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  1. That’s weird! We typically use A2S for one way international travel when sailing a TA and almost always do a B2B or longer. Have never gotten that message so yes, definitely call. Who knows what’s going on now with the “new normal”?
  2. It will be interesting to what BPCL does. Right now, the Bahamas are still requiring a negative Covid test to enter so wouldn’t that have to change? Our neighbors are nervously waiting their test results now. Their Bahamas flight is Saturday but they are no longer sure the test results will be back in time, as indicated when they were tested. 😱
  3. There were actually 48 more Florida resident deaths reported today.
  4. We have fourteen cruises booked for 2021. Seven of them are in AU/NZ. We have no intention of booking air as we suspect the cruise season there will be cancelled. One is a TA booked for April that would require air. Will watch air for that one but won’t book it till ships begin sailing. Then, a string of four in the Med and a TA in the fall. I hope cruises will be sailing and we plan to book air. We just had to cancel air to Vancouver and from Hawaii. We booked those directly with the airlines and full refunds from AA and Delta were fast and easy. We still have air booked to Rome for a November TA that we will be cancelling. It’s booked through A2S and also fully refundable so I don’t expect any problems.
  5. Exactly, as mine do too. Some people only see what they are looking for or what fits their thinking.
  6. Lots of us on that October 2021 TA. We’re on Rhapsody for the previous 3 weeks. At this point, we’re just hopeful ships will be sailing by then.
  7. We’ve been to Venice twice, once on RH and once on VI. Cruise ships run super slow so I didn’t see any cruise ship behavior that would cause damage. What I did see is a LOT of smaller boat traffic generating wakes while catering to the thousands of tourists. Everyone travels by boat in Venice. We did a private evening tour of Doges Palace/St. Marks and our guide said few locals even live in Venice anymore. She told us that the majority have moved out of the City and rent their houses in Venice to tourists as Air BNB’s to make lots of money but not pay taxes. When we visited in September, there were so many tourists there, it was over-crowded and uncomfortable. Our next visit was in December and it was cold but wonderfully devoid of tourists! I think the protesters are agitated by the huge crowds/boat traffic in season, and just blame the biggest targets, cruise ships. I definitely understand!
  8. Here is the link to a video filmed by another passenger on our Vision Cruise when we were sailing out of Venice in 2018. The protest was planned in advance and we were warned multiple times to be careful while off the ship and not wear anything that ID’d us as cruisers. It was crazy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYzKRxFTAJ4
  9. I thought that was a very interesting question and decided to investigate. Our 10/23/21 Rhapsody cruise booked in January with Venice as the Port of embarkation had taxes & fees of $188.72 on our original invoice. If I booked the same cabin today, from Ravenna, the taxes and fees are $242.26, an increase of $53.54.
  10. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I received the email from RCL announcing the Port change. Simply a cost saving measure in both cases (Terragona and Venice). Don’t plan to cancel the cruises we have now from Ravenna, but might change future planning decisions regarding Port or cruise line.
  11. He’s referring to what Twangster’s request NOT to re-post all the photos if you quote him. It’s in the first sentence of his post
  12. Always looking to place blame on others these days - never any personal responsibility. Just a fact - I’m not blaming, sticking up for, or shaming anyone. I found this article in GQ magazine about the eruption day interesting and well written. https://www.gq.com/story/eruption-of-whakaari-white-island-new-zealand
  13. Entertainer - Schooner Bar with one show in the Theatre. Most recently on Serenade in February/March.
  14. Empress was scheduled to sail some unique itineraries that included Montreal and Newfoundland. I think those bookings were popular.
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