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  1. Thanks for taking us all down memory lane..Our first cruise ever was on Premier Cruiseline's (Big Red Boat) to the Bahamas in 1988 with our 18 month DD.. Our first NCL cruise was the SEA out of NYC in 2001 .. Immediately fell in love with the Freestyle concept and NCL.. 23 NCL cruises later, they are still our favorite !!
  2. Measles vaccine didn't become available until 1963. Good chance someone in their 60's and 70's got the measles and are immune. Because of a recent rash of measles in NY metro area I decided to have my immunity levels checked.. I'm 56 and sure enough my levels immunity level was extremely low..I got a fresh measles shot .. Why chance it ?
  3. I have sailed Carnival many times. I was referring to their nightly Steakhouse selections offered for an additional fee in the MDR.. I think similar choices in NCL's MDR would be well received. dining-room-steakhouse-selections.pdf
  4. Complimentary lobster in MDR gone years ago. Shrimp offerings greatly reduced as well. Just so the bigwigs at NCL can report to their stockholders bigger profits.. I wonder if NCL would be successful if they offered Lobster in the MDR for an added fee..ala Carnival ?
  5. No lobster in MDR on NCL
  6. Thank you for providing this useful info. Do I have to wait for final payment to book excursions by phone ?
  7. DD and SIL live in Hoboken..They watch ships pass by from their condo all the time. This past Saturday we were there for a visit. Went to the pier where the food trucks are set up for an ice cream. Sure enough around 3:15 the Dawn sailed right by. Made me way jealous too !!!
  8. Yes, I'm sure NCL was flooded with feedback/requests from passengers requesting they substitute Shrimp with Chicken..
  9. If your level of play warrants a comped Grand Suite then I would certainly call. If not they will most likely say ......
  10. That is quite true. I wish the sail away rate did give you an option to pick a cabin. Even if NCL limited the option of selecting a Cabin to folks booking at least 4 months in advance ..
  11. If you are not interested in the UBP then I would book sail away rate .
  12. Looking at current renderings, I wonder if there are going to be additional private/pay sun and lounge areas ? Perhaps another other areas other than Haven and Vibe ? Something similar to Carnivals Havana class rooms with separate pool and deck area
  13. That is one reason I like the fact that NCL rotates their ships out of NYC.. Saw main shows on Breakaway, Escape, and are looking forward to upcoming main shows on Bliss and Encore..
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