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  1. Has anyone rented one of these? Wondering how much shade it provides. We want some sun but will need shade too. I’ve looked at pictures online but they don’t really answer my question.
  2. Sides are really small.. I’ve always been able to get mushrooms and a baked potato
  3. We are going to Alaska in May. We were able to pick our seats on Delta right away but not west jet. The airline dept is terrible.. I called multiple times and no one could tell me this.. they kept saying to call west jet. Finally a rep at west jet explained that they can’t see the ticket until it’s paid for.
  4. It was the best food and service that we had on the Horizon.
  5. I thought it was just ok but the bakery is excellent. We just got off the Horizon. Good cruise.
  6. We thought Eden on the Celebration was HORRIBLE. All he did was beg for big tips and toot his own horn. We stayed about 30 minutes and left to never return,
  7. Definitely depends on the ship. The steakhouse on the Sunrise in October was superior to the Celebration last week. All in all still worthy of upcharge.
  8. I believe the Italian restaurant is also open but I could be mistaken
  9. I was on the Sunrise in April 2022, not crowded at all. Balcony on 7.. great location. Loved the ship. Going back in October, good casino offer with an aft extended balcony on 7 this time.
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