairs) are gone from Golden.* *At least from regular balcony cabins and lower categories, was my guess. ----- -- Later on Day 1, after late dinner -- I returned back to the cabin to find that our awesome steward was able to secure a second chair for us: --- We used both chairs every day, to actually sit in. This was our setup for early morning coffee (and sometimes IC's almond croissant) before heading out later for breakfast or elsewhere: ----- So, even if there are no barrel chairs to be found, if you want a second indoor chair there may be other chairs available aboard that might work for you. Cheers, -RSS-
  6. I've also enjoyed this on Ruby Princess from the Horizon Court dessert section, on at least two days of a 7-day sailing (12/29/2018 New Year's Mexican Riviera).
  7. For the 7-day Mexican Riviera, such as 1-San Pedro, 2-Sea, 3-Cabo, 4-Mazatlan, 5-Puerto Vallarta, 6-Sea, 7-Sea, 8-San Pedro: With all the above port stops going North-to-South I *definitely* prefer an oceanview or balcony on the PORT side *if* I want to see more Coastline from my cabin; Days 1-5 would have more Coastline, and the return Days 6-7 would have more Sea (with minimum 2 sunsets from the cabin if desired on the way home). -- Three of my booked cruises have this itinerary and I have Port cabins for all 3. Conversely, if Puerto Vallarta was the first stop, then Mazatlan then Cabo, I usually would book a Starboard cabin if I couldn't get an Aft. -----
  8. ----- For whatever it's worth, the following is something posted last month (October 1, 2018) on an unofficial Royal Caribbean blog site: [ URL for this post ends with: /2018/10/01/royal-caribbean-ceo-talks-quantum-5-better-pizza-oasis-class-galveston-and-more ] " Royal Caribbean CEO talks Quantum 5, better pizza, Oasis Class in Galveston and more . . . . As part of Royal Caribbean's President's Cruise on Harmony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International CEO Michael Bayley held a question and answer session with cruisers to address questions and concerns. . . . . An update on cruising from California An update on cruising from California One cruiser asked Michael Bayley about the prospects of Royal Caribbean returning to California and offering cruises regularly from Los Angeles. " We always are evaluating the deployment into California, whether it is San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. We know that two of our competing brands are putting ships into California in the next year or so, it will be interesting to see how they do. From a business perspective, we still can't quite figure out how to make the best sense from a business perspective, so we keep looking at it. I can't say it's not gonna happen, I'm pretty sure it's going to happen. The question is, when. For sure in the next five to ten years there will be a ship in California. " " -----
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