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  1. Yes, sorry. Shows you how interested in it I am....LOL
  2. Boca Raton is nice and snooty...LOL Morikami gardens in Delray is nice.
  3. We saw no popcorn and asked, she said no
  4. I can tell you about Horizon's.....supposed to be the same? It was $20 for two of us. There is concession, candy and soda/beer/wine, but NO POPCORN The movies show up in hub app of what's playing that day. Never found out how to see what's playing days in advance. We were on 9/4 and it was basically a rotation of two comedies and two nature IMAX...one sea, one land (no idea of names) Comedies were Free Guy (Funny) and River Cruise (no thanks, didn't see)
  5. I always suggest 2 things in every large city. A Big Bus pass and a food tour Big Bus is explanatory and mentioned above Being from So Florida, I suggest finding a Little Havana Food Tour. Take you though the various foods and desserts of Cuba and Latin America
  6. I received a text 30 minutes later and an e-mail 90 minutes later. Dave
  7. Do not get sucked into thinking about how much money. Time is what is important. Yes, it costs money to play for a while, it is why it important to make your bets accordingly Easier explanation. Someone who can stretch $200 over two hours will get more points and attention than someone who comes in and does eight $25 pulls and walks away 10 seconds later. Typical casino player valuator is something like total time X average wager = ADT (Average Daily Theoretical (loss))
  8. 9/4 Horizon Skyzone was open but never saw anyone on Skyride....Why I never even thought of it Forgot it existed
  9. Hardest thing for me to remember is the odds. I suck at math, I mean really bad....fingers and toes (I'm 57....LOL) Laying a bet on the pass line with two more identical chips behind it (2x odds on your pass line bet) I can never remember how much when I place a bet and odds on a number.....this is where the dealers can help you and keep you square, that's their job. Just buy in (Give man in the middle your cash, he will give you chips....BTW, he's the referee) Place minimum on passline, say $5 They will help you from there on odds and placing bets.
  10. Exactly, it's always an hour before opening if I remember right. BTW, if you see a dealer doing nothing, like waiting for a player, THEY'RE WAITING FOR YOU!! Seriously, just tell them upfront you're new/never played and does he mind, can he guide you, they'll say yes. They CANNOT tell you how to wager or how much, they will only tell you options unless required, like an opening bet.
  11. Most every casino has daytime/morning classes. If you go to a host in the casino and ask when they have lessons, they'll help you. Craps isn't that bad, except for the math part. If you listen to your dealer and allow them to guide you through a few hands (rolls). I always tell the dealer that I am new or haven't played in a while, so they remind me of things like odds or pressing. It's not hard. If totally new to a casino, just play some low limit slots. It's like a pinball game, you're trying to accumulate points ($$)
  12. As a non-smoker, you ever tried one? That weird almost nauseous buzz you get? That's why non's smoke occasionally and while drinking, it's just part of the buzz. That said, buzzed up gamblers is to the house's edge, why do you think they're so willing to ply you with free drinks? The bigger the gambler the better the booze brands and the stronger the drinks. Happy buzzed players are good for the casino
  13. I'm too OCD I literally login to Carnival and check my cabin and reservation almost daily as things get closer, to make sure nothing changes. I do the same with flights. Check my seat, making sure nothing changed.
  14. That's cool, but if you asked them any other time, they'd say they're a non-smoker....just saying Some folks vape and they only vape when drinking, they like the flavors. Not everyone who vapes does the big choo-choo train clouds. Some vape right by you and you'll never know. Some folks vape weed or CBD, right next to you, and you'll never know.
  15. You bet If they can figure out another way to drill down to your profit/loss to them, they'll do it.
  16. Or nightclubs, bars and wild parties! Fact is, even non-smokers are known to have a cigarette while drinking. People who are gambling are typically drinking and therefore, smoking. Carnival tried smoke free cruises and they failed miserably. If you want to pay the Celebrity fees, sail on Celebrity. They charge those rates because they're no relying on casino revenue
  17. It may only be those booked under that code. If you're booked under that code, they'll have you pre-registered for everything. They may allow non-participating cruisers enter some contests if not full. It's not the largest or most exclusive offer, but it's a start towards those free cruises. Do this, put in your time and they see you're not a flake doing the minimum, and they'll offer you more. It's a two way street, You want something from them, they want something from you, your time
  18. Depending on the age of the kids, you may need to have one adult on each cabin's reservation, correct? Once on board, they won't care who sleeps where. No one is watching.
  19. Off Horizon last week and I can say it was not on the morning buffet every day, it did seem every other day and they're still sheer
  20. Just off the Horizon and I agree with this. I am also keeping in mind that Covid has caused supply issues as well as portion/size issues, worldwide.
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