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  1. Yes, I actually had my daughter-in-law on my cellphone and the Casino on my landline. This way they could pick the rooms and decide details as we booked. Two rooms wereAtlanta, one Florida, one New York. I think the representative said up to . 10 people
  2. I got an offer thru NCL for an ocean view which I upgraded to Club suite mini. I got three other cabins for family members ( their own names and on their credit cards ) at the same time for 10% off. They don’t gamble but are considered VIP casino guests and can board with that group. Just have your friends make the call for you. They will need all your info when they make the call. We are going on the Encore Thanksgiving week.
  3. Also free laundry! Two bottles of water a day plus the initial changeable mini refrigerator ( or alcohol) set up. On Royal class, suites have a lovely concierge room with helpful concierge and happy hour.
  4. Sometimes you are offered an opportunity to put in an upgrade bid on the Haven. You don’t find out if you win until shortly before the cruise and there are no backsies. Lots of people get to move to the Haven this way for a small price.
  5. Probably, but you’ll make yourself sick with worry.
  6. Your itinerary will have very few drunken 20 year olds. If you want something that surpasses Celebrity ( we cruise both lines) upgrade yourself to the Haven. Give it a shot. NCL has better entertainment. The Bliss is gorgeous. We love that NCL cruises year round from New York. Both lines are generous to gamblers. The big plus for Celebrity is no smoking in the casino. Food is the same on both lines except for the Haven restaurant which is fantastic. Celebrity has more scooters and cranky people. NCL has more children , but not on the itinerary that you picked.
  7. Yes. But you have to call Princess to purchase it. Buy it before the cruise. If you are Elite ( maybe Platinum too) they refund half the cost once you board as OBC. I just did it for my husband for December 4th on the Sky. We don’t want Princess Plus as we don’t drink alcohol. You can not book it online.
  8. We are booked on the 28 day March 17, 2023. ( Join us! it seems like a really lively crowd on the roll call) What did you like best? We have been on 35 Princess cruises but never on the Crown. We took the 15 day LA to Hawaii 3 years ago and loved it. We were in Tahiti ( round trip Tahiti ) on the beloved Ocean. I was looking at the tours and there is only 1-2 in Samoa. What did you do? We are happy with days at sea but in port we like to make the most of it as they are few and far between. Thanks for any input.
  9. That’s why the Sanctuary is so popular. It’s the only place outside where you can read a book in relative quiet.
  10. It is a great cruise. And Regal is one of our favorite ships. You will have a wonderful time. Just make sure you don’t bring a surge protector. They will take it away.
  11. You don’t need to spend the extra money on Vibe. Vibe is for people that (unlucky) aren’t in the Haven. Servers do walk around. And just tell them you will want refills and they will comeback frequently. It is a lux area.
  12. Also there is a limited snack/lunch menu with burgers, chicken wrap, fries, hot dog( delicious) etc. If you let the Haven bar know that you are going up to the sun deck, you can put in an order for drinks on your way up. It is a wonderful peaceful area unless there are some gabbers in the hot tub.😁
  13. Our cruise is January 2022. I can not find protocol for testing for us. It seems very complicated. We are fully vaccinated. NCL is doing testing at the pier for free and Princess is mandating 2 Days before your cruise on your own dime. Celebrity somewhere in between? I only see a mandate through October? The other two lines are thru 2021. We have cancelled our before cruise nights in Florida because of this as we would rather test at home at our local pharmacy because we won't have a car in Florida. Totally confused. Help Please.
  14. My next Celebrity sailing isn’t until January so I don’t know. But I’m booked with a big discount through the Casino so I don’t see them closing early🤞🏻
  15. They are usually open until one o’clock or later. I don’t ever remember them closing early. They are usually packed at night especially after the entertainment. They won’t open until about a half hour after the ship leaves the port. Often the slots are open during sea days when the tables are not.
  16. Go to the games at night. Liars Club, Not so Newlywed , Trivia. Princess does it best. Some of the young assistant cruise staff are fantastic. At Oscar time they did a take off on the Academy Awards that had us hysterical.
  17. Ok, We used the App on our last cruise on the Regal in February 2020. It did two things well- It let us on and off the ship and it opened our cabin door. THAT's It! Everything else has been a nightmare. to the point that even though Elite and love Princess since 1990, I'm exhausted. I just got off the phone. I was talking to a lovely young woman in the Princess Revenue department. I was trying to speak to the Casino about our upcoming Sky Princess cruise December 4. We had up graded to a suite from a casino offer of an Ocean view and paid a bundle upfront. I wanted to know when the casino was going to pay their share before we got on a plane. Sher assured me not to worry , that they would pay on time and then we started to talk about the App. She said the Ocean part was down today and Princess had come to the conclusion that the bulk of their passengers were too elderly to learn how to use the App and they were going to re-instate being able to use the website!!! Please, we get blamed! And they didn't know the make-up of their passengers. Also she said that they were working ( but it takes a lot of paperwork) to test at the pier like NCL instead of making everyone go crazy trying to find a CVS in Florida if you need to fly to the port. More than one person dropped the ball. I am so disappointed in Princess.
  18. Princess casinos smell of smoke all the time . People come into smoke and don’t even pretend to play the slots. As Princess Elite and A gambler I’m moving more to Celebrity. Especially with covid.
  19. We had it February 2020 on the Regal. Very nice. The concierge booked the first night specialty dinner for us ( made a change in the time) and every other thing we wanted.
  20. If you see something small on the ship ok. A pair of gold earrings on “sale” can be a buy or a sports watch but anything else you’d better have comparison shopped at home and have those prices with you. Stay away from the shops on the Islands unless it’s a custom one of a kind piece that you love. In my younger days Ive bought at H. Stern and the piece a gold and diamond link bracelet kept falling apart. After no satisfaction I had it totally repaired by my home jeweler. A diamond necklace ( small stones on a white gold chain from Diamonds international was not the quality they said it was ( I had it appraised for insurance). Heads up
  21. Me too. Encore in November 🤞Getaway in February Breakaway in September.
  22. Don’t worry. There are cranky people out there. It’s because we are all desperate to cruise. Another thing with Regent ( I guess same with Crystal) you really can book the cheapest stateroom ( which they call suites) and get the same quality cruise. Also I really liked the open seating in the restaurant. You just show up. The first cruise ,, we came into the dining room and asked for a table for two. The head waiter said “ please sit with two other wonderful couples tonight. If you aren’t happy, I will change you tomorrow “ one couple from Chicago became dear friends. The entertainment revolves around a drink and conversation. Or for instance, one night we had a singer, songwriter who worked with Johnny Mercer and sang his songs and told stories. Very intimate.
  23. We went on two Regents cruises years ago ( greek islands and Caribbean with key west) we have friends who only cruise Regent to exotic ports because i is all inclusive with business air and basic excursions in each port included and tons of drinking. We dont drink alcohol anymore and I resented paying for other people to get sloshed.!I prefer the Haven for the same level of pampering and we can pay for what we use. But they are nice small ships without crowds that can get in closer to the port.but tiny casino which I love. I found that they are really expensive upfront but if you are going over seas and dont book flights with points it might pay.
  24. We were supposed to go in October with Princess and had booked a walking food tour. Pizza, gelato etc. last time we went to Capri and loved it. ( blue Grotto) time before we had a fabulous lunch in Sorrento.
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