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  1. But you can then transfer it to your TA!
  2. I was so sad today to read about Rhodes and the awful fire; I hope everyone stays safe. Fires for us our every single summer now!
  3. Personally, I have never been bored on a cruise and doubt if that would ever happen to me. I love the TA's and all the cruise buddies that you see all over the ship. I think that four days would be way too short for me, but because you are thinking it may be boring, you will be pleasantly surprised on Apex/E Class! It would take you four days to see everything onboard, not to mention ports and dining...enjoy the experience, as life is way too short!
  4. it seems like the Caribbean is always getting soot on the aft balconies, but all the times I was in the Med, I only remember one time where there was a small amount of soot. If I could just be on a cruise, I'd be a happy camper soot or no soot. Thank you, Ian, for all your photos and information. We have a b2b/TA a year from October on Apex, so I have a long time to wait; SV first and then an S1 corner aft for the TA, but both on deck 11. Got such a great price for SV that I could not pay over double for a suite because of all the busy port days.
  5. I could not even make any dinner reservations for my 10/22 cruise on Apex; at least I am in a suite on the second leg of the b2b/TA. I think that I am just too early, but maybe your TA needs to be sure. However, cruises have booked up so fast due to all the cancellations! Trust me, if you haven't been to Greece before, you will love it! We are doing the 12 night Israel cruise before our TA.
  6. My suite TP from Sydney to Honolulu sank in the Pacific, but thankfully $900 is being refunded, as I booked NRD. No suites available for 2023, and not much of anything else either. We shall try for 2024! Thank goodness we also book Flora for May 27,2022 just in case! It just wasn't meant to be!
  7. It is so good to see more and more posts/threads popping up from those on cruises. Things are gradually returning to the high seas...following and Thank you!
  8. Us too; usually the first day or first few hours they are available...
  9. Even the information from a cruiser in the same situation does not necessarily lead to the same conclusion, but then you can make that suggestion. Always cruise with your glass half full and breathe. So many forget that this is a pandemic where other people make the decisions that could negatively affect anyone's situation...normal is not in one's vocabulary at this time. Have a wonderful cruise!
  10. Having an exceptional TA makes my cruise much better than Celebrity alone; it is so difficult to find people who do what they say they will do, and are available 7 days a week for price drops etc. Love the extra OBC and TLC. I have tried the internet site that people rave about, but for me it was just horrible, so never, ever again. his person should have never been hired or promoted!
  11. There are also fire walls that block off noise on one side quite well, but I believe those are in the middle of the decks. Example: 11274 in the center...any cabin can have disrespectful neighbors, but i have never had this on any European cruise and I book S1 corner aft suites with an SV if b2b. Caribbean and during holidays can be quite different.
  12. If wind is an issue, you may be more comfortable in another restaurant, as it can really be a problem for some who are not expecting it throughout dinner.
  13. It is all about choices and consequences. The freedom of one individual does not superceeed the freedom of others. IMHO, the entire incident should have never happened, but with the climate and hostility of so many nowadays, rules need strict enforcement!
  14. My husband and I ordered Chateaubriand; it was perfectly cooked and delicious!
  15. So far, I have read about three people using the MOVE-up program and getting the Villa for seven nights; two were on Apex and one on Edge. One Apex cruiser said she put in a bid of 2,025 pp. for the Villa. her total cost was around 14,000, way less than the listed price. Her photos were very nice and she was very will to upgrade from her S2. I do not know what the others paid, but they were all ecstatic about their "catch of the week."
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