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  1. Finally got our refund from March of last year of course C&M kept promising to pay us out by 31st July last year ...we hung on and on until they went bust just a week before the alleged pay out. Then started the journey with ABTA which took since last July and over 30 uploads of paperwork and Information and finally we have our money back but not the promised out of pocket expenses. At least C&M going bust will prevent anybody else getting ripped off by this imho Mickey Mouse Outfit. Am I cruising again, yes when I get the vaccine, but not before late late summer when I have a hop
  2. Emaile Cruise specialist yesterday back to me today saying we have sent you a claim firm with ABTA but you’ll have to do it all yourself 🙄, even though they have all the paperwork as they made the booking. Anyway it’s done and I have a claim number told 10-14 days - paid via a debit card. So fingers crossed, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth 😞 Good luck everyone.
  3. Have contacted my agents, the cruise specialists, who have (imho) dragged their feet throughout this nightmare only to get yet another ‘I’m sorry we are closed due to COVID message - please wait 72 hours’. Come on most of the world and his dog are back at work! Im pretty sure I will get my money back since I paid them and not C&M direct but let’s face it this was always in the cards, C&M lied through their teeth from day one and to be honest the cruise industry will be better off without their two-bit outfit. Im sorry for all of you who like me have shelled out a lot of mo
  4. What a surprise !! People continually fobbed off and promised what they can’t deliver and now this https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-cruise-operator-cmv-in-last-ditch-bid-to-stay-afloat-12028601 charlatans from day one, last year they cancelled a cruise just 3 days before we were due to sail and that refund took forever and this year - due to Sail 12/03/20 and still waiting on the famous last words of a refund in 30 days ...then 60 days ...then 90 days ...now 120 days ....maybe never. Feel sorry for them ...not on your life ...the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a gr
  5. After a lot of argy bargy C&M have promised all outstanding refunds will be done by 31/07/20 as per ABTA rules, I wonder which ABTA rule C&M rewrote for that pile of poop! I spoke to them yesterday and told them I would never travel with them again, they are rubbish at customer services but absolutely ace at being totally deceitful with their business trading. They promised to pay outstanding expenses 3 months ago but now reneged on those promises. It would seem that they regularly revise their trading terms, like once an hour,!!! Roll on 31st and if my money
  6. I paid mine by NatWest Debit who more or less said ...you’re on your own mate! I’d never been with CMV and now I’m damn sure I never will.i hope all of you who are owed money get paid and then the damn company takes to the waves. Ive never in all my years come across such a smug attitude from a company and that’s saying something when there’s a lot of self satisfying grabbers out there. They should hang their heads in shame but of course won’t .....‘it’s not our fault’, No? Well pay up then!
  7. Still nothing from my agents the cruise specialists even after promising to get back to me back in a May but CMV have promised a refund by the latest 31st July....watch this space...only taken from 12th March ...bunch of charlatans !
  8. I am still waiting just shy of 70 days and even though cruise specialists said they would revisit the situation of 16th May ..the day came and went and no answers ...nothing..the whole situation stinks I have given cruise specialists one last chance ...quite frankly I don’t care if cmv haven’t paid you ..I booked with the cruise specialists my contract was with them ..you give me the money back and then go after cmv ..who Incidentally I would liken to a bag of s#hite. you have until end of play Monday cruise specialists ( and I suggest you change your name after this debacle) or we go to
  9. I still have no refund for this so called priority and 60-90 day wait is a farce. Wrote to C&M and as yet nothing more than priority whatever! But also wrote to cruise specialists quoting ABTA. Rules about requiring them to make it a financial priority as I have lodged a case for hardship.We are both on a 12 week lockdown due to being vulnerable and have no income as we have had to suspend trading too. They replied quite quickly given they have closed for the foreseeable and said we will try our best...so I wrote back quoting again And saying should you not agree to this I will take this t
  10. After the charade I went through with them - from start to finish it was one lie after another and I can prove this, I would never give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m not even sure if I will get my money. Especially after the conversation I had on the telephone with one of their call handlers which went something like ‘So you was on the ship at Poole was you, the one what stayed in Port? Wonderful vernacular.....but it didn’t instill much confidence in their business acumen!
  11. Spoke to them today re the cancelled cruise Astoria 12/3/20 from Poole to Iceland and Northern Isles . We were stuck at Poole for two days before they finally gave in and said it’s cancelled. Was told today that refunds would take 60-90 days as accounts dept closed and they are working from home. I asked if money would go straight in bank and was told yes. I was also told RO20 - Astoria cruise was one that would be a priority, but with people working from home it would take a while. strangely they were taking bookings for later in the year! I recorded the call, just in ca
  12. Update to this, I have been told by C&M that a refund is on its way ...within 60-90 days!!! pleeeease...you are taking the micturate. We pay on time so refund us on time.....definitely a Mickey Mouse outfit in my opinion, I will never travel with them again.....I prefer quality!
  13. Well..... that was the shortest cruise in history! We got on at Poole, we stayed at Poole and we left the ship at Poole.....and only because we got the correct information ourselves that the ship didn’t have port clearances from the foreign office. We were given a multitude of excuses ....waiting for guests, inspectors hadn’t finished their Inspections , missed the tide ,....twice ....but the truth was from the horses mouth that C&M were liaising with Foreign office over port clearances. We had three separate times for sail away but in the end as we told other passengers who aske
  14. All packed ...phew!! had a call from cruise and maritime and I thought oh no it’s cancelled but they just wanted to confirm my allergies to food so 5 stars for efficiency ...actually looking forward to it now and have booked the midnight cruise Reykjavik for Northern Lights and Golden Circle all day tour which after talking to a friend who did it it last year looks to be really worth the money. Just hope it’s dry If it’s really cold ....can cope with one or t’other but not both, so fingers crossed. Happy Sailing 🙂
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