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  1. Keep her safe for those going across the Atlantic on Sunday...but by all means, have a wonderful journey!
  2. Lucky you...mine has not fallen yet, but I am on the lookout; I think because it is Europe and I have all four perks, it may not come down...however, one can always hope!
  3. And...what a shame if they have them and Gonzo's wife was not allowed to use one...so sad if those bikes were just sitting in storage...I will be on it when I get onboard! No pun intended!
  4. I was under the impression that it was all suites...however, knowing Celebrity, this too could have changed. Sorry if I misled you, as that was not my intent. I remember calling Celebrity and asking this question several months ago.. Thanks, VT, for sharing, as now I am disappointed too, along with my hubby, but I will ask in the gym because one never knows what the answer might be...do not think they will upgrade me to the RS...however, I remember that RS and above could ask for one in their suite, but that there were ones that suites could use in the gym for free and others had to pay...wow, I must have been in Never-Never land on this or maybe it was a dream...maybe I need to set policy for Celebrity...just a thought!
  5. We do the same; it usually works out quite well. Also, I do things by hand to save space and to keep my gym clothes smelling good...
  6. I know that the bikes are free if you are in a suite; however, I do not know the cost or how to sign up. Hopefully, someone who has done this will share...
  7. I have flights booked for November’s TA on Reflection, along with my seat assignments; have not paid a dime yet, as these are refundable and can be exchanged for a lower fare. Two flights are business class and two in the US are not. I also have to pay 90 days before my cruise. Great price for all of these flights!
  8. I so agree; details do make a difference, as prices to cruise on Celebrity should match most everything else onboard...IMHO! Thank you phoenix_dream, for your review, as I think you stated your feelings very well and were not just complaining...you were disappointed in a product that you so enjoyed, but that just did not live up to prior cruises...there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. I, like you, try to also explain my words and thinking to hopefully improve understanding...
  9. Okay, Jim...question...please share the name of the company that made that beautiful light pink top your friend is wearing...really like it! I know, you are laughing at my question right now...silly! Like you have nothing else to do...
  10. VT...you are the best...we have to cruise together in the future, especially since I will also be a member of the 11268 club!
  11. You may also want to check to see if there is a pole disrupting some of your view, if that is something that might bother you We just did our second Greek cruise last April, so the beauty is great from the aft; however, it is also port intensive too. I had the same issue with S1 aft cabins and S1's. I am in love with the aft view, so for the TA on Edge I kept it! Also, I love the extra health benefits too, in addition to the gym and walking and jogging track. So share that particular cabin number. VT shared those that do not have the pole or bar mini obstruction and I copied all of them down...you might as well have all the facts before changing and be okay with the change...I tend to overthink some things, but other decisions I make immediately. Good luck with your decision!
  12. We had to pay a little more than that, but we are doing the same. Actually, we had a suite booked at Hyatt Marina, but after I saw a photo of a drunken woman on the floor of a hallway, I just could not continue with my reservation. Glad that Jim mentioned the quiet and close by stores etc...I wanted the view of the pier, but am happy with ES...
  13. I love having opportunity cost, choice and the money to do things. However, sometimes life does disappoint, but then again, being on a cruise and traveling from port to port is something that I really enjoy...especially in Europe due to all the history and culture. I did the beach thing many years ago, so that is just not part of my personal agenda anymore.
  14. Since a private company runs the program, I wonder if they even have any information about one's status or other things...but after reading that one person won, except they bid more than what they thought, that might be the downside to just keeping the cabin you have. Just be sure to check for an email, so you can confirm that amount from Celebrity. Furthermore, there are quite a few getting them on M-class, as far as posting on CC goes. There will always be new ways for cruise lines to make money with new games; it is a choice to play or not...
  15. Jenn...your review and photos are wonderful. I am learning some new information, while getting closer to my cruise date. Can't wait for more, along with your video and what you have learned about Edge updates etc.....thanks so much!
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