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  1. I took the article more as an op-ed and nothing more. In my mind because it was an op-ed it was opinion only with no need for any credence.
  2. Bobbie Sue, whoa, whoa, she slipped awayBilly Joe caught up to her the very next dayThey got the money, heyYou know they got awayThey headed down south and they're still running todaySingin' go on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and run Courtesy Steve Miller
  3. We received a pending credit today on our credit card for the March 21, 2020 Hawaii - Tahiti cruise on the Oosterdam. We will call the CC company Monday about having a cheque issued. This payment will clear up all refunds for us. I would hope that all the others on this cruise get their refunds ASAP now that they have started to process refunds for this cruise.
  4. I checked my credit card online this evening and we just received (June 2, 2020) the refund credit minus the charge for HAL’s top tier cancellation insurance for the April 18, 2020 Oosterdam Mexican Riviera cruise that we cancelled on March13, 2020. Now we wait for the big refund for the March 21, 2020 28 day Hawaii - Tahiti cruise cancelled by HAL on a March 14, 2020.
  5. It is mind boggling to me that you canceled your cruise on April 22, 2020 and then HAL Informed you the refund was processed on May 27, 2020. Was your refund for the entire cruise fare? Our cruise was to start March 21, 2020 and HAL cancelled on March 14, 2020. We requested a refund on March 15, 2020 and as of this writing have not received a cent of our cruise fare. We received a refund for internet packages within a few days of cancelling but that was chump change. We as well as many others are still owed thousands of dollars in refunds. I am not understanding how a cancellation made more than a month after ours received refund monies before us and other people in our roll call group. Maybe HAL needs to get their ship in order and address this short coming.
  6. No point missed. The sea view bar is located aft not midship, midship as the name implies is the area between the forward and aft areas and is the middle of the ship. The sea view bar is in the middle of the aft lido deck not midship. The yellow squiggle is the port side seating and NY Pizza area of the aft lido deck and the red squiggle is the starboard side seating and designated smoking area of the aft lido deck. The ship is 105 feet wide, if you are waiting for a pizza in the yellow area and the ship is at sea in our experience you cannot smell smoke on the port side lido, in fact when we have stayed ship-side at a port and had lunch at NY Pizza and sat in the aft port side lido deck seating area we have never smelled smoke either.
  7. Yes the bar is in the center on the Nieuw Amsterdam and NY Pizza is on the port side of the bar right by the Lido port side automatic door, it truly is on the other side of the deck AKA “all the way across the deck” from the smokers section.
  8. Not trying to start a smoking thread here but: Hmmmmmmmmmm, we did a B2B2B cruise on the Niew Amsterdam and had lots of NY Pizza and Dive-in burgers sitting at tables on the aft Lido deck port side. NY Pizza is on the port side of the deck and the smokers section is on the starboard side of the deck. We are not understanding how you could smell smoke from all the way across the deck especially when the ship is at sea and clipping along at 15 - 18 knots. In fact when we have been on the port side Lido deck on any HAL ship we have never smelled smoke coming from the starboard side smoking area.
  9. We are with family in Spruce Grove AB, I purchased some cherries today at a Safeway and paid $12.81 for two pounds. The $12.81 was after a $4.27 discount so the original price for two pounds of cherries was $17.08 and that is crazy. BTW there is no need for you to apologize for expressing your feelings.
  10. I am pretty sure you did not understand my post. You may want to re-read it. She made a very broad statement regarding people complaining and being ungrateful, she did not mention individuals. I do not share her opinion and stated mine. I was not rude nor disrespectful in my post, I just pointed out that I thought her opinion was virtue signaling. Have a good weekend.
  11. Sorry, but I think you are virtue signaling. HAL is responsible for their employees not me, I want my refund, there is no way that I should be great full for what HAL maybe doing with their staff. There are many people who need their refund. If you want to shed tears over the situation that is fine, but stop lecturing me about being ungrateful and accusing me of being a complainer.
  12. It seems to me that you maybe one of this boards “HAL Way Monitors”
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