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  1. We also tip $10 - $20 in cash, depending on the service, for the two of us when we pre-purchase any of the Dining Packages.
  2. We had ocean spray soak our Deck 9 balcony a few times and watched (on TV) several waves break over the bow and hit the windshield and bow cam! It’s after 4PM now and we’re still rocking and rolling!
  3. We are really enjoying your excellent review of our cruise! Great pictures too!
  4. We also watched the L&M show on TV this morning and had quite a few laughs! Glad they finally broadcast it!
  5. Hi Nancy Jo: We thought perhaps they used the L&M Gameshow as the main “Show” at 8PM this cruise as a result of the Halifax Port closure. Drew mentioned on the Morning Show that they were scrambling since two entertainers were supposed to get onboard there. Just a guess, but hopefully it is only for this cruise. We usually go but couldn’t due to our Dinner reservations.
  6. John, if Sheldon doesn’t need an Empress, I can meet you in CB and trade you a Serenade block for it!
  7. We spent almost the entire month of December 2018 on Rhapsody. We weren't fans of the F&B Manager but had no complaints about the ship! Love Rhapsody!
  8. We've seen something similar called "Finish the Lyric" on many cruises/ships we have sailed on.
  9. We went to a Chef's Table in that location once. Never again! The Dining Room noise was very loud in that location and we could not hear the Chef or the Sommelier when they were speaking. The table was large and round, so due to the noise and distance across the table, you could only converse with those sitting right next to you. The food was good but the experience was awful.
  10. We spent almost the entire month of December on Rhapsody in a JS and were very happy with our cabin and cruises! Neither my husband or I saw anything like you describe. We thought the ship was very well taken care of and had no issues with its' condition. I wish we were sailing on RH again soon!
  11. Agree ! Passengers should get any Port Fees and taxes refunded for cancelled stops but anything else would be above and beyond. We wouldn't expect it!
  12. I think this is a "to each is own" question. We always lock our luggage with TSA locks but certainly don't care if others just zip theirs closed..
  13. Because of the MJ Deck configuration, we rarely wait to use the elevators unless we are going to the VCL. It's weird, just a few steps here, a few steps there, and before you know it, you have reached your destination!.
  14. Just blah, blah, blah, ego, ego, ego to me! 😇
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