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  1. Sorry I misunderstood, I did think you where referring to his Tampa Bay contract. Thanks for the article link. I do not recall reading or hearing about the health care company he owns receiving government funds.
  2. Why would you go so far off topic with your post? This has nothing to do with Tom Brady and the money he receives. He has a signed negotiated contract with his employer that stipulates how he will get paid, what he will get paid and any incentive payments for certain milestones. Tom Brady did not receive nor will he receive any government assistance payments concerning COVID 19.
  3. Why would you even ask this question on this board? The instructions HAL gives are pretty clear to me. “One name per booking number”.
  4. I personally believe you should look for another cruise farther into the future. I don’t think Canada will be opening ports anytime soon as well as still not allowing casual travelers from outside of the country. I also believe the cruise industry will still be dead in the water well into next year. As a reference look at the issues the few cruise lines that have tried to sail in the last couple of months have had with COVID out breaks on their ships.
  5. Why don’t you reach out to HAL instead of asking a question that no one on this board can answer correctly even though some here think they know all and see all regarding HAL.
  6. Actually in my travels I have seen a good number of “beer signs” both electric (think neon) and unlighted that could be considered Art Deco.
  7. That is a photo shopped picture (tongue in cheek) of HAL’s future.
  8. I did not say I liked or disliked this style of art, for whatever reason you apparently thought I disliked it. Once again I will reiterate, “Masterpieces” are in the eye of the beholder.
  9. I stand by my original statement.
  10. Art appreciation is definitely in the “Eyes of the Beholder”, a masterpiece to some gaudy bathroom decorations to others.
  11. I am concerned, this is definitely a major “First World Problem”.
  12. Have you ever been in a forward cabin on any of these ships?.
  13. I took the article more as an op-ed and nothing more. In my mind because it was an op-ed it was opinion only with no need for any credence.
  14. Bobbie Sue, whoa, whoa, she slipped awayBilly Joe caught up to her the very next dayThey got the money, heyYou know they got awayThey headed down south and they're still running todaySingin' go on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and runGo on take the money and run Courtesy Steve Miller
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