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  1. We cancelled our May 28th sailing on the Summit yesterday while in the 25% penalty phase as today would have been 50% penalty. We were told that we would be receiving port fees and taxes back in cash. The only option I had was 100% FCC that had to be used by, and when I say used by, meant that you had to sail before 12/31/2021. Their website stated REDEEM by which has a totally different meaning to me. They are not giving an inch. If I wanted a refund, I would only get 75% back. I know it is not their fault but neither is it mine. I wanted to see if they would issue an exception and let
  2. With all Canadian ports closed until July 1st, many more will be coming. Not sure there will even be an Alaska season. We were set to sail May 28th to Canada and New England and just cancelled. Interestingly, Celebrity still has the cruise on their website. You can get a great price for this 9 day cruise to nowhere,
  3. Cruising would not be whatever it is without the special people who work tirelessly to make sure you have a wonderful experience. They are a truly dedicated group of individuals. I hope Celebrity will take care of them. It will be exceedingly tough for them without their gratuity money. More importantly, may they stay healthy through all of this.
  4. We started sailing Celebrity in 1991 when the Horizon first sailed out of New York. We were so impressed with how big she was-44,00 tons. We looked forward to dinner every night to be surprised by the Chef's creations. My wife couldn't decide on which soup to order so, every night, the chefs brought out each one for her. The baked products were outstanding. Service was exemplary. Food service was provided by Apollo Ship Chandlers which they continued until they were taken over by Royal Caribbean. Our waiter on the Galaxy, who went on to become a Maitre 'd, explained the whole history of
  5. We were booked on the Summit reunion cruise May 28th to New England and Canada and cancelled today because Canada closed their ports to large ships. I do not like the modified Celebrity coronavirus cancellation policy one bit. We are able to use the FCC for our Apex cruise January 2021 but we are avid cruisers. You are forced to either accept their cancellation policy of either 100% FCC or we would have had to take a 75% refund with loss of over $1,000. Celebrity said that they have not been "officially" notified by the Canadian government that the Canadian ports are closed. PICK UP A DAM
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