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  1. Yes, I saw that Cruise Radio piece yesterday. I did my last 2 cruises solo and I really enjoyed them but I got both without the single surcharge. As I live in Florida, booking right before sailing or within 90 days is easy, so filling a cabin "last minute" is right up my alley. Unfortunately, the market is filling the ships right now...it's a sellers market so at least for awhile, looks like barring finding a compatible PIC for cruises...I'll be doing domestic excursions. I just caught Elite status... It sucks but welcome to the current reality... Let's see what all the new cruise ships coming to market this year do to cabin sales...fingers crossed we get some empty cabins needing filled.
  2. Have a very good friend aboard the Prima right now and she's loving it. She loves the cabin and the Free @ Sea perks I'm from very much the same cruising DNA as you...RCCL/Celebrity(Elite) and doing my first NCL in 11 days aboard an older NCL. Friends assure me the food is at least as good if not better than Celebrity but we shall see. The variety actually seems broader so fingers crossed.
  3. I have the tag emailed from Celebrity and then take my cell to the UPS Store and have them print as many as I wish...need plus fallback for grace...not expensive and they look fantastic...higher grade paper than mine so...
  4. Fingers crossed you're right Ex_AirBalancer but I've lived here for 10 years and when you Canucks are down here in your shorts when it in the 50's...I'm wearing my flannel lined jeans...even at Paradise Lakes🤣
  5. The Portugal port will be Madeira/Funchal which I will now gather info on but please...if you have experienced it...chime in please it's an island so possibly considered a piece of the Azores but doesn't seem like it to me....just sits in front of the the egress of the Mediterranean....Gibraltar is due east
  6. Fantastic replies... I've lived in Florida 30 years so of course I understand about the inconsistency and fluid nature of weather but just doing my best to see if there are strong trends. So would Bermuda to Portugal be a Northern route or midway...seems a touch Northern but it's my first so I know nothing. Please keep those experiences and tips coming.
  7. I'll be doing my first repositioning cruise in 18 days...Tampa to Barcelona by way of Bermuda, Portugal, Cadiz and Malaga. Symphony of the Seas just completed theirs a few days ago and the consensus was it was cold and rough...insert your best punchline here...😜 Actually...would be grateful for folks to let me know how things are currently in the Atlantic. Thank you!
  8. Thanks OP! Just got my approval yesterday and was hoping to get the OBC for my upcoming repositioning cruise on the Connie to Barcelona but barring lots of luck and OCD persistence...unlikely I'll reap the "rewards" anytime soon enough.😬
  9. I was on the Constellation in January and ordered 2 entrees a number of times, usually with server's guidance. Never a problem... Yes...before the solitary lobster change but that's why there's surf and turf😜 BTW...enjoyed it so much...I'll be back on the Connie in a month for the repositioning cruise to Barcelona...15 days plus Europe time
  10. If I only get service once a day, then the evening would be my choice so that I get the turn down service...assuming we get a choice. As Celebrity customers...we are generally more mature, educated and informed so it's somewhat concerning so many apparently failed to pay any attention to the massive debts all the cruise lines piled up during the pandemic. They HAVE to cut costs to minimize those fare increases we've all seen and keep us booking more cruises. I can rough it and only do once a day😉
  11. We ASSumed it would be the same time...11 not 10AM and were not in our swimwear. We ASSumed we'd be able to go back to the ship and return
  12. So my friend and I had a Stingray City Plus snorkeling stop excursion booked for January 4th, 2023 for 11 AM Unfortunately...the 3 ships out of Tampa on Jan. 2nd were delayed about 8 hours due to fog earlier in the day so the itinerary arrivals were set back a day on the first 2 stops as well as the overnight in Cartagena losing that first day there. So hoping we might have gotten rebooked on 1/5 for the same time by Capt. Marvins...we went ashore at 9 to go speak with them thinking IF they'd made that adjustment, we could return to the ship and get changed and grab our snorkel gear and do the excursion. What we were told was they'd moved us to a 10 AM departure that day and there would be no other that day. The service rep said we would not be able to get back to the ship and return by that time. They told us they'd sent an email to us the previous day regarding the adjustment but I had not opted in on wi-fi so we'd not received it. When I asked about them crediting us for the charges for the excursion...he called the manager who told him...they'd done their part by sending the email and there would be no credits or refund. I was shocked as I'd used their services in the past and up till then, they seemed pretty proactive. So...understand when dealing with those people...if you have arrival issues...you may ended up frustrated and p.o.'ed not to mention highly disappointed. No more Captain Marvin's for us
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