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  1. No, it isn’t like Disney was. The ship category doesn’t make any difference in land. I figured it would, but it doesn’t.
  2. I drink a lot of tea and it was fine for me. I’m the first one to balk at a bad ice tea, but HALs wasn’t objectionable to me.
  3. The waiters are overworked as it is. Now they have to keep up will billing as well?
  4. I've sailed on both and we liked Costa just fine.
  5. I had a dinner in a 3 Michelin star restaurant. It was memorable. Not sure I’d do it on a cruise though where good food is already paid for. Not sure for a similar price that they could replicate the “show” and personal attention of the regular restaurant.
  6. Definitely call the phone number on the back of any cards they used for payments. Some only cover what you spent on that card. Chase Sapphire Reserve covers the trip if any of it was put on the card.
  7. We were on an early June cruise in an aft wrap suite. We both agreed that the suite was a waste of money in Alaska because the weather was so bad we never spent any time out there. We have had a cabana previously and enjoyed it. But I would not pay for one in Alaska. There are blankets and hot chocolate available everywhere on the ship.
  8. I think it would be terrible if the employees were told they couldn't speak in the naive language. Why would it be culturally disrespectful to allow them to?
  9. The answer is that it’s possible but not easy. They don’t cancel and rebook, but the new room starts from scratch on accumulated OBC and it’s not good. I wouldn’t lose any of the things I’ve pre booked; the reservation number remains the same.
  10. My son is there in college. It was a big enough event that he called me immediately. (If I’d seen it in news first, I’d have freaked out). He got hit on his back by falling debris while sleeping but a quick doctor check said just bruises. He hasn’t seen the buckled roads but said on Friday everything in town was closed and there were no streetlights. They can not drink municipal water.
  11. *balconies. Sure wish the new platform allowed corrections.
  12. I know I have seen mentions and photos of these balances here, but can not find them in a search. Do people find the larger balcony makes up for the solid railing?
  13. I am booked for spring and see a cabin in a lesser cabin I am considering downgrading to. Would it be at current pricing and promotions, or would I keep OBC from other promotions expect if it was tied to suite vs verandah? I have paid more than what the new cabin would be....do they just refund the credit card?
  14. I finally got it on my card....and I switched the reservation to Costco a week ago. Darn.
  15. This has to be incorrect information. I was checking price on my upcoming NS cruise Vista Suite. The description here says whirlpool and shower. I know the vista suite on the Koninsdam has a standard bathroom. This is a typo(?)
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