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  1. We were onboard at some other significant date - probably the 60th celebration. All I recall is a special cocktail on the day. It was very nice - I had to have two just to be sure! Needless to say it was not complimentary
  2. Me too Still can’t remember its name The food was much lighter, and, as you say, no extra charge other than for lava steak, and special prawns and strawberries (?flambé)
  3. What a boring bank holiday. Where’s the wonderful sunshine? Or the exciting events? Maybe I’m not looking in the right places?
  4. It’s a fairly dull Sunday here. Not warm, not cold. No sun, a little rain earlier but now dry i decided it was time we ate the Turkey joint which has been sitting in the freezer all year, after I decided I’d best make contingency plans for Xmas 2021 (things were quite fluid, if you remember) It was fine. Nice to have a roast occasionally, though I could really do without the faff
  5. My post went awol too I said it felt strange that Sarah was a cruise virgin despite having been on the board for ever. Best wishes to your Mum and even if she doesn’t manage to get off (hope not 🤞) she will have a good holiday and will be able to view the spectacular fiord scenery from onboard
  6. It’s not easy holidaying with kids, is it? I take my hat off to you. One day your girls will have flown the nest and you’ll be able to have one of those relaxing holidays you’ve always dreamed of! Thanks so much for your blog. Your family are a credit to you
  7. Cruises departing up to and including October 2024 are on sale now - or have I misunderstood and you’re saying there’s nothing you fancy?
  8. A truck loaded with thousands of copies of Roget's Thesaurus spilled its load leaving New York Witnesses were stunned, startled, aghast, stupefied, confused, shocked, rattled, paralyzed, dazed, bewildered, surprised, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, confounded, astonished, and numbed.
  9. Is she still there? We saw her yesterday but, having seen a few couples and groups of people in Weymouth who I thought looked like cruisers, I put 2&2 together, made 5 and convinced myself that Arcadia was on a round-Britain cruise and Portland was a port stop. 🙄 Adonia had some work done at Portland, when she returned from being a ‘good works’ ship based in US, before she returned, briefly, to P&O, so who knows? Probably not a good sign though wrt Adonia’s long term future?
  10. Doug, in the cone of shame, from the animated movie Up https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/ec868a46-d588-420c-ae43-f30d1c75f40b
  11. Had an errand in Weymouth Definitely not sunny seaside this morning. I think it’s Arcadia we could see berthed at Portland? There were certainly smart but cool looking groups of two, four and six, dressed as per cruising, trying to amuse themselves around the harbour. Hopefully it’s warmer for them now This pic time-stamped @ 10.51
  12. You do know you can transfer your deposit to any other cruise currently on sale? As many times as you like?
  13. It’s lovely to follow your adventures Thanks for posting
  14. Yours was super-efficient Jean! cruise saint - here’s my recent experience 25 Feb - submitted online application 26 Feb - posted old passport 1March - received confirmation of application from Passport Office 11 March - received confirmation that PO had received my old passport 21 March - informed that passport had been printed & would be delivered ‘in the next few days’ 22 March - new passport received ** 15 April - old passport returned ** you no longer need to be at home/sign My husband sent his application same day. We were directed to send our old passports to different passport offices - me to Newcastle, him to Durham 🤔 His took about a week longer (but his old passport was returned before he got the new one!)🤔🤔 I’ll not make any political comment etc but I will add that, on first look, the new passport looks good. I like the fact that the page you need seems to fall open automatically
  15. It was a lovely sunny morning but less so now. My grocery delivery arrived with just one substitute - the 1litre of cooking oil I thought I’d better order, as I’m getting low, was unavailable … so they sent me a 3 litre bottle! I don’t deep fry, so I guess that’ll do me for the rest of the year, if not longer. Then the dentist (who was off with 🦠 last week). Eek. Hopefully she is properly clear of it. She said it just felt like a cold & she feels fully recovered. Of all the things which are impossible in a mask, having dental work must be near the top of the list. Anyway, that’s done and the local anaesthetic has almost worn off. My scrambled egg eating at lunchtime was not a pretty sight Enjoy the rest of your day everyone. Happy dog E2D7D1E7-0497-4830-9C78-4721A25B740D.MOV
  16. Yes, I should have mentioned cruise & stay, which we have also enjoyed and which were well organised If your US airport is somewhere interesting it might be worth thinking about, Wowzz
  17. Agree strongly Particularly about the dust. Here’s one of my favourite poems, from Rose Milligan Could you and Frank get away for a bit of a break Avril? Find a nice self-catering place somewhere you fancy and get a good local taxi or private hire company to transport you? We all need a change sometimes and you certainly deserve a break
  18. … ooh, sorry, interrupted by Tesco delivery! I think Marella have more clout with the TUI organisation behind them and can get services P&O can’t. We went on some fabulous trips - eg Petra - which ran smooth as silk. They handled passports, permits etc v efficiently on that Red Sea itinerary Actually, as an example of their service, that Petra trip was long, starting at 6.30 iirc. We were later than expected back to the ship (10pm?) and had a welcoming party of a senior CS officer, lots of staff to offer us a cool drink and damp flannel and a small band of non-entertainment crew singing Welcome Home! 🎶 MDR food is not at P&O standard wrt choice or presentation; buffet is more varied with interesting ‘cook stations’. Passenger buffet behaviour is no better and no worse than P&O (ie, pretty poor IMO, but, as J-P Satre said “Hell Is Other People)
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