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  1. I read without emotion, staying away from non-credible sources and people who like to engage in "stupid." It has been working so well, that my DH and I have learned to just smile and walk away! Not allowing anything or anyone to control you is a fantastic way to deal with everything...my next cruise is in the middle of 2021/Galapagos, with b2b's in September of 2021. I am anxiously looking forward to both!
  2. I get a plethora of bloodwork every year by the Cleveland Clinic/MDVIP. My categories have always been green and the same for my hubby when it comes to our health. Vaccines never have the exact same effectiveness in people due to a variety of factors. So many of us have a strong conviction for cruising and our own personal responsibility of sharing information if that becomes the new normal. I want to be safe, along with wanting the same for those on the ship...just my little opinion! I will add that name calling and politics turn me off; I can do the research and fact checking myself...part of my profession!
  3. During this part of our lives, we are ready to spend two to three months traveling to Austria, Switzerland and all over Italy with that being our home base since we are very familiar with Italy and Switzerland. Additionally, we would take a couple of cruises because we cannot get enough of the history and culture of Europe. Furthermore, we have a trip planned to visit Australia and New Zealand, which we loved, in 2022 on a TP. Since we live 20 minutes from Tahoe, the lake never disappoints, but Banff/area also tugs at our hearts for another visit...
  4. I saved $2,300 on my Galapagos/Flora cruise by changing to the following week...sweet!
  5. Well, jeleyne, at least you can see a way to get there...hope you do! I will never make it, but I have sure saved a lot of travel dollars the last three months that I can pay for my next three cruises, along with 1/2 of number 4.
  6. I am certainly glad that my "G" cruise is in the middle of next year; no way would I spend 14 nights before my cruise, as Flora is expensive enough as it is...
  7. I agree, but they still make the rules and at the moment we do not know exactly what that will entail, even though many of us have a good idea. Also, a port(s)could be closed and an extra sea day added, so that could be a consideration. Once we know what we need to do, some may choose to cancel and some will be happy to abide by the rules in order to cruise. Hopefully, the first cruise passengers will follow good hygiene and cruising will be back, just a little differently than it use to be before Covid; however, it remains to be seen what will actually happen...no crystal ball here! Just sharing my thoughts, as that's all I really have at this time. I just want to make my next three cruises for 2021!
  8. Yes, but Celebrity has to abide by those rules too, or I guess you cannot get off the ship. Anyway, you know what I mean, as it is all about rules and regs!
  9. I have the Galapagos planed for next May, so will see if I survive from the vaccine, or just become a statistic...I want a chance, so if I need it to go, I will have it, along with the rest on the ship! i keep reading articles on blood type and Covid, but nothing conclusive...
  10. When it comes to cruising with Celebrity, they make the rules, so it is up to clients to do what is needed or not cruise.
  11. Amazing that she knows nothing about whatever the vaccine might be, but she is not taking it...more for those of us who choose to take it. Do not confuse me with facts, as my mind is already made up.
  12. I guess one can look at "cruises missed" in a positive way, especially if you are saving money from those missed cruises. Anyway, my travel account has really grown with all the deposits and money returned from cruises not taken due to Covid. My husband keeps laughing at me, saying that it is time for a new car too, but since I am not driving as much, and love my car, my travel account will keep growing by leaps and bounds, as we are virtually spending very little nowadays. However, in all honesty, I would much rather be cruising, as would most of us...we certainly can't take it with us!
  13. I am totally befuddled by this conundrum, but I know that we will get there with change!
  14. Thanks for sharing, SeaHunt, as I plan to cruise and follow protocol in order to do my part. It seems like we are continually learning new ways to protect from this virus, but understanding that nothing is 100% for sure, not even a vaccine. Change is difficult, but we have all gone through this for the last several months, some much worse than others. I am eagerly awaiting the time when I receive my luggage tags and can actually board a ship!
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