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  1. I have been in school since August of last year. Finally, I am two weeks past my second vaccination, so as soon as my DH is at the same point(sometime in the middle of March)I will be going out to eat and doing most of the things I once did before Covid. I have been in the gym since last May. I have never felt afraid of the virus due to my doctor always providing the most update information, along with having the plasma when it was available. Wearing a mask has never been an issue for me, but I have always followed my doc's protocol. It helps to have a great doctor, his cell phnoe number a
  2. We received one welcoming us on Flora for June, 2021! It was sent through the mail.
  3. I book aft, so corner aft suite on port side, but not deck 12 due to noise. Since you are traveling late in the year, port is where you will find the mostly sun based on your overhang. Yes, as stated above, smoking areas based on E class need to be considered. I was on Edge’s first(spring) TA in a corner aft, starboard side. FLL to Southampton...loved the ports and ship!
  4. I can say that my second dose of Moderna was Saturday, February 6 at 12:15 PM. It is a great feeling, along with a huge step forward in this maze of Covid.
  5. The S1 corner aft suites on S class could possibly have the spider on the side of your suite on deck 11. You need to do the research because they can also move them. For example, I was assured that on Equinox the spider was not located on deck 11, but deck 12 at this time. Who knows for sure if this is the truth, as It is always different on S class ships when referring to Is corner aft suites. On E class, the spider is not an issue. I have been in most of these aft suites, but not in the last couple of years, but both corner aft S1 suites will have the spider on the same deck. there w
  6. My DH and I drink very little, maybe one per day; however, we go through tons of water and also drinks from CB. I understand the rise in prices, but hope that some sense of normalcy will return with more choices. My concern has been the advertising of "All Included," like it is really special because some people get to pay more. Everything is an opportunity cost and we all have the choice to cruise or not based on our own criteria. I have five cruises booked for 2022, one that I booked when it first came available. Not being able to cruise(most likely canceling three more cruises beginnin
  7. We also received the same for our b2b on Reflection for Oct, 2021. I doubt that those cruises will happen. My most logical departure will hopefully be my TP on April 17, 2022 and that is a long way off, but a great cruise and suite...fingers crossed, as we have a slew of them in 2022, ending with one that covers Christmas and New Years.
  8. The last thing Celebrity wants is a situation out of control onboard when cruising begins. It is so much easier to lift restrictions rather than tighten them down. Since it is a choice to cruise, or not to cruise, one would hope that those of us who do are very serious about following the protocols and making the return to cruising, as enjoyable as possible. No one said this was going to be easy, but it can still be very enjoyable and relaxing. It is certainly an individual choice to wait longer, or with all the restrictions in place. However, I am not getting any younger, so I plan to be
  9. What? You have no sense of humor...I am sorry it does nothing for you, but I am not defined by politics or Bernie at all; however, humor is something I love. Sometimes we just need to scroll on by to something of interest. if you give me your photo in a chair, I'll gladly share it in your favorite place.
  10. We all want the vaccine to roll out more smoothly and with more people getting vaccinated. I have had my first shot and my second is on 2/6. My DH and I are more than ready to cruise, but also understanding that this is a virus with mutations. No one has a magic wand or crystal ball, but if not for science, we would not even be where we are today; the logistics present a huge issue. I live in a state that is second to the bottom when it comes to getting its doses. However, I am an individual that believes the glass is half full, knowing only too well that masks and protocols are effective
  11. it’s a little chilly outside, but my mittens from my neighbor are just as warm as my electric car seat warmers! Hope I don’t fall asleep and miss the ship...I am here to see Captain Kate. Oh, you say wrong ship??? She’s on Edge? But I’m here.
  12. I think the blame game is something that just holds us back, period. This is a pandemic and we need to do everything possible to move forward. Accusations are rampant and research, along with fact checking, are not strong enough to overtake opinions. Hindsight is always 20/20, but even that is skewed. Politics is a very, very dirty business and I am not defined by it, nor is my thinking. Thank goodness it is NOT part of Cruise Critic. We all want to safely get back to cruising in the near future. I have been doing my part and I am ready to do whatever I can to move forward. I was able t
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