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  1. SouthLyonCruiser

    Tips on drinks at bars

    I haven't added a tip to my bar bill in years. The 15% to 18% added by the cruise lines, at the high price of their drinks is usually over $1 per drink. That is what I tip at bars at home. My daughter, who was a bar tender, said that that is what an adequate tip would be. So, don't be shamed into thinking that you should add to that.
  2. SouthLyonCruiser

    Confiscated Power Strip

    I can't believe that this should be an issue. The newer ships have plenty of USB ports and enough outlets for a few items. It is all about fire safety and to err on the side of caution should be the watch words.
  3. SouthLyonCruiser

    Midnight Buffet?

    When we went on our first cruise and seeing people with piled high plates that they ate two bites out of and then left the rest to be thrown away; I questioned a crew member and they said that a massive amount of food is wasted. Maybe the midnight buffet was used by a minimum number of passengers and when over they threw away more food that had been sitting out and not eating. Just speculating.
  4. SouthLyonCruiser

    PBP on a 28 day cruise? I don’t think so!

    I am a "pay as you go" kinda' guy. I don't want to have to count how many more drinks I have to drink to make something a "good deal". I have a drink when I want to and pay the price at the end. I have never had enough to drink on any cruise to make it worth while.
  5. SouthLyonCruiser

    Traveling solo

    I have seen a news story about a woman whose husband had passed after a long illness told her not to stop cruising. I believe that she must have been pretty well healed as she decided to live on a cruise ship and did so and may still be doing so. The crew got to know her and treat her as a member of the crew. Not a thing that many of us could afford but still a nice story. I wish that I could find it and post it here but you may be able to find it by net surfing. Sorry for your loss and God bless you.
  6. SouthLyonCruiser

    Promenade Deck

    We try to cruise only on ships with full wrap around promenade decks. But, this is getting more and more difficult. The cruise lines seem to have made the decision that the space could generate more revenue by using the space for other things; like cabins or restaurant outdoor seating. Sad.
  7. SouthLyonCruiser

    Your First Princess Cruise

    A 2001 Alaska cruise on the original Regal Princess. Still my favorite cruise and cruise ship.
  8. SouthLyonCruiser

    What do you bring with you?

    I always bring my tablet with a lot of games and puzzles. I also bring an MP3 player with a ton of audiobooks on it. I have purchased complete series; like Jesse Stone (17 books) or Kinsey Millhone (25 books); I got these on ebay dvd mp3 format for about $35 for each series. I hope this helps.
  9. SouthLyonCruiser

    What is your favourite Princess Ship and why?

    Thanks, I could have sworn that it has finally been scrapped.
  10. SouthLyonCruiser

    Celebrity versus Princess

    Changing bed sheets every day is asking a bit much of overworked stewards who have to do as many as 18 cabins twice a day as it is. Do you change your bed sheets at home every day?
  11. SouthLyonCruiser

    Your favorite food On Princess

    Agree Alfredo's pizza, hands down.
  12. SouthLyonCruiser

    What is your favourite Princess Ship and why?

    We really liked the Royal. The buffet had the best layout and food of any of the more than ten different ships we have sailed on from NCL and Princess. As a side note our favorite was the original Regal Princess that, sadly, is now scrap metal.
  13. SouthLyonCruiser

    Guarantee cabins - how does it work?

    You might want to be real careful about a guaranteed category. I have seen many "experienced" cruisers write reviews about the noise around their cabins. If you don't mind "obstructed" view or being below the buffet or any other noisy area; go for it. Otherwise, you are buying a "pig in a poke".
  14. SouthLyonCruiser

    Minimum Age For Fitness Center

    One of the responders asked when we were going. I have made it a habit to never give a date when we are going on vacation. Making information available when we will not be home, no matter how remote the risk may be, may not be a good idea.
  15. SouthLyonCruiser

    Norwegian Worst Customer Service /Corporate

    I can see by many of the responses that I am one of those people to whom these types of things would leave me less stressed. 1. I always use a travel agent and make my communications to the cruise line through her. It eliminates the chances of getting different answers from different employees of the cruise line. The travel agent works for me, not the company. 2. I always spend the big bucks with travel insurance and have used it once with satisfying results.