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  1. On Allure, Stateroom service is as it has always been. Yes, even towel animals! 😀
  2. Only my Mariner cruises have (and have had for months) this new interface. One is sailing this year and two are sailing next May.
  3. We started cruising because at that time, it was a vacation “out of reach” so we could really disconnect. Now, although we do lock up our phones in the safe while on the ship, we occasionally use our free WiFI to check email and do a little work when we’re on long B2B cruises.
  4. Did anyone use the same email address for multiple people when creating your account? I want to make sure that won’t cause a problem before I start the second account.
  5. Received a Royal Up offer today for a sailing on October 22nd!
  6. You may want to check again! Mine was down (grayed out) earlier, but it’s back to normal and working fine now.
  7. B2B on Serenade (21 days) February 21 & March 3, 2021, Southern Caribbean. Did not want to get off! 😍
  8. Our Walmart Pharmacy’s do not offer Covid testing. They do sell the home test kits that are NOT approved by the cruise lines.
  9. Lots of people are jumping through the hoops and cruising with no issues! Because the Odyssey is brand new, prices were higher than other ships for the same itineraries, which may have resulted in lower booking numbers.
  10. We have had excursions not appear or disappear from various Ports when Royal is negotiating new vendor contracts.
  11. There are a lot of things to do from Port Canaveral if you take the time to look. Brevard County is home to the Indian River Lagoon, one of the most biodiverse estuaries in North America. There are also eco-cruises, and multiple vendors that offer Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, Parasailing, jet ski rentals, etc. in Cocoa Beach. Brevard Zoo and Viera Wetlands (a very popular spot for birders), are approximately 30 minutes away by Uber or taxi. You could also visit Cocoa Village, a quaint shopping area about 20 minutes away, with many restaurants and micro-breweries.
  12. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m glad to hear your husband has recovered and feels good! Enjoy your cruise!
  13. We like breweries, vineyards, and distillery tours! Does that count as factory shopping? 🤣🤣🤣🍷🍺🍹
  14. We took the ATVO Express bus! It was cheap and so easy! The bus delivered us to Piazzale Roma which was right where our hotel was located.
  15. Our Sept 26th Cruise just changed as well! We are not disappointed! 😉
  16. I have purchased the UDP on 9 various 2022 cruises and have not had the gratuities added on any of them. Still have one or two more to go though so maybe I better hurry up and buy them! 😀
  17. We always bring our own corkscrew and if we bring a bottle of wine to the MDR or Specialty, we make it’s a bottle the ship provided so there is no charge.
  18. We’re excited! We don’t cruise till September, and now I’m sorry I didn’t book something that sails sooner (like tomorrow)! 🤣
  19. Thanks to all for “taking one for the team”! 😀 We are excited for you and looking forward to following along! Have fun and enjoy! 😍
  20. Laura mentioned in her post that the layout was from the Royal App.
  21. We have not had Room Service available on the last morning of our 80+ past cruises. The “As You Depart” instruction sheet given the last night usually lists where breakfast will be available the next morning. The venues are usually limited compared to other mornings during the cruise.
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