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  1. One of the many reasons to use a travel agent when booking a cruise. One phone call to him or her and done.
  2. Seems to me that NCL made an appropriate response. We had a problem in the past and were given a similar answer. When we booked our next cruise we made sure to sent our travel agent a copy of the letter. When we arrived on board we got a bottle of sparkling wine and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. If you get something similar it would be an appropriate compensation for a minor inconvenience.
  3. We take a cab; about $30, you can check the prices on line. It was quick and efficient. At that price, if you have two or more people, it is a bargain and better than sitting in a hot bus waiting for them to fill it when booking transportation through the cruise line. If you were coming in a day early some hotels will make arrangements for a shuttle for you when you check in; usually about $10 a head.
  4. I will assume that you booked this close to cruise time to get a better price. I believe that if you book inside the time limit for final payment you are stuck. You can't cancel without forfeiting all of your money. They keep lowering the price to fill the ship; better to almost give away a cabin and hope to make it up in drinks and other extras. If you book well outside of the final payment limit and have a good travel agent, they can usually get the deal without cancelling and rebooking to get the deal. But, when you are outside the final payment limit, you always have that option.
  5. Sorry, I must have had a brain hiccup. My mind had me thinking Jade, not Joy. Oh, so is the "joy" of getting old.
  6. When drinking at home I usually tip $1 per drink. My daughter said that, when she was bartending, $1 per drink was customary and more than enough. On board you overpay for drinks and after adding 20% gratuity, you are, in reality, already tipping beyond a customary tip when home.
  7. Having to tip on an already tipped item is ludicrous. If you want to do it fine. But if it takes a 20% tip plus another $1 per drink to get decent service, that is more than a little annoying. If you get a $10 drink, after adding all the tipping, you are looking at $13 dollars. Unless you tip 30% at your home drinking establishment, you are overpaying for what you are getting.
  8. The Bliss is a brand new ship and priced accordingly. We are going on the Bliss to Alaska and the price is hundreds more than other older Norwegian ships. So, check the bells and whistles do decide on which to go on. For only $100 difference it may not take much for you to choose the Bliss. If you are a beer drinker, the Bliss has the Brewhouse.
  9. From my understanding the cruise line automatically enrolls passengers in their programs. If they didn't I believe that it may be to late to have them make an adjustment for your wife. If you have a travel agent, you might want to check with him or her; they can be quite helpful compared to the cruise lines salespeople. Good luck.
  10. Time for a new travel agent. I live in Michigan and my travel agent; with whom I have been working with for almost 20 years. I have never had to wait more than a day or two for answers to any problem or question. We even saved $800 each for three couples on a booked cruise. It took her less than a day to get NCL to make an adjustment without cancelling our booking.
  11. I would guess that, during rush hour, that would mean you live down the block from the terminal.
  12. I have read in the past that some cabin stewards would take offense if you tip extra before the end of the cruise. It makes them feel that you have no confidence in them doing their job unless you pay them extra for it. Just sayin'
  13. Don't have Payment Status on MyNCL. It seems, as the other person commented, that if you book through a travel agent, it will not. Thanks anyway.
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