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  1. The only place I primarily enjoy my bacon on Carnival is at the Pig & Anchor with a nice crispy piece firmly standing upright in my Bloody Mary. 🥓
  2. The price is the price on Carnival. If you want "dynamic pricing" that fluctuates depending upon your ship or sail date, then cruise on RCI.
  3. I believe that the "Bacation" was only in the buffet.
  4. Was in the same situation. Had a NCL/Celebrity side by side. Celebrity requires the 48 hour results. NCL was going to charge us 150 each for post cruise testing. The other option would have been to get the Abbot tests and do the self test with cell phone authorization to India about 600 am on disembark morning. Decided that it was just easier to cancel the NCL cruise (5 days on Joy) and make the Celebrity cruise a back to back (now 12 days on Apex).
  5. Heaven forbid someone tests positive and you're not allowed to embark and you have checked your luggage. It would be a logistical nightmare for them to retrieve it so wheeling it yourself would be the safe thing to do. Only you can decide if dragging the stuff on Lido for over an hour is worth it. I personally would do the 100 check in and then go right to the cabin. Good luck.
  6. Covid forced me to retire about 5 years before I intended to so we're going to be taking many vacations in 2022 and beyond. Starting in January, we have 15 cruises booked over 15 months and 2024 will probably contain two bucket list cruises. That summer will be Alaska via Princess with one of the cruisetour/cruise combos. The first quarter of 2024 will contain our down under cruise that I am inquiring about. I know in 2023 the Majestic is the newest and largest of the ships in that area and I'm hoping that another of the Royal Class will be doing it in 2023/2024.
  7. That's the small price you have to pay if you wish to cruise with someone that can't get the jab yet. The alternative of course is to wait till next year to cruise and just go to an all inclusive that would not entail the bummer aspect of having to lug your luggage around waiting for cabins to open. Or you could just do the simple thing and get a 100 pm check in and then go immediately to your cabins that are available at 130 and drop your luggage off.
  8. My ultimate bucket list trip is to go down under. I am assuming that the Early 2024 season should open for bookings in March of 2022. We are doing a B2B in April of 2022 on the Discovery Princess. Does Princess add any sweetener to a booking if done on board? Also, are the cruise/cruisetours worth the money? Was contemplating going on the Celebrity Edge since she will be doing that area, but the cruisetours/cruise combination sounds interesting. Thanks
  9. We are currently booked on the Prima in September of 2023 out of London and was recently contemplating the Getaway for a cruise that started in London and ended in Copenhagen. The fine print said that you should receive your booking information between 45-60 days prior to your cruise, so that would imply that at the 61 day mark, if you found a better deal from when the window opened at 330 days, you should book it. They also wanted an extra hundred bucks to guarantee we would only have 1 layover. There are a plethora of non stop flights to London. I have only crossed the pond once and used points over 20 years on Delta. Am accustomed to non stop flights, so I may end up cancelling the Prima cruise and rebooking a B2B on her in Feb/March of 2023, while she is in the Caribbean.
  10. Where will the Edge come from on the front end and leave to on the back end of this season? Also any idea as to how popular these sailings are going to be and how quickly rates might increase? Am thinking of doing a B2B since that area is on my bucket list and would wait to book while we are on the Apex in January, but if rates jump exponentially in the first 3 months before our Apex cruise, then it would behoove to book ASAP.
  11. Here is a link to the best review I have read about the Mardi Gras. Even though you may not need a bunch of bells and whistles, this ship is truly a game changer for Carnival. I have cruised on Carnival 20 times over 35 years, but I currently have 4 booked on the Mardi Gras and 1 on the Celebration, it's sister ship debuting next year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aukVBEpaf2U&t=3s Below is a link to the deckplans https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Carnival-Mardi-Gras Something on the hump or an ocean suite should do the trick for you. Good luck
  12. I have had 4 cruises cancelled since Covid started and I took 2 refunds and 2 FCC's @ 125%. Luckily American has been issuing credits and I lucked out with a Priceline hotel reservation that the general manager of the hotel agreed to switch with no penalty.
  13. Since the kids are not involved, I would book the inaugural on the Excel 3.
  14. You can order an app, salad, soup, 2 sides, entree and dessert. If you want a second app instead of soup or salad, you can do that as well. Since you have a lot of food to eat, including the amuse bouche, I would get the cheesecake wrapped to go and placed in your frig to enjoy later that night or the following day.
  15. Does it have to be Europe? I would look into either of the Excel ships, the Mardi Gras or the Celebration. A B2B on either of them would be nice and reasonably priced in late August if needed to be over the summer. Or, you could possibly do the inaugural of Excel 3, which is rumored to be in November of 2023, but the kids would have to be removed from school.
  16. It has been rumored that it will last for the inaugural season, but no firm date has been set. The menus at Pig & Anchor as well as Cucina are different than the other ships in the fleet, so don't go in there with a preconceived idea because you may be disappointed, such as the Tomahawk pork chop at Cucina. On a positive note the P&A have added daily specials to their dinner menu such as a 7 oz filet on Saturday's and a 10 oz strip steak on Sunday's.
  17. Sounds spectacular, especially since you only need to fly home.
  18. Things are fluid because of Covid and policies have and will continue to change on a dime. Many on here have had cruises cancelled and have had to cancel flights, hotels, parking at home airport, shuttles to cruise port, etc. It is the price we have to pay if we wish to play the game. Learned a long time ago that we don't make the rules, we only play the game.
  19. Carnival will be cruising in Europe between May and October in 2022 with the Pride. Carnival does not want to cannibalize too much of their other corporation's cruise lines that are based in Europe so that's why they only base 1 ship there during the high summer season for about 5 months. Aida (Germany), Costa (Italy) and P&O (UK) have the economy lines covered. While US based Princess and Holland America offer upgraded sailings. If you must sail on a US based line, I would compare things with Princess. They offer Princess plus for 40 per day for their sailings. After factoring out the 15.50 that you would normally pay for tips, for an extra 25.50 per day, you get their drinks package as well as wifi. Extreme value when you compare what Carnival charges for their wifi and Cheers.
  20. The Blue Iguana Tequila bar is the best place for tequila. They will have Roca Patron as well as Don Julio Anejo and Don Julio Reposado. All three are covered under Cheers. This as well as the Red Frog Pub, not rum bar would be your best bets for daytime alcohol consumption. For pre dinner cocktails as well as evening drinking, the Alchemy bar is the only place to go, everything on their menu is covered under Cheers. If you're looking for the best wines on board, go to the bar at Fahrenheit 555. You can drink there even if you're not dining there. Floaters on top of drinks are not covered under Cheers. You would have to wait 5 minutes and order it neat and then pour it on top. It would then count as two drinks obviously.
  21. I believe they are only available on the Vista Class ships. It was tested back in 2019 on the Horizon and Firefly recently bought it on the Vista. I am assuming it's also on the Panorama. Have not read about any of the other ships in the fleet having it.
  22. The 12 day repo cruise next August on the Celebrity Summit from Bayonne to Iceland stops in Iceland, Greenland and Canada.
  23. Bayonne NJ, both RCI and Celebrity embark from there.
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