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  1. OP, I have filled out the form linked on all my HAL cruises and they have done a wonderful job. Nuts are a common allergan so the staff won’t have any trouble. Mine is a weird/uncommon one so it requires more checking if I really want something in the Lido but mostly I gravitate to things I am certain are safe. The main dining room gives the next night’s menu in advance. it sounds like he is very responsible and always checks so the staff will take good care of him. And to those of you suggesting folks with allergies should stay home, 😠. Thankfully cruise lines are more educated on the topic than some posters here.
  2. In the fall I did not get paper excursion tickets. They were only in the app.
  3. I would love the name of the tour company you used. I’m hoping you’re still on the boards. I see your trip was a year ago.
  4. This is one area Disney is so far ahead of HAL. It has been years since I was on DCL but they did the same automatic gratuities. We got sheets were if we wanted to give extra to the room steward we could ask them to add X dollars. Then we received little slips and envelopes to give the crew member at the end of the trip. People would write thank you notes to those important to them, increase above pool a single person.
  5. Click the transaction on your card statement. Say dispute, amount $11 and they take care of it for you.
  6. I don’t think I realized until today that Chase has the medical and evacuation coverage. I thought flights, lost bags, stranded by cancellations. It’s more comprehensive than I thought. BUT they are AWFUL at paying. They delay delay delay and hope you’ll give up.
  7. I think the higher level Chase cards may be unique in only requiring a small portion to be on the card to provide full benefits.
  8. Same. CSR will pay an entire trip even if only taxes on an award flight are paid with the card. that said, Chase’s insurer has been exceedingly difficult to work with and most claims have not been paid at all.
  9. I have been in one of the aft corners on the ship, but not deck 8. I always pick 4 when available because the balcony is HUGE. There is a little dressing area between the bathroom and bedroom, with a curtain. It holds the vanity with hair dryer and has mirrors. Motion no different than other places on the ship. It’s an easy walk to the lounge. I hope you’ll love the corners as much as we do. (Next trip only deck 6 had one open. It won’t be my beloved deck 4 but still a corner)
  10. I feel fairly certain that HAL, like other lines, has a burser or other banker to them onboard, who can take their money and put it in a form that they send money home or otherwise make it useable. Not every passenger is tipping cash in USD. They might end a cruise with $, €, £, kroner, etc. A $2 bill is not complicated in the grand scheme of things.
  11. An example of a bank that offers the foreign currency you were seeking without the fees you were seeking to avoid.
  12. We just went to an ATM to get local currency when needed. With a no foreign transaction fee debit card that refunds all ATM fees from Schwab.
  13. The first night yes, and he gave me the entree name but no menu with a huff and an eye roll. After that we had the same server every night. They are supposed to know, he told me on the last night but he hadn’t been told. I asked that night because nothing on regular menu sounded good to me. (the orange or gold key that they swipe for drinks would notify though)
  14. There was no separate section in the MDR on Zuiderdam. Just an additional entree that was never just shown to me. I asked a few times what it was but a menu wasn’t given. there is a different line to seat you more quickly but the seat could be anywhere.
  15. With WiFi package, keep phone in airplane mode when at sea, enable WiFi calling and you use the phone normally for texts and email. The basic package likely won’t have a strong enough signal to Face time but testing and emails will be just fine
  16. I read that one needs to call to have the gift cards applied, but I have an online travel agency. I have a page I can make payments with a credit card. Hal wouldn’t take a payment because I have a TA. How does that work before I spend a lot on cards?
  17. Or they were assigned a room under the music venues and they didn’t like it. Or they always sail in Neptune suites but were assigned an ocean view
  18. Best rooms on the ship. We have had one on several ships, multiple times. Next up is NS. We likely wouldn’t have booked had one not been available. They are that good.
  19. No. There is a small fridge at the bar in the Neptune Lounge that had some pre-mixed cocktails in cans.
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