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  1. The word and indicates to me that it is both booked and sailed. Otherwise, I think it would be an "or". That's how I read it.
  2. I'm old enough to remember lining us up at school for the polio vaccine!
  3. We stayed in L108 before the price went through the roof! We were able to use the balcony most days. One day it was really windy but we pulled the chairs to the side and it was better. The room itself is wonderful.
  4. We were pretty fast too. Our Hawaii April cruise had the FCC's and credit card refunds within a week of each other.
  5. I think the prices for the cruises I have looked at are pretty much in line with what I have booked in the past.
  6. What we love most about the aft balconies is the lack of wind. We had one one the Dolphin deck and it was awesome. Never too windy to be out there. Have a Baja aft booked for our next cruise. Here's hopin' it's a go!
  7. We have also stayed in Marina or Lido forward sideways cabins. Very roomy for an inside.
  8. That is a great cabin. Aft balconies are awesome.
  9. We had a b2b booked in. 2014 and had to get off the ship after the first cruise when my mom broke her hip. We turned in the insurance and were reimbursed. It still showed up as completed and we got the credit for days sailed.
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