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  1. We’re excited! We don’t cruise till September, and now I’m sorry I didn’t book something that sails sooner (like tomorrow)! 🤣
  2. Thanks to all for “taking one for the team”! 😀 We are excited for you and looking forward to following along! Have fun and enjoy! 😍
  3. Laura mentioned in her post that the layout was from the Royal App.
  4. We have not had Room Service available on the last morning of our 80+ past cruises. The “As You Depart” instruction sheet given the last night usually lists where breakfast will be available the next morning. The venues are usually limited compared to other mornings during the cruise.
  5. We are organizing our own events. A sail-away Meet and Greet and a slot pull. Nothing to do with the typical Cruise Critic M&M, although I hope they are happening again by the time we sail!
  6. Us too! Come and join the Roll Call! A slot pull is being organized! 😍
  7. I have too and have never received a response. At least I can say I tried. 😡
  8. It was in 2019 - seems like forever ago now! That Serenade cruise was definitely one of our favorites! We also loved Bruges and were pleasantly surprised! I hope we can find a similar TA itinerary again!
  9. We sailed an eastbound Serenade TA a couple of years ago that had a wonderful itinerary and ended in Copenhagen! Also stopped at Azores, Cork, LaHavre, Brugges, and Amsterdam! It was a great ride!
  10. We like Port intensive cruises too (pretty much any cruise 😀), but sometimes it’s just nice to do nothing! I think variety is what makes cruising so attractive to us! It’s easy once everything’s planned and there are always so many good choices!
  11. I still work full time so relaxing on the balcony and spending quality time with friends and family for a couple of weeks are at the top of my list! There’s also the casino, mini-golf and sports deck, afternoon movies and shows, playing cards, etc. We find the time goes by much too quickly. Both of us absolutely love being out in the middle of the ocean! Don’t knock it if you’ve never tried it. 😀
  12. We’re glad to hear your travel experience was positive! Thank you for sharing! Did you have checked bags? If so, did you have to clear customs in Heathrow and again when you landed? Jewel is one of our favorite ships! Hope you have wonderful weather and a great cruise! Will definitely be following! 😀
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