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  1. I have always used the same TA and we have been offered the opportunity to bid on upgrades through NCL that have been emailed to us by NCL.
  2. I don't much care for either of your options. I have a TA that I contact directly and have developed a relationship with over the last 20 years and 16 cruises. Any time I have a problem or question, I just call or email her and she does all the work and comes up with answers in short order. No sitting on the phone on hold or waiting for answers. She works for me, not the cruise line. I don't really see any big price difference and I don't have to worry that the person I am working with has 'moved on'. See if a friend, neighbor, co worker or family member could recommend som
  3. Without the actions that NCL has taken there would be no more cruises anyway; the CDC would see to that. You may never cruise with any line again if the CDC get their way; and, believe me, they will. The only cruising you may be able to do is a cruise out of a foreign port that does not stop in any U.S. port.
  4. This was so amusing I had to share it to facebook. Thanks uplifting post.
  5. We went on the NCL web site and tried to select a cabin for an Alaskan cruise for next July. You can no longer select your cabin only your cabin type and catagory. What gives???
  6. After several cruises we opted for using cabs and private bus services. They are usually cheaper and you don't have to sit in a bus or airport waiting for enough people to fill the bus before it leaves for the port.
  7. The snide comment is appreciated. You may have missed the 'merely speculation' part of my post. But maybe this helps give your life meaning and gets you some of the attention you crave.
  8. I like your thinking and sincerely hope you are correct if this scenario happens
  9. I could be wrong but, it seems to me, when I asked the same question, some years ago, I was told that you could make a name change up to 60 days before the cruise. You may get a more difinitive answer from your travel agent.
  10. A random thought occured to me concerning the future of NCL. I have seen, in the past, in the golf course industry, something that may end up with a parallel in the cruise industry. A corporation begins to build a golf course and, toward the end of construction, they begin to run out of funds. So, in order to get a quick infusion of cash, they offer something like a lifetime membership in the course at a low low unbelievable price. Plenty of people sign up, the golf course finishes and is opened for business. Within a short period of time the owners sell the course and tho
  11. I don't spend endless hours looking for things on the CC web site. So, rather than criticize me for posting this, please ignore this post. I know that the 'Default Itinerary Name' has been discussed and only guesses for answers for a particular situation. I decided to waste some of my time going on the NCL web site and clicked on the 'Chat' box to see if I could get a quick answer there to why my Alaska cruise has been changed to 'Default Itinerary Name'. It asked me for my name, which I provided. Then it asked if this was about a new or existing reservation. I clicked 'ex
  12. In out early, learning days of cruising (when you are finding out about cabin locations) we booked, what we thought was a great deal, a cruise on the Star. We booked three adjoining cabins (BA) right below the buffet. We found out soon enough that, at night, you could hear furniture scraping on the deck above frequently thoughout the night and into the early morning. Forunately, I am a heavy sleeper, and it didn't bother me. But, my wife and some of the others in our party had problems with the noise. From then on we have only booked cabins with other cabins above and below us.
  13. I just posted a similar question and am sure that I will get a lot of flack from the usual suspects that nit pick posts. Our cruise is a seven day Alaska out of Seattle. Something tells me that it may be in anticipation of changes in the foreign port requirement. I only hope that that is the case. If they are going to cancel the cruise, I wish they would get on with it so I can cancel my flight and hotel reservation.
  14. My July Alaskan cruise has lost its name and has been replaced with 'Default Itinerary Name'. Huh????
  15. Our travel insurance requires that we get the policy within 15 days of final payment for the cruise or within 15 days of booking a flight. Other carriers may have different policies but that is the policy of our carrier. I wont name the carrier as I believe that that is agins CC policy.
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