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  1. Mine knows what cruises interests me and knows what time of year I cruise. When she runs across a good deal she sends it. Normally a few weeks before the cruise she sends really nice luggage tag holders with a metal cable type ring that holds them. Last cruise she sent a $50 Visa card. Some cruises she gets our gratuities paid or specialty restaurant. It pays to have a great PVP. I've never seen her but she has become a friend over the years.
  2. I see it's your first post. Welcome to Cruise Critic!
  3. Entertainment on our last Oasis was cut back to 1 "broadway" show which was Cats, 1 ice skating show and 1 Aqua theater show. Whereas before there were 2 of each in each venue. Cutbacks........
  4. You've stressed the fact ya'll are gay. I'm curious, does being gay having any bearing on which cruise and/or ship?
  5. We once had passport cards but they expired so we sail with BC and DL. My wife doesn't have a middle name from birth so she has always used her name including maiden name plus her married last name on all legal documents. Maybe experienced CSR's have always used that as the bridge.
  6. Just wanted to share. We recently sailed from Port Canaveral and was asked for our marriage license. In 15 cruises we've never been asked for it. The CSR said it was something new they were requiring which I don't believe. She said she wasn't going to be able to check us in. When a supervisor looked over our documents she noticed my wife of 40 years maiden name was on her license as her middle name so we were cleared. I can't imagine paying for the cruise, planning everything, getting excited, driving 10 hours to port, paying for motel the night before, only to have to miss the ship. Even if you've never been asked for your marriage license, it may be worth adding it to your document package.
  7. Ditto on what has been posted by others. One thing to add...... make sure the ID's are current and valid and if you're using birth certificates make sure they are not just copies. They have to be issued by the Vital Records office from where you were born. Most will have a raised seal.
  8. We normally sail on Oasis Class. I had no idea.
  9. I cruise at the end of this week and still waiting for mine to open for booking.
  10. No way !! Royal has gone crazy with their pricing but as long as people continue to pay, they'll continue going up. My cruise next week will be my last with RC until the prices come back down. I swore I'd never step foot back on a Carnival ship but I recently ate my words. I booked a suite on a newer ship (Carnival Celebration) 7 days for $3100.
  11. On a GTY balcony booking on an Oasis Class they normally assign the balcony over Central Park. I don't know which ship you're sailing. On the cruise I'm leaving on next week I did the IPhone trick to see which cabin they assigned me. I hated the cabin so I did the Royal Up and was awarded a better room. With the IPhone trick you can see which cabin they are assigning you.
  12. I used to pay $1800-2400 for an OV balcony on Oasis class. It's 1000 more now. I booked on Mariner as my last cruise until prices come back down. It's outrageous. I seen an article today where a family suite on Icon can cost as much as $80,000 a week. As long as people are paying, prices will continue.
  13. When we've booked one of those we've ended up over Central Park each time. I don't think there's any obstructed views there. After thinking it over I think they called one of ours an obstructed view because it was next to the wall of greenery but it really wasn't obstructed.
  14. I once was a sheep and believed anything cruiselines told me. When I pay for the cruise and pay gratuities every bit of that money goes into the same stingy greedy bank account. I don't believe for a second someone actually pulls the gratuity money out after the cruise and splits it with the staff. I'm sure the room stewards check, including "gratuities" is the same every month.
  15. As much as I hate Carnival, I'm jumping ship (pun intended) and going back to them. I quit even trying to find a reasonable RC cruise. Our January cruise will be the last RC until prices come back down.
  16. I see NEVER is all caps as in they would never do it. They actually did. Must be something new to you because they actually were so many of them getting pizza. There was a special pizza for them that took more time to serve that held the line up forever. As much as we hated to skip the pizza, we did.
  17. That's the same cruise I was on. Kids everywhere acting up more than normal kid behavior and parents doing nothing. It was a horrible cruise.
  18. Their own "specialty dining" in SB, nope! Walking near it we never seen many people. They were in Windjammer and at times I think all of them were at the pizza! For it to be a January there were very large crowds including lots of out of control kids. There's no warning from TA's or Royal on these sailings. I've been on cruises with all kinds of large groups and not bothered but during this particular cruise I was so ready for it to end. The cruise was still better than being at work! lol
  19. Here's the flyer for the cruises that will be impacted by Yeshiva Week. There have been threads in the past on here how it impacts the cruises. We unknowingly booked on one last year. Part of the Solarium and the Solarium Bistro was closed to regular guest the entire week. A search on here will show other things that may impact your vacation. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Promotions/Yeshiva_Week_2024_TradeFlyer
  20. I guess as long as people keep booking Oasis it will continue to lack entertainment. To me, I feel like it's another cutback. Wouldn't surprise me if they cut all the ships back on entertainment.
  21. Before Covid it seems like the Oasis Class ships I went on had 2 production shows, 2 ice skating shows, and 2 Aqua theater shows, all different. Our last time on Oasis it only had one show per venue. Is this the new norm or is entertainment just not consistent across the fleet?
  22. Sounds like something my brother would say. I'll have to see if he's gone on a cruise lately. But then again he lies so bad he would of told you he owned the Icon of the Seas! lol
  23. So now instead of carrying on my case of water I'll be carrying a few pizzas and a few half gallon containers of ice cream. 😁
  24. With all the increased prices, cutbacks on food quality, cutbacks on service, they have just about priced me out of cruising with them. I'm not crazy about Sorrentos but i enjoy it while hanging out and people watching. If they start charging for it I'll be gone over the principle of it. Cheap food should be included in fare.
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