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  1. Ahhh a nice old fashioned Lobster Thread. Heck with all the Covid 19 threads out there I'd even welcome the dreaded tip or Chair Hog thread.
  2. I believe it's two shots. 28 days apart. Still great news.
  3. When folks on this board back in March said there will be NO sailings until there is a vaccine or cure I said no way will we have to wait so long. Now I'm not so sure cruising will start back up until such time.
  4. That is why we opted to head North to Foxwoods instead...Indoor dining was open and food was Delish !
  5. Yes. Long Island starts phase 3 tomorrow. Indoor dining at 50% capacity. By Labor Day everything should be open. I’d imagine masks will still be required indoor where social distancing isn’t possible.No mandatory quarantine for travelers from other states. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Only one offering me FREE Laundry these days is my wife !
  7. Booked a "cruise" on Cross Sound Ferry from Orient Pt. Long Island to New London Ct. enroute to Foxwoods Casino where we will be spending 3 fun filled nights Eating, drinking, shopping, and of course gambling.
  8. Isn't it ironic ? I believe Florida extended their 14 day quarantine period for travelers from NY, NJ, and CT. When the reality is those 3 states should be requiring visitors from Florida to quarantine 14 days when they arrive here...
  9. Checking the Port Schedule for Grand Turk I see that in November besides NCL, other lines line Azura, Aida, and Silver Shadow are all calling there as well. I guess the exclusive time period is expiring. I have been to Grand Turk/Margeritaville numerous times on Carnival. Its good time. Think Harvest Caye..Will defintely look into any cruise from NYC that sails there.
  10. Guess I'd be concerned if I was hitching a ride on a Cargo ship or Oil Tanker...............
  11. I've seen local news footage of a guy smoking through a mask !!
  12. That would make things worst. I have cruised on ships with traditional dining. What you have is a crowd of passangers all arriving just before the dining room opens. Lots of folks stacked up next to each other waiting to be seated.
  13. Another unknown factor is when will foreign ports allow ships to enter. Even if Carnival has a plan in place, doesn't mean the destinations they sail to are ready to receive thousands of visitors. Possibly bringing up their infection rates.
  14. I think it would be a big help if every ship was equipped with a Rapid Corvid-19 test machine. This way if someone was to show any symptoms once cruise was underway medical team would know immediately if that person was positive and quarentine. It would also prevent a passanger from falsly being quarintined if they simply had another ailment such as a Sinus infection.
  15. If I booked through a TA do you need to contact them for refund ? Or can I simply access/complete the form on 5/7 ? Also if the initial reservation was for made for multiple rooms do all parties have to select same refund option ?
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