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  1. We won’t even drive 3.5 hours to Miami for a 3 night cruise! To each their own though! And, NEVER say never! 😇
  2. Now that Florida has opened back up, I think Mark mentioned the Door Dash slowing down, as many customers are choosing to visit restaurants for meals as opposed to ordering delivery.
  3. That’s exactly what I had to do. Got bored with it by the time I got to the “choose your cabin” screen though. Definitely has something to do with them adding that “Cruise with Confidence” logo as it lights up every time I tap the screen. 🙄
  4. I mentioned that in my post above. Pretty sure there was the same type of choice for the income question.
  5. There were four choices: Democrat, Republican, Independent, and a fourth which I chose that was something generic like “Undecided” or “Prefer not to say”.
  6. Exactly what I thought! Why would insurance pay for frequent tests, especially if there are no symptoms.
  7. We have a cruise booked the first week of November. Do others who received the survey also have a November cruise?
  8. Mine had both types of questions. Lots about what I’d be willing to do to take different types of travel and whether I’d be willing to take and pay for Covid testing. Wanted to know if I had insurance, what they would pay, and if a $25 credit would make a difference if the test was $75. Seriously! There were a lot of question about our travel preferences, who we travel with, whether we work, and what our income is. Nosy! 🤣
  9. FYI - It also asked my political affiliation. 😱
  10. I deleted it too as junk but retrieved it and took it. Kind of creepy that there are so many versions. Mine is similar to Firefly’s but the questions were not all exactly the same.
  11. That is such a shame! I think we all have enough to worry about in everyday life and look forward to relaxing with no worries when on vacation.
  12. Port Canaveral Expects to Post $36.6M Loss in 2021 https://www.floridatoday.com/story/news/local/2020/08/24/port-canaveral-expects-post-36-6-m-loss-2021-because-covid-19/3426066001/ They’ve furloughed shoreside cruise support staff and budgeted a big decrease in security needs. I’m sure their projections are based on credible information.
  13. So, just to be clear - here on this site = no ransacking and on that other site with your real name = ransacking? That’s scary!
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