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  1. We board in 8 days and are so looking forward to it. We sailed on the Marina and, although the cabins were large, they were not well designed. There was no space for our folded clothes and the shower head was at head height and, if you were tall, you would have to bend down. We are actually in a suite and are looking forward to space. Appreciate the review.
  2. Doubt they would charge the normal $23 pp daily tip on a cruise that long., Go-Bucks. We are BIG Buckeye fans here. My son was the first one in his high school to go to The Ohio State University. Hope Urban is cleared of any wrongdoing. O-H
  3. We were uphold an Owner's Suite and got an offer we couldn't turn down. As Oceania seem to have the highest gratuities added daily at $23/pp and we always add to that, I was hoping someone could give their opinions on additional tips for butler and steward. I know this is personal but tipping culture is so varied. Thanks.
  4. They instituted the Dine Aware program for people with food allergies and they are very good. My daughter has severe gluten sensitivity and has never had an issue with Celebrity ships. They are especially careful about avoiding cross contamination which iOS the downfall of many people with various food allergies. You should have no worries.
  5. Put me down on the SPB list. We used them last August for all of the ports and they were fantastic. They were very responsive and would get back to you reliably on the next day due to the time difference. We also got very good discounts by using them for all of our excursions. All of the major groups receive good reviews but we had no regrets with SPB.
  6. My daughter has horrible gluten intolerance and loves Celebrity because they are so good about it. She is given a menu the day before and makes her selections. They are very sensitive to dietary needs and have started their Dine Aware program.
  7. I agree with contacting Special Needs. The last time we sailed, the cord and water was set up in our cabin. You are not allowed to bring extension cords on board and risk having them confiscated and held until you debark. I am not sure about non-alcoholic beverages. I am sure they are limited. I know they gave someone a hard time trying to bring on a case of water.
  8. You can pay to stay on later but I wouldn't bother. Also, if you are using their transfers, you will probably have to debark earlier than you want. Never used Uber of Lyft from the ports but will probably use them next time. We are sailing on the Silhouette in January from FLL and the Taxis are plentiful and not expensive.
  9. Pricing will be the same as in the Apple store but very limited inventory. The advantage is that you will save on sales tax but I found the staff to be less knowledgeable than at Apple. Many of the staff are former Apple geniuses which is good but not all. My wife and I took a few courses that were good. Most of what I would buy would be accessories. IPads are also available and I believe a few MacBooks.
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