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  1. New fave: the guy who writes to Consumer Affairs to complain that "two of the three comedians were not funny".
  2. That's interesting...must be some kind of special arrangement the agency made with NCL? Lately, you get all four Free At Sea choices with a balcony booking when booking it yourself. Glad you got the beverage package perq though, that's a nice bonus. Have a wonderful cruise πŸ™‚
  3. Hi Bebe08 -- First a question for you -- did you originally book an inside cabin (and then get a complimentary upgrade to a balcony cabin because of a price drop?) If you did, happy for you getting the balcony! If you did book a balcony from the start, then, the reason I ask that is because there are usually two offers, often all four (which I think is active now) for booking a balcony cabin. And I'd suggest a call to your travel agent to look into that for you. πŸ™‚ Coffee bar pastries are free, if they are the same kind that they have in other places on the ship. Croissants, danish, etc. They sometimes have other things like chocolates or macarons that have an extra charge. I believe there are filling stations for water bottles in the buffet. You do not have to tip extra for your drinks, as they have been prepaid with your beverage service charge, but you can if you want to.
  4. If you book now, you should see the discount applied once you put the excursions in your cart.You will be charged the 10% less upfront (vs. being reimbursed at a later date). If you don't notice any difference in price between the (non-logged in price) and the logged in, in-cart price, then I think you'll have to call NCL to book, and they will charge you the reduced price.
  5. Based on an extremely small sample (my experience vs. my new-to-NCL friends' experience, and CC posts), I think that the first time NCL time cruiser tends to get the better assignment. (I've noticed that many companies court the new customer, offering all sorts of enticement goodies to the new, so this idea in business would not be an NCL-only one.) I think they give the new NCLer the best cabin they can with the aim to convert them to a repeat customer. If it's a previous customer vs. another previous customer, I have no guess about how they assign cabins.
  6. I remember that $50 per passenger thing too. But I also remember FDR saying (around) the same time they had made the formerly $15 pp Asian restaurants on the ship complimentary ... "so there's give and take". He may have said that on the call itself, or he may have said it later, in an interview, but I do remember him using the Asian restaurants' change from fee to free as an example of how it wasn't all one-sided. This call came across as different. In fairness, since the switch from fee to free, NCL has offered some more gives by way of their promotions like free or reduced airfare -- that was a new promo and for some it was a very good value. I hope they were having an off day, not thinking hard enough about how they could come across to the customer base. I'm a shareholder too, btw, and so I want the company to maximize profits, but just not just for the short term.
  7. I thought that tone was new for NCL. I don't recall coming away with the feeling that I am a fool that needs to be relieved of my money πŸ˜‰ before. Not so blatantly anyway! And you are right about large shareholders usually expressing an interest in customer satisfaction (as it relates to potential future revenues). Maybe it was an off day for FDR and the other guy, maybe the questions caused them to lose focus, I don't know. But I will say that the tone of that call and Andy Stuart's sudden departure did cause my eyebrow to raise. Time will tell.
  8. I came away with the same impression -- not even a bs "courtesy" nod to the customer. It seemed different, unusual and noteworthy.
  9. If anyone is interested, you can read the entire transcript of that conference call: https://www.fool.com/earnings/call-transcripts/2019/11/07/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-nclh-q3-2019-earnin.aspx
  10. The SailAway rate, which will be listed as an option, does not include any Free At Sea choices, and your cabin will be assigned to you. Other cabin categories IF, MB, BC etc (that are not SailAway) will sometimes move to Guarantee status (when they get close to selling out). That means that you will not get to choose your stateroom, but you will still get the free at sea choices that go along with it. If you book something that has an X in the category = no free at sea choices If you book anything else = one or more free at sea choices (depending on category you have chosen and providing they have the free at sea promo running, which they usually do). It doesn't matter if, at the stateroom selection screen, it says GTY/Guarantee, as that is merely about NCL choosing your cabin location. (It has nothing to do with free at sea choices.)
  11. I was on the Jewel in September and there was a cigar lounge. I think it was on deck 6, near Le Bistro and the Martini Bar IIRC? I definitely saw people going in and out.
  12. Thanks dolfan and BudgetQueen. I don't expect them to cancel either, much more likely to be an itinerary change I think, but my friend asked if they would refund us the full amount or only a partial amount if NCL cancelled it after final payment, and while I assumed they would, I couldn't find anything in the cruise contract or anywhere else that said they definitely would refund the full amount. It's funny, my friend called NCL to ask about this and the agent told her that it would be more likely that they'd cancel the cruise than change the departure port. That didn't sound right to me at all. And that's kind of the answer to why I'm asking on Cruise Critic and not calling NCL to ask.
  13. We are looking at doing a SA cruise with Santiago, Chile as a departure port. NCL hasn't said anything about the unrest there yet, and I understand they may be talking a wait and see approach (which is fine). If I pay for it in full, and they decide to cancel the entire cruise (not change the itinerary, outright cancel) after final payment has been made, would they refund the full cruise fare? The obvious answer seems yes, since I paid for something and am not getting it. But when I look at the cruise contract it doesn't exactly say that. (It does say they will refund your money if they cancel it for a charter, but not in the case of civil unrest that would cause them to cancel). Has anyone had any experience with the cruiseline cancelling a cruise after final payment? Or any knowledge of it?
  14. If it is there, it will be on the top right corner of your actual cruise invoice/receipt, along with the other fare codes. (Things like "EASYFARE" etc.)
  15. If you book online, you must pay at the time of booking I believe. We have only ever done it by booking over the phone and then paying on board, either with the Shorex credit or without. On another cruise, our friends prepaid and also had the shorex credit, and I *think* (but sorry, not sure) they did that over the phone in advance. I remember them showing us their very low bill since they had prepaid their shore excursions, and the $50 per port was applied as a credit on board.
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