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  1. AMEN! Been saying this since Day 1. We are tired of the control Big Brother is trying to inflict on us. We WILL NOT be one of the "sheeple"!
  2. From Randall Soy today - same policy that applied to my Regent-cancelled booking with regards to how you can use FCCs: All affected travel partners with clients on voyages impacted by our temporary suspension of operations will be contacted by our Reservations team. Affected travelers with paid-in-full bookings will automatically receive a 100% Future Cruise Credit and a Bonus 25% Future Cruise Credit. These Future Cruise Credits are valid for one year from issue date and applicable toward all voyages through December 31, 2022. Clients taking the automatic Future Cruise Credits will also receive full Seven Seas Society loyalty night credit for their suspended voyage. Clients who prefer a 100% refund must complete a refund request form by June 3, 2020 and the refund will be processed within 90 days. If clients chose to cancel their booking prior to our announced suspension of voyages, then the policy in place at the time of their cancellation will prevail. We will not be making any exceptions to the policies enforced on previously canceled bookings and appreciate your understanding in this regard.
  3. Here's another question...somewhat related. Suppose you have a 2021 cruise booked. Regent cancelled a 2020 voyage so "X" amount of FCCs were applied to the 2021 booking. The rest of the 2021 cruise was paid with a credit card. Suppose Regent cancels the 2021 cruise - will they refund the amount paid by credit card & then allow the "X" amount of FCCs to be used on a different/future cruise?
  4. @UUNetBill we are with you all the way! Wake up the world economy...let people get back to feeding their families and doing what they need to do to normalize their lives. AMEN
  5. So-called 'social distancing' will not, and CANNOT, last forever. This will all pass with time. How much time? I have no idea. But it is getting more and more obvious that people are starting to push back (or gently ignore) these 'rules' that have been imposed on society. If one feels "safer at home," then STAY there. The rest should be allowed to go about their business to the level(s) that they feel comfortable.
  6. I am also not convinced that these homemade or mass-marketed masks can filter out the tiny virus particles, even with the so-called 'dosposable' liners. Check out the micron-size they're designed to filter out vs the particle size (in millimicrons) of the virus under discussion. The resulets of your research may surprise you. Most of these mass-market masks may be okay for typical household, dust, or seasonal allergens but not much more.
  7. Agreed! I somehow think that permanent mask-wearing is NOT going to happen.
  8. People, PLEASE! Do you really believe this is the "new normal"? This 'physical distancing' over the long run is not the way humans live. What happened after the Spanush Flu...or Ebola...or SARS...none of this nonsense for sure.
  9. I WANT this negotiation to go in our favor. When it's over I'll be glad to identify the company. Give it a rest.
  10. At this point I cannot say as it is under negotiation at the moment. I will say it is not RCI.
  11. THAT is my point exactly - the company in question changed heir policy 'amid this pandemic event.....force majeure'. NOT OUR PROBLEM - those were not the policies when the booking was made. Original T&C apply as far as we're concerned. Thus, the fight at this point.
  12. You won't know for sure that a cruise would be cancelled. Note that commission protection only applies to paid in full bookings....and some cruise lines are changing policies midstream...NOT protecting commissions on these bookings...and NOT allowing for client refunds but ONLY allowing for a future cruise credit. True story. I'm an agent in the midst of this fight right now for a client in this exact situation.
  13. Antibody testing for COVID-19 prior to embarkation on a ship or plane or whatever is one thing....but what about all the other contagious diseases out there...like the flu, the common cold, Norovirus.....and all the others? One could just as easily be "infected" by an asymptomatic carrier of any of these things in any space where people are in close contact.
  14. This "social distancing" cannot go on forever. Why should it? There will always be "germs" and some will always get sick. Same thing happens with colds, flu, digestive illnesses. You name it. I, for one, will not "socially distance" nor isolate myself forever.
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