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  1. Now what?? Disputed my March 28 SKY cruise on May 26 with Canadian TD Visa . Paid in US dollars to a TA in Florida. Received disputed amount Jun 2 - the amount credited was the amount I paid in Cdn $$ ( No conversion) Disputed the 2 year old deposit on Amex. Waiting for resolution. Again disputed amount is the actual Cdn $$ charged (no conversion). Today I received Princess passage refund from Princess - so I have the disputed amount AND the Princess refund in my Visa card and Amex. Of course they are different amounts because the amounts refunded from Princess are U$ refund
  2. Yes, Visa, MC and Amex will give you your money back. Time line for filing a dispute depends on issuer. I paid with a TD Visa Infinite card for a cruise on SKY departing March 28. I called TD a few days ago, asked for the dispute dept. Told that i have "up until 120 days" after sail date to dispute. Also told if nothing from Princess after about 90 days - call them back and they will process it. Lived in Winnipeg for 30 years - a little warmer winters in London but do miss the blue sky and sun dogs.
  3. Was supposed to sail on SKY on March 28. Chose option 2. Received the Future Cruise credit today in both my account and my wife's account. Not received refund to CC yet.
  4. Same thing happened to us, Elite yesterday, back to Platinum today, Supposed to be on SKY Mar 28. No refund no credits.
  5. Supposed to cruise on the SKY on March 28. Cancelled by Princess and chose option 2. Nothing yet - however Personalizer, as of yesterday, shows a cruise credit for the cruise as if I had actually taken the cruise.
  6. I just called TD Visa (Canadian) re disputing charges. I was told that a dispute to the charge must be requested within 30 days of sail date - March 28 on SKY. I also purchased EZ air departing on March 27 so my final date for dispute is April 26. If I have nothing by that time I will dispute the charge and probably give up my 50% FCC. Cash today is better than the unknown.
  7. I also thought I hadn't received a response. However it was in my SPAM folder. You may want to check that out if you haven't yet done so. Also check trash.
  8. I also thought I hadn't received a response. However it was in my SPAM folder. You may want to check that out if you haven't yet done so. Also check trash.
  9. I think that Princess requires many accolades for what they have done. Doe anyone know if there is a cut-off date for using the FCC.
  10. Princess did away with the health questionnaire some time ago because they realized that all passengers lie and do not admit to being sick upon boarding Nobody ever admitted to being sick - so Princess did the right thing -helped save the environment by reducing paper! With regard to the Diamond they, unfortunately, became caught up in human nature ie all people lie if by telling the truth they will be denied boarding and it's going to cost them $$
  11. If you hold them in a non registered account make a note of the U$ exchange rate when you buy them if you are trading using a US $ account. When they are eventually sold by you (or heirs) your tax return will calculate the capital gain/loss using your purchase price converted to Cdn $$ at the time of purchase and the selling price converted to Cdn $$ at the time of sale. Better to make a note now than having to track back in the future.
  12. The global entry is posted to the far right after you have collected your luggage. If you don't see it just ask anyone directing passengers disembarking. They will probably open up a rope for you.The sign is always there. Used it in December and for last 10 Princess cruises. Saves at least 20-30 mins of standing in line
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