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  1. I think that refers to the individual cruise lines that are currently sailing in Europe. Each line has their own set of guidelines. I am not sure but think (honestly don’t remember) that each line had to get approval from pertinent countries or the EU to get permission to sail.
  2. Okay, well I think we've gone as far as we can in this discussion. I don't agree that cruise ships are a different animal and require more stringent rules than hotels or gyms or resorts or airplanes or hospitals for that matter. I don't think 100% vaccination is required for cruise ships when we are living without a 100% vax requirement for literally everywhere else. It doesn't mean I won't sail on a ship with 100% vax requirement, (because I am going to be fully vaccinated) but I do think it's overkill.
  3. Didn't we just see an example of a 100% vaxxed cruise with a couple of positive cases? Spoiler alert: we did. I didn't follow that story. Did ports refuse docking to that ship? Did countries close down to cruising as a result? Was the ship with the positive cases locked down, pax in cabins and masks required? Did the things we don't want to happen, happen? It seems to me, if you have a mix of vaxxed and unvaxxed on a ship and you do get an outbreak, the thing to do is what we do on land: Contact trace and require unvaxxed people to isolate and fully vaxxed
  4. Cases are on the rise in the UK, but is the rise in new cases showing exponential growth? I don't recall reading that it was exponential, but I am not keeping up with my pandemic reading like I once was. I did read that even with the rise of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths are down. One dose seems to have a good effect on lessening the severity of the disease. Israel, I believe, used Pfizer, and their numbers are very good, like they are having double digit new cases and zero deaths last time I checked. I don't know what percentage of their population has had two doses, b
  5. Would you sail on a ship that has both no vaccine requirement and no requirement for masks and social distancing?
  6. Perhaps, until people come to their senses. I am an optimist, so I think they will, and the unreasonable fear will slowly dissolve. I just hope it doesn't take too long.
  7. Yes, I get that. I wouldn't want that either, but that's unnecessary anyway, for you, if you are vaccinated. The requirement to wear masks if you are fully vaccinated is not a reasonable one, imo. ETA: And I'm not sure I agree that vaccinated people are not afraid to cruise because of covid. I've seen plenty of "It's only 95% effective!", "There could be an outbreak on a ship!" type posts.
  8. Actually, no, I wouldn't. The UK vaccine strategy I believe was to get everyone a first jab, and then do a second later. So, most people are not fully immunized. And they used a lot of AstraZeneca, which is a different vaccine than many Americans have taken and will take. Covid is going to be with us for a long time, in some form. Generally, in a population, a virus mutates ("variants"), some are worse, some are less severe -- the ones that tend to win, over many years, are the less deadly variants because if a virus kills a host it can't reproduce itself. There are still viral re
  9. Many of the assumptions about potential dangers of cruising are based on the situation in March 2020, where almost the whole population was vulnerable to Covid. That is no longer the case because there's so much immunity in the population now. Why do even the most restrictive states allow full opening now? Because they know that there is enough immunity in the population to make exponential spread a virtual mathematical impossibility. This is the same situation on land or on a ship. People's respiratory systems and immune responses do not magically change once they embark a ship.
  10. There couldn't be another Diamond Princess-like outbreak on any ship sailing from the US now, simply because there are too many people with immunity -- either naturally acquired or by vaccine. The DP had a ship full of available virus hosts; those conditions no longer exist for Covid-19. And remember, even under the ideal respiratory virus spreading conditions (the Diamond Princess in early 2020), not even half of the population contracted it. Not even close to half. I'm a pragmatist, so I think the 100% vaccination requirement is a prudent one, at least for now, at least to resto
  11. Well, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. FDR seems like a committed fella, but he's a businessman at the end of the day and more than anything he needs to make money. That sweet, sweet sail-from-Florida money will be too much to pass up, imo. I'm sure FDR is also thinking about how devastating an outbreak on a ship would be as well, and he wants to keep that risk as low as possible. But really, with crew 100% vaxxed, and much of the population of passengers vaxxed, it's low anyway. But for sure, no cruise line wants to be the first to report an outbreak, even if it
  12. One of them is going to have to cave, and I don't think it will be DeSantis. NCL has not made any money for a long time; they need to get sailing again. A Caribbean home port is a nice idea, but I imagine it will hurt their bottom line as it's more costly to fly to those destinations than Florida. Plus, you can't drive there. Lawsuits take time, and every day that NCL isn't sailing costs money. They also risk losing passengers to other lines. What a crummy spot for NCL to be in though -- first the CDC and their unreasonableness and then DeSantis and his. Why he doesn't
  13. Considering that NCL want all pax and crew vaccinated, I think we’ll be good. Can’t get better than 100%.
  14. Any cruise ship that has more than 80% (being extra conservative here) of the humans onboard immune (by vax or prior infection) will have, by definition, herd immunity.
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