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  1. The only reason I would cancel is that my company just imposed a mandatory 14 day unpaid quarantine for post trip for anyone traveling ANYWHERE outside of the US. Seems a little crazy since the virus will be all over the USA in a matter of weeks.....
  2. So I just had an online chat with them, and they claimed there are no laundry packages at all. Gave me the ala carte price list. I’m a little confused. Does anyone know what the real story is? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I highly recommend the cruises for the practice, now that you have the camera...... FP was spectacular. I’d go again in a heartbeat. Def tell Mark!
  4. Glad to see it’s not just me having trouble with this. I know we’ve done it several times in the past, but could not find the forms for this trip. Leave it to RCI’s IT department.
  5. I bought the same Olympus last year for a trip to French Polynesia after reading many reviews. It takes amazing underwater pics, esp with the fisheye lens. Easy to use, many features. I did take a bunch of time to read the manual, though, and I think that helped because it’s not entirely intuitive. These were all taken with this camera, incl the one of the coral with the microscope setting.
  6. Thanks! Yes, we are certainly trying to balance the active time with the lazy down time. The lazy time might be winning out slightly! 😂 Then you are DEFINITELY doing it right. So glad you are enjoying yourselves, and thank you for taking the time to update and bring us along.
  7. Great review! Sounds like you are making the most of your time and enjoying everything. Loved the underwater photos. We’ll be boarding on Saturday for the birthday bash cruise. Cannot wait! Following along with you is definitely helping, though.
  8. Anthem Genies seem to have it together. We are Star Class sailing on Symphony this coming Saturday and still have not heard back from our Genie.
  9. They are a wealth of information when it comes to planning an outing at a port when you have no excursion planned. Always plenty of great (and money saving!) ideas. I’ve also had them volunteer to help with little things such as when our 6 year old lost his first tooth onboard.......they played tooth fairy beautifully! An offhand conversation led to quite the memorable occasion that day. Had a hairdryer sizzle out on formal night, as DD and I were getting ready- housekeeping could not help, so called concierge, and minutes later a new hairdryer appeared. (Apparently procured on loan from the salon; very quick thinking on his part, in my opinion!) Totally saved the evening. Refunds on excursions gone bad: we had one that was so totally overbooked, we refused to get on the catamaran for SRO, but they were pushing us to do so. Concierge got us refund with just our explanation of what our impression was (though we did have photos of the packed boat). And, of course, as mentioned above the tremendous help in scoring reservations when and where you want them. They are fabulous, good at their jobs, and really want to help you have the best time ever on the ship. I think they truly enjoy making someone’s day. Get to know them, and you will be so glad you booked a suite!
  10. This tour sounds intriguing- could you please share with us? We’ll be in PR in a couple of weeks and would love to check it out. Thanks for your hard work! akatemorgan at gmail dot com. Thank you so much!
  11. After final payment, it turns out that for us it was much cheaper to upgrade ourselves to AS than to RoyalUP. In the end, the 2 BR AS was about the same as other cruises in this fall. But before Final Payment, it was crazy expensive! We’re happy to have ended up where we are, but pretty upset that the games with prices went on for so long. Just seems wrong. I hope other people looking to RoyalUP look at the prices now, and get the upgrade themselves for the lower price.
  12. Long after I booked a cruise (and well before casino offers for that time period), I called the casino to see what offers I had floating out there. Turns out they gave me a $1250 credit towards the November cruise we had booked. Well worth calling and asking.
  13. We did the Anthem’s Chefs Table in September and thought it was just okay. Comparing it to the Chefs Table on the other ships, I would rank this one well below all of the others in food quality.
  14. I’m with you. I must be missing something because I don’t see the point to it.
  15. I would be incredibly frustrated. Have you been able to escalate this to some higher management person? Perhaps start sending emails up the food chain sooner rather than later so that you wind up with acceptable cabins. It seems a little insane that they are not working with you to find you equitable (if not even better!) staterooms for your inconvenience. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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