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  1. I refared today. It is $200 off per person and I am quite happy.
  2. The oxygen concentrator was a large floor model that I returned to the medical center when my pulse oxygen level returned to normal. I was impressed by the equipment available. Not only the oxygen machine, the x-ray, lab machine, and IV controller. Quite well equipped, not an intensive care unit, but almost everything you would find in an urgent care center.
  3. I had the misfortune of needing to use the medical center while on a 49 day cruise around South America. I had trouble remaining upright and after falling twice ended up in the center. I was pleased by the care I received. I was given a chest X-ray, had my pulse oxygen level checked, received blood work and a urinalysis. After I was diagnosed with pneumonia I received 3 or 4 days of IV antibiotics as well as IV fluids as I was dehydrated. The bill was over $4,000 but worth the cost. If they can do the test you need I believe you would have to visit the physician. The cost to see him was $90 for each visit. The test would be on top of that. Both the physician and the nurses were excellent. I was even given an oxygen concentrator (for a cost of course) to use in my room until my lungs started to clear.
  4. I have taken a tour with Victor Bodden and really enjoyed his monkey area and watching others do the zip line. I would not have zip lined when I was able bodied. I can't answer your question about tiedowns/anchors as I transferred to a seat and my scooter went in the back. Have fun. I liked Roatan.
  5. I was in St. Thomas last February on a scooter. It was OK, good curb cuts but not much to do except shop which isn't my thing. I thought about doing the cable car but it wasn't accessible.
  6. Back in February we did a 49 day cruise on the Royal Princess. It could be booked as a 49 day or as three separate cruises. We got three minibar set ups but One shareholder credit and One (each since we both served) military credit.
  7. We are going on the June 21 Regal Princess cruise around the British Isles. Our 19 and 22 year old grandchildren are going with us. Feel free to join us at anytime dining if you are on that cruise. I would suggest you join the Roll Call here on cruise critic for the specific date you are sailing. You may meet others who you will find interesting and fun on the cruise you will be on.
  8. I have been to Athens, Corinth, Mykinos,, Patmos, and Santorini. Athens is the easiest. Since the paralympics were held there it has several areas which have been retrofitted for access. We did have a bit of trouble at the Acropolis. The elevator was working when we were there but to get to the elevator was not easy as the stair lift was broken. It is probably 8 to 10 steps before the elevator. Other areas, especially the national museum and the acropolis museum were easily accessible and both were wonderful. The Islands were more of a challenge. It required a tender to get to Santorini. There was a separate access area to avoid the cable cars IF you could transfer into a tender. Taxis and buses could get to the special access area. At Mykinos we docked which is easier. However I could not manage a tour to Delos for the ruins. Corinth, a city outside of Athens had reasonable access but is not totally barrier free. Another island we went to was Patmos but I don't remember much about the access there.
  9. We are cruising over Christmas this year. Our grandchildren go back to University on January 6. Our cruise is December 19 through January 3 so not much time after we get back.
  10. The skywalker on Grand was steel rather than a lighter weight composite metal. It was removed to lessen weight stress. The other ships in the same class have a lighter weight skywalkers.
  11. What I haven't seen (I may have missed it) is whether the cancelled cruiser got their money back. I suspect not and that would be worth calling the police about in my opinion. At minimum I would be doing a charge back on my credit card if I was not on the ship next week.
  12. I have used post-it notes.
  13. You choose your seats on the ez-air site. Go back in to the personalizer. Select travel arrangements and then choose Modify Flights then when it shows the people on the reservation choose the + sign under choose seats. It shows up on the American site very quickly after you have chosen.
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