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  1. Experienced the SAME THING on Harmony this August from a rather large group of folks who thought that they were the ones in charge of the ship all week and could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted! Radio blaring in the smoking section from the minute they woke up until it was time to pass out again - and again, where talking the same music that NO ONE wants to hear (but them). They basically over-took the smoking section on the pool deck all day long, and a few times the "herd" flocked to the casino where said radio was still blaring garbage music. All in all, we did whatever we could to avoid the herd, and it looked like any RCI official was doing the same thing and didn't want to make a scene ... MEANWHILE - to anyone playing their music so loud in a public area - HOW RUDE ARE YOU?!?!?!??! - I bet your mother is SOOO PROUD of what you have become!!!!!
  2. Make sure you leave room for dessert... it's almost the best part of Wonderland - after of course, the beef!! Enjoy!!! as a non-seafood lover, I enjoyed it twice!!! (bonus points - i went for dessert again the night after as well!!)
  3. Sorry Bob, but my vote would be 150... Please get the cucumber martini for me! :cocktail: It's been a long 2.5 weeks since I left her, boy she still looks great!!! - Thanks for the shots from the St. Thomas Crown Bay Marina. When we were there, we took the Island Girl over to St. John for a beautiful day at Trunk Bay, and I forgot all about trying to get pictures of Harmony, but they may have been because I had some iguanas chasing me. Isn't it truly amazing how those towels aren't sunning themselves when the ship is so quiet?!?!? :')
  4. As always, everyone has an opinion.. but lets think about this twirling guy and ask if YOU could spin like that for more than 10 minutes and not throw up your dinner on yourself - NO... So I will say the guy is talented whether you like him or not!! Also - something else to consider... RCI has some of the best entertainment on their ships - Please tell me where else on a cruise can you find such great talent diving into a pool, all while at sea? I've been on Oasis, Allure and Harmony - thought all Aqua Theater shows were superb and have to hand it to the talent onboard for keeping us entertained! I guess if you don't want to see talent on a high wire above your head while you're at sea, you could always go make a donation to the casino!!
  5. There is a FOOD COURT in the port area right as you leave the ship - There was a great variety of things to eat, including a bar and even a little swimming pool. I know last week when hubs and I ventured off the ship while in St. Kitts, we came here, listened to a local band play from tunes, had a nice refreshing beverage, some tasty local cuisine and had a great little afternoon... but that was a LUNCH TIME. I think most of the complaints about dining options were for the late afternoon - we had to be back on the ship for 3:30 - most places for lunchtime foods close at 3. Now while you have pizza and hot dogs, the lines for each of them while leaving St. Kitts would make ANYONE's head spin - in fact, that was the afternoon I said, OH so this is where all the people are!!! ***Side note, it was also just as bad when HOTS left St. Thomas with the WJ locked tight getting ready for dinner! and yes, while others might not want to eat off the ship since they already paid for the meal, I love to try the local foods as much as possible - and if the opportunity to do so presents itself, I will partake!
  6. OK, I'll bite - where did you get this info?? Where's the press release.......
  7. Thanks Molsonschooner for making me spray coffee all over my computer screen!!! LOL!!! Andrew - great news about the Brazilian BBQ still onboard!! Fond memories!! Maybe I will cure my PCD by booking another! Also, suggestion for a lunch spot while in Cozumel today - La Mission - downtown, steps off the main street. We always go there when in Cozumel.
  8. Oh Andrew - THANK YOU!!! You are making PCD manageable this week as I come back to reality from a great week on Harmony!! I found this LIVE review Monday, while struggling with PCD and finally all caught up with this live review and work!! Always love your reviews and so SHOCKED that you did this with 4 days to spare!!! - WOOHOO!!! Quick dining questions, since I'm still in debate mode on what Oasis class ship I want to re-explore - Does Allure still have the Brazilian BBQ up in the Solarium bistro at dinner?? Second question, is Izumi still up on Deck 16? Haven't been on Allure since 2011 and have fond memories of both experiences and want to do them again... if at all possible. So TIA and carry on and please enjoy the rest of your cruise!! ...oh and GOOD LUCK to the Leafs - said the life-long NY Rangers fan, who's married almost 15 years to a life-long NY Islanders fan!!! Thanks :-)
  9. 100% Agree about the bed and the lack of food options coming back in from both St. Thomas & St. Kitts - if you wanted pizza the line was 20 minutes deep, Wipe Out Cafe - CLOSED, Windjammer on change-over... so I know we ended up at the Hot Dog stand after St. Thomas! That bed was a lacking comfort and I felt like sleeping on the couch might have been a better option. Overall I know my party of 6 had the vacation to remember!! Can't see how anyone would have a bad time!!!
  10. Hate to say it, but not everyone is perfect & the body cams are there to protect EVERYONE! Given the instance above, it would appear that the body cam caught someone doing 'bad things' - Body cams and security cameras have been the norm in our society. I like that they give us the "heads-up" if they need to enter your cabin, but you should already know that every single public space on board has a camera watching!!
  11. Ahhh... my last friday afternoon in the office until I board Harmony on the 18th and here I have this giant distraction!!! SO THANK YOU CruiseLifeRick - Enjoy!!!!
  12. Great review and great pictures.... like you, I love my seaside sunrises and sunsets!! And yes, have to agree that sunrise photo with Cuba in the background is quite pretty! I'm in debate mode about bringing my Nikon again in 8 days when we go on the Harmony - thinking one less thing to bring, but also at the same time, I know I'm doing things that I didn't do last year on HOS, so I'm kinda on the fence... How did you decide to go without?
  13. OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! I feel in love with it like the OP - now I don't to smuggle one off the ship in 2 weeks - but I do have to rob a bank for the salt dish!!!
  14. I would be redeeming those points right now instead of being on here... LOL I don't think it makes a huge difference about the statement date, unless of course you have a sizable amount of points coming to in this billing cycle. Timing is really everything with this - I redeemed my points for my 8/18 cruise back in April - I only got my OBC about 3 weeks ago, or at about the 50 day mark until the cruise. My point is, it goes by sail-date. Yes, as another poster suggested, you can ask they to expedite, but that may or may not work. Granted in that time between April and 3 weeks ago, or course I booked my excursions and dining options, so now my OBC will be used on gratuities and other things, but I'm OK with that! Happy Sailing
  15. Oh, I'm so depressed for you Hurls88.... but you made my wait for my return trip on Harmony in 27 days so much fun these past couple of weeks!!! OUTSTANDING job on your review, incredible job with the drink package and proof to everyone else that it really truly is worth it (for all those on the fence people) I'm definitely putting it on the to-do list with Kieran at Boot & Bonnet!! Question for ya, did you find that the Bionic Bar was less crowded towards the end of the cruise?? Like the novelty wore-off? Thanks again for sharing this wonderful cruise with all of us!!
  16. Thanks for making my boring afternoon in the office so much more enjoyable... I started reading this thread over lunch, and I'm just SHOCKED that you would even think that it was a good idea to come onto CC, onto the RCI board and post the title of "a Poor imitation of Celebrity"..... we all know that Celebrity is NOT RCI and vice versa. Then to make is a 3rd person review is just INSANE, and then to get snippy about it. Let's just say you aren't making too many friends around here! By all means I am THRILLED that your darling daughter had a great time, sounds like the one member in your family that has the brains. Hope she had time to decompress and didn't have to tend to all of mom's lofty Celebrity wishes!
  17. I guess I can officially tap out!!! - while that is sad for me, that is AWESOME for you!!! (my original bet was $113.00...) CONGRATS for jumping my standards for me 30 days from now... you truly are my hero and I thank you for coming up with this great way to see if the drinking package is "worth" it!! This review has been awesome to get my "fix" before our 2nd Harmony cruise!! Congrats once again and Happy Anniversary!!
  18. HOORAY!!! :hearteyes: Cheers!!!! ...this goes all to all those who sit on the fence about getting the drink package!!! Not even 3 full days in and you're even!! CONGRATS and Happy Anniversary once again!
  19. Great stuff Hurls88!!! LOVE hearing when people WIN in the Casino!!! (especially when they play Yankees numbers!!) So you only had $66 to go a few hours ago... wondering where you stand now?!?!? I'm going for a break-even point of tonight for sure now!! CHEERS!!!
  20. WOW!! That's a really small number - glad you won!! I know our last cruise we won a free movie, and ended up forgetting to use it until the last night!!! Where was the M&M held? Sure looks like you will be saving money - and yes, 1st day is ALWAYS a drinking day, my bet is by tomorrow, you will have your drinking sealegs for sure! Keep enjoying - you're making my 34 day wait for her just perfect!! :D
  21. Oh HOS is so much fun.... a drink at the Trellis Bar in Central Park a round of mini-golf Dinner at 150 Central Park ...and one more... a ride on the carousel
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