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  1. I always use a particular travel agent as those that do not give you a specific person don't always seem as accessable if there is a problem. Also, make sure you only make a minimum deposit just in case things with the cruise lines go south. Best of luck, and Alaska is a great choice for a first cruise.
  2. In a country of over 300,000,000 it would not be too hard to get 50,000 to agree to almost anything.
  3. I am sorry to hear about your plight but, by the same token, whenever you use a travel agent, never contact the cruise line directly; all communication with the cruise line should be made through your travel agent. Otherwise there is no reason to use a travel agent. It is their job to take care of all communications with the cruise line.
  4. It seems that many seemed shocked by the constant changing of the rules, prices and benefits of booking a cruise. It is starting to remind me of what I was told at the Social Security office when filing for retirement benefits. The person taking care of me, when answering questions, made clear to me that any answer given today was correct, but, do to the bureaucratic rules changing, that next week it may not be. Thoughts?
  5. We took the fcc and, being half way intelligent, literate people, we knew that we were taking our chances. NCL could declare bankruptcy at any time and we would be out of luck. And, like many others we were willing to take that chance. You can't have it both ways. As the old adage says, 'you pays your money, and you take your chances'.
  6. We also have an Alaskan cruise booked next year with a fcc; but, we will not be adding anything to the cruise booking beyond the cruise itself. We are taking a 'wait and sea' (pun intended) attitude for anything beyond that. When it gets about four months out we will probably start getting the rest lined up that requires advanced payments.
  7. The article said that the procedure had a patent. I seem to recall that anything that involves safety can be used by anyone. I just wonder how that would work.
  8. The way things go, today; how about buying a 'magic 8 ball', shake it up and read what it says. That answer will be as good as any.
  9. Who is the 'she' you referred to, and what company did 'she' represent? Times, dates and names are all important when having a dispute with any company.
  10. I don't know about any one elses experience but we took the FCC on an Alaska cruise that was cancelled. We got enough of a credit to pay, in full, for the replacement Alaska cruise with $3000 left over for another cruise.
  11. But, I assume, that if you have the drink package, they get their tips from that. And, if that is so, there is no reason to add a bigger tip on the 18% already added in the drink package.
  12. So, basically you approve of extortion.
  13. I always get independent travel insurance. The cruise line insurance may be cheap but, you get what you pay for. The insurance I had from AIG was transferred to an identical replacement cruise for the one that the cruise line cancelled.
  14. At the price of drinks on board you are already giving a mandatory tip of more than $1; if you tip beyond that, it is up to you.
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