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  1. I am doing my "happy" dance. Another virtual cruise with Ellie. This will be a fun ride.
  2. Hmm, both DH and I served and have been getting the benefits for several years. We both did the new form. DH has his benefits listed for our January 2022 cruise, I do not. Therefore, I thought I should submit the form again - it has been over 2 weeks. When I submitted the second time, I got a screen saying I was already registered. However, still no OBC in my name.
  3. We used "rome in limo" for our tours and transport. I was using a travelscoot scooter then. I haven't used them since I became a full time w/c user. They provided a large vehicle. I contacted them prior to reserving and described my scooter (weight, length, width, height) and my disability. I highly recommend them.
  4. When I was working (I taught nursing), we always taught the students to quote what the patient said to them. I frequently saw - she said "her stomach hurts". I cannot remember ever hearing a person call themselves "her" or "him". My other vexation was when they did not see the difference between a lot and allot.
  5. I used ez-air for a flights from clt to lhr and return. The cruise was cancelled and the refund came back from Princess, not American Airlines. The savings were impressive. Wish we could have sailed.
  6. Neil Armstrong said "Houston, tranquility base here. The eagle has landed". Yes, I am a nerd.
  7. As this virtual voyage comes to an end, I for one will sorely miss it. This has been my first stop when I visit the cruise critic board site. Thank you so much Ellie1145.
  8. We used American out of Charlotte to Sydney. This was three years ago so might not be worth much. We flew to San Francisco on American and then Qantas to Sydney. Our cruise ended in San Francisco. We flew home on American from there. It cost almost $1000 each in business class round trip. I was astonished we got such a good price.
  9. I find the transpacific cruises on the Princess site under "grand voyages". We did a wonderful 50 days on Sun Princess from Sydney to San Francisco a few years ago. It was part of a 75 "circle the pacific, round trip Sydney for 75 days.
  10. Thank you Ellie 1145 for taking me along on your journey. The highlight of every afternoon is coming to read the next installment. I do hope you and your husband have an uneventful procedure.
  11. I would check the airfare before choosing which port to use to embark. Where we live it was about $300 cheaper to fly to England than to France when we last flew across the pond. I think the price differs depending on where you live.
  12. Yes, they recharged the card. We have contacted the bank.
  13. I was a phase two cancellation. We elected for a full refund and got our refund relatively quickly in late June. However, on July 21 Princess reinstated almost $9,000 in charges that had been previously refunded. I have NO idea what is going on. Our travel agent is a saint and working so hard for us. We had originally paid just over $16,000 for two rooms, air, and insurance so they haven't taken it all back but still this just seems impossible.
  14. The bathrooms on the train were fine and the ability to walk around was great. Also the lunch you could order on the train was quite nice.
  15. Thank you for taking me back to the Opera House. I use a wheelchair and took the accessible tour with only 4 or 5 other people. While we went into the various venues - and saw the rehearsal for a school recital in the largest one - what I truly enjoyed was going behind the scenes. We rode in elevators used to store props. That was magical as well. Both my able-bodied husband and I had a great time.
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