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  1. The exact rules are here, read them. They vary by state: https://www.archinsurancesolutions.com/coverage/Celebrity The short answer is that anything that required a change in medical treatment in the 60 days prior to buying cruisecare isn’t covered. So if you have an illness but your prescription hasn’t changed in years, it isn’t considered pre-existing. If it required some sort of treatment or change in treatment in that 60 day window, it is considered preexisting. One of the perks of private insurance is that they will waive the pre-existing condition stuff. HOWEVER they often require more coverage. (Like all non-refundable parts of the trip must be covered. So if you book non-refundable airline or hotel or whatever it must be covered under the plan.)
  2. CruiseCelebrity on Instagram is a fan account, not an official one. That may or may not be an official rendering. Does anyone else remember that that the M class had blue hulls when they launched?
  3. The big differences are the Persian Garden and Blu. For a 7 night cruise you can get Persian garden access for about $100/pp You can get a specialty dining package that includes every night in the specialty restaurant of your choice for $30/pp/night. That should help with the value equation. Everything else between CC and AQ really balances out. You get the same captains club points. Nearly the same in cabin amenities.
  4. Michael’s: At The Retreat Lounge (formerly Michael’s Club), Hoppen has designed a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Luminae: the already-stunning Main Restaurants will undergo a beautiful redesign, with new textures and new finishes added throughout. Agree on Sky. It will mirror Reflection. A small part of Sky is taken. It is mostly the conference center that gets removed for cabins. (This can’t be done on M class because they already reduced the size of Sky for the kids club (which had been where QSine is now) That is a good model for how they reduce the size of Sky. As for pool, I suspect we will see the basketball court go, and a hot tub in its place. Likely with something similar to the Quantum Class solarium connecting that deck to the Solstice deck. But THAT is speculation.
  5. Nearly every question that is speculated upon here was addressed in Celebrity's initial press release about the updates: https://www.celebritycruises.com/company/press-releases/July-17-2018 The Retreat Lounge will be where Michael's was. Luminae is staying put, but getting new decor and a new menu. The Sky Bar/Conference Area will be replaced by Signature/Reflection Suites as on Reflection. Cabins are getting new soft goods, RFID locks, and better connectivity (wifi and bluetooth). QSine will be on all ships with Le Petite Chef (implied but not stated: Bye Bye Silk Harvest). Oceanview Cafe and Dining Rooms are getting a makeover. The Spa will see the Persian Garden end up more like the Thermal Suite on Edge. Gastrobar will get new/more food and cocktails. Passport Bar will see upgrades too. Also note that there is NO mention of Suite Pools. Only Suite Sundecks.
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