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  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you had a bad experience with SAS. We've used them before, and it was always good. We were supposed to be in a shared van, but nobody else booked so it was just us.
  2. Fort Lauderdale is a nice port! I feel like it is FAR better organized. There are plenty of shuttle services that offer transport to Fort Lauderdale from Miami. I probably wouldn't use Uber or Lyft for that long of a trip, though. I'll dig around to see who we used. We had a great experience with shuttle from Miami to Ft Lauderdale's port--I think we paid $60 each way for a group of 7.
  3. Miami is such a mess. Never had as much stress traveling as I have with MIA and the Port of Miami. We used the shuttle from the hotel ($10 per person). Leaving the port after disembarkation was nothing short of a nightmare. Be ready for plenty of pushy, rude, entitled pax all trying to get into packed shuttles (unless you wait to disembark at the very last possible minute from the ship when most of the departures have cleared from the curb outside the terminal). We ended up ditching the rental car company shuttle idea after 3 were completely full. We had to split into 2 Lyfts, so I took my elderly in-laws in the first one (no problems, super easy and only cost about $11). Husband and our 3 sons waited for a second lyft but it didn't work out because one of his lyfts cancelled due to a dead battery and the other one made him cancel (so they'd still get paid--scammers!) due to a flat tire. I ended up bringing the rental around to pick them up at around 10am, it was still busy but nowhere near as terrible as it was at 8-9am.
  4. Its not bad at all, but be prepared for really long lines (unless you're in a suite or have status with Crown & Anchor so you can bypass the normal lines). Most of your check-in stuff is completed online.
  5. If you don't print them, you can always get tags from the porters when you arrive at the port to board.
  6. Have sailed on Navigator's last sailing before dry dock (12/30/18), and on Liberty shortly before a dry dock. People were complaining that furniture looked worn, and decor was dated but seriously nothing that would interfere with your cruise. I noticed the last night on Navigator, crew were starting to organize things much more than I've ever noticed before and they closed down the pools and hot tubs in the middle of the big-screen movie on the pool deck. We liked sailing before dry dock because prices seem to be lower.
  7. Just FYI, the CDC has a handy list of cleaning agents effective against norovirus. https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-06/documents/list_g_norovirus.pdf If you get noro, the immunity you develop really doesn't las very long either...about 3 months is all the immunity you'll get from having a case of noro virus.
  8. Just off the 12/30/18 Sailing on Navigator, and our waiter told us that NYE is ALWAYS a formal night. She said on shorter cruises with only one formal night, NYE is it.
  9. They are assigned, from my understanding, on a first come first served basis. I don't think any of them would be a poor option. Traffic is fairly minimal in that area anyway since it is roped off.
  10. if I was booked at The Hyatt and they tried to shuttle me off to a Motel 6, I'd be ticked off.
  11. I'm surprised they don't make you wear elbow/arm pads. Went down the Arcelor Mittal Orbit slide in London in March, which seems like a similar type slide, and they make you gear up with padding before going down the slide. It was a blast!
  12. TRUTH!!! Or as my youngest aspires...Pinnacle! 😉
  13. We had BB1 which is closest to the buffet and washrooms. BB8 was the furthest from these amenities but was practically at the water. BB1 worked well for us because my elderly in-laws were able to access the buffet and washrooms without too much walking, and our attendant (Jacsy--he is awesome) would get the cart drivers to stop right next to the bungalow, making for easy transport (Prophete was our cart driver all day, and he is a wonderful man!). A few things about the Bungalows--there is no ceiling fan, but there was usually a decent breeze to keep us cool. There is no power. In the cabanas we had power so we could charge phones, plug in devices for music, etc. 2 loungers and 2 floating mats come with the bungalow The attendants (Jacsy and Serge) were attentive to keeping people from coming into the area who were not bungalow guests. That includes the beach portion of the area. They were also good at providing security. It is a great choice for a restful and beautiful day in Labadee! Take the water taxi and walk to the Columbus Cove, its a fairly easy walk (even for my MIL who has some trouble with long distances of walking or uneven, slippery terrain and for me with a bad frequent subluxed knee).
  14. We all know you prefer to go to Catacombs and drink your dinner anyway.
  15. Unless you really need to be able to have connectivity (ie for work, school) the internet packages are pretty slow with choppy service. I used my cell phone while in port. AT&T has an international day pass that you can request be added to your line that will allow you to use your phone (data, voice and text) just as you would back home, within the limits of your plan for $10 per 24 hour period. The service using that is pretty good.
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