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  1. We were actually on the Royal Viking Sun over 40 years ago; wonderful cuisine.
  2. Can I change it out for bottles of water?
  3. The cruise is now available to be booked on one of the big cruise agencies.
  4. Regent does a Sunday Grand Buffet at sea.
  5. I have sailed solo on Regent four times since Covid and enjoyed the experience. I was in Concierge category, large cabin, beautiful bathroom and large veranda. The food was wonderful as was entertainment and most excursions. However, I booked my first cruise as a solo on the Serenity two months ago in a singles cabin. I loved everything about Crystal including the solo fare. It was a warm, friendly ship and very inclusive for single travelers. I feel the food was equal or better than Regent and I felt totally comfortable with the experience on board. I have my next cruise booked on the Serenity and am looking forward to sailing with them again.
  6. Hi Ann, There is supposed to be a cruise critic get together on the first day of sailing, generally around 5 PM, as mentioned by other Azamara cruisers. It is listed on the daily program. If you are not too jet lagged, try to be there. Looking forward to meeting you. Marilyn
  7. I followed your directions and was able to find excursions. There are only two excursions listed,hopefully, more will be added on. Thank you to everyone.
  8. When does Azamara announce their shore tomorrow excursions for booked cruises? My cruise is about 9 months away, and I haven’t seen any announced shore excursions to date. Also, when you book an excursion, do you charge it to a credit card, or can it be paid for with OBC? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for voicing your concern. However, I and many others on the CC boards have posted first names and cabin numbers on these boards arranging meet n mingles, private tours, etc. We have not had any problems in over 20 years of posting on these boards. Last names and email addresses are not exchanged; people are able to contact each other more easily when on board.
  10. Hi Torpoint, I am on the Oct. 24 sailing, so I would be happy to meet you for dinner on the first night. My name is Marilyn and I am in cabin 6088.
  11. I’m sailing on Azamara Journey end of Oct. from Montreal to Miami. 15 days at a great price; the fare is actually half of a regular doubles fare. Good for Azamara!
  12. Thank you both for your replies. I am looking forward to my first cruise on Azamara.
  13. I will be traveling solo this fall on Azamara Journey in Canada and New England. Are there get togethers for solos to meet at the beginning of the cruise? How is the dining situation; are there tables set aside for solos who choose to dine together in the MDR as well as in the specialty restaurants?
  14. I just booked a cruise on Azamara Journey, 15 days from Montreal to Miami on Oct. 24, 2024. The prices were very good, with an extremely low Single supplement. It includes,gratuities,wine,soft drinks and some OBC.
  15. After having been a passenger on MSC Seascape in the Yacht Club, I am wondering about the lack of shade on Explora as well. We could not find any shady areas on the Seascape when sitting by the pool. There were only a few pergola beds on the entire deck, nowhere to sit in the shade. I have seen a YouTube of Explora 1 and noticed a total lack of shady areas as well. Many people like to lie outside on a sun bed, but also enjoy being in the shade. Is this lack of shade a problem on Explora as well?
  16. Thank you. Are there two shows each night or just one?
  17. We will be boarding NS next month. What entertainment is available? Are there evening shows, movies, comedians, song and dance performances?
  18. This must be something new. Not on my cruise.
  19. I just got off the Serenity a few weeks ago and I don’t remember any solo travelers’ meetings. I was told that there is a solo traveler’s table that you can join each night in any of the restaurants, which I did.
  20. I love Regent. Where have you seen these low single supplements? I haven’t seen them on any Caribbean cruises.
  21. On my Viking Ocean cruise this past summer, they had a singles get together, announced in the daily program, in a lounge the first night of the cruise. I was able to meet some very nice solos and we arranged to have dinner together for most of the 14 days of the cruise. However, this was the only singles get together for the entire cruise, so if you want to meet other solos, make sure you attend this get together.
  22. We were recently on Regent’s Explorer and the Grand Buffet was a highlight. No problems with Norovirus before or after the buffet on our 19 day cruise to Japan. We love buffets.
  23. Keith, I just left the Serenity on Sat., the day you embarked. I absolutely enjoyed my cruise. The only problem I and other cruisers encountered was slow service during dinner in Waterside, and there were only 350 passengers on board last week. Has service improved even though there is double the amount of passengers on board this week? There was no problem getting a lounge chair on the lido deck last week. How is it now?
  24. I really am enjoying my cruise this week. I have been pampered by the staff; wonderful breakfasts in my cabin. The best blueberry pancakes ever. The pool staff cannot do enough for you; cold drinks, cool towels, anything you want, and always with a big smile. The people that I have met onboard are wonderful; friendly and welcoming. There is always a single table available in all of the restaurants, so dining is fun sitting together and getting to know each other. Tonight we dined in Umi Uma, the Nobu specialty restaurant. On excellent advice, we ordered practically every appetizer on the menu and we were not disappointed. I’m glad that Crystal is back. I feel that it is an especially good fit for single travelers. I plan to continue cruising on Crystal in the near future.
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