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  1. Kwaj girl

    Honest Divina Review 12/20-12/30 cruise

    "Honest" review....as though others aren't?
  2. Kwaj girl

    Cruise insurance

    The travel agency we use has an agreement with Travelex so that you can add-on to an existing policy when additional trip features are purchased, such as flights and prepaid hotels.
  3. Kwaj girl

    Carry on luggage

    Must be sized to fit in your typical airport luggage scanner as for any carry-on you'd take onboard a plane.
  4. Or, just be the first ones in the hot tub when they open in the morning...assuming they have been drained and cleaned overnight.
  5. Kwaj girl

    Room service

    Sorry....that was not clear to me. Comprehend now.
  6. Kwaj girl

    Room service

    Perhaps the rules are different for Crystal River cruises. We just complete one and certainly used our OBC for additional tips to certain crew members. A form was provided upon request to the Concierge, and my final statement properly reflected the tips were charged to the shipboard account using the OBC. My balance was $0.00 at the end.
  7. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    Yes...we did enjoy a 3-choice wine tasting at the Abbey...and such beautiful hillside views. That day (Tues) had absolutely perfect weather....cool but not windy or damp. Could not have asked for a better day. Today in Vienna was chilly and windy but that's what the Gluhwine is for :-). Today's walking tour was great fun but we could not see ourselves going back for a late-afternoon stroll among the many Christmas Markets - just too cold.... Tonite is our last night on board - Dover Sole is on the menu so I will dig into that.
  8. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    Dinner is open seating 7-9pm in Waterside and by reservation for a tapas meal in thee Bistro. For Waterside it seems most go early. We absolutely despise noise (acoustics are not so great there) so we have routinely arrived 830pm or so after most have finished their meals. Much quieter and no rush.
  9. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    If you mean the entertainer - it is Bruno on the piano and occasionally accompanied by singer Rita. They both do a great job with late-night recorded dance entertainment - he cues the songs & she's on the dance floor with the guests
  10. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    Christmas Markets - IMO the best one so far was Budapest. We did enjoy a smaller one in Linz and apparently those that went to Salzburg today said that one was the best. Today's tour for us was a 1.5-hr bus ride from Linz to Cesky Krumlov. Lovely castle & cobblestoned walking tour. We has about 2.5 hrs on our own to wander the streets, shop & see the small Christmas market there before heading back to the ship. Enjoyed some local cuisine - their version of gulyas ("goulash") was different than that wee had in Hungary but variety is what it's all about. Had a more scenic ride back on a different route. Supposedly the Vienna markets 'will be the best'. Will let you know. Our tour departs at 1030am tomorrow so we can sleep a little later or maybe get up early & enjoy the heated indoor pool before our excursion. Some notes about the excursions - we LOVE the coaches that are used - the seat rows are really quite far apart so plenty of legroom and the local guides are knowledgeable & entertaining. But note that the website description of a tour and what really happens may be different. One of our tours in Budapest was to include a carriage ride...no such thing, though we did get to the stables to see the horses after the arena show. And today we were supposed to participate in a gingerbread cookie workshop to design our own cookies - nope - but the samples were tasty. Let's see if tomorrow's visit to Gottweig Abbey really does include a wine tasting.....
  11. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    The brochure places in the suites has no pricing information. Let me see what I can find.
  12. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    Just went down to get the laundry started so checked out the Gym - a good amount of free weights, one incline bench, 1 rowing machine, an upright stationary bike and a recumbent stationary bike. And you can always use the open deck 4 for walking in the absence of a treadmill.
  13. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    Coral has posted plenty about the menus/food so no need to rehash here. Obviously menus will change from time to time and may be dependent on regional availability. The Pot au Feu did not impress me last night - should have had the osso buco. But agree with Coral that most has been quite good. Exercise classes: We embarked Thursday around noon. No classes offered that day. Overnight on board the ship in Budapest. Friday 8am (30 min) yoga class in Palm Court. Sailed at 7pm Saturday 9am (30 min) Pilates class in Palm Court. Arrived Bratislava 12 noon, sailed at 6pm. Sunday 830am (30 min) Abs class followed by 900am (30 min) stretching in Palm Court. Arrived Melk 1pm. There is also a small gym on board. Will try to post a photo if I can figure out how to do it. I planned to hit the gym regularly like I do at home but somehow sleep (and a little too much wine?) seem to get in the way of my motivation.
  14. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    Slept in this morning as we dock at noon in Melk. Very chilly outside but the sun is shining and the sky is blue. No snow today! Deck 4 (the top open deck) has been closed as they had to clear the snow and melt the residual ice. Today it's open so we went topside for some great views as we sailed. Docked on time and enjoyed a quick lunch in the main restaurant. As previously mentioned the breakfast & lunch menus are buffet-style - today we enjoyed Salmon Coulibiac, grilled trout, German meatballs, a variety of freshly-prepared hot veggies as well as a small salad bar with higher-end offerings. Earlier this morning there were 2 (30-min) exercise classes in the Palm Court, a challenging Trivia session followed by the Pastry Chef demonstrating how to make a gingerbread house. Quite fun! More later....again, ask away if you have any specific questions.
  15. Kwaj girl

    Crystal Ravel 13-20 Dec 2018 ....kinda 'live'

    Temp is better now in the 'suite'- 68F - I can live with that. Breakfast & lunch buffets are quite satisfactory. Today I had plain yogurt, fresh berries (lovely huge blackberries - don't know where they get those at this time of year), micro-greens, smoked salmon and congee for breakfast (many Asians onboard this voyage) and for lunch roasted duck, red cabbage, a lentil salad&steamed purple cauliflower/carrots/zucchini for lunch. Snowed all morning - enjoyed one of our in-suite bottles of wine (a Gruner Veltliner white) as we stood on the rather protected-from-the-elements aft deck area just 2 doors down from our tiny accommodations. Afternoon tour was a "Bratislava culinary & walking tour" - enjoyed some traditional bakery treats as well as a wine tasting at the Wine Museum. This place boasts 100 of Slovak 's best wines - we tasted 4 of them but could have tasted 75 for 2 Euros (I think) with a 100- minute maximum. No, thanks! We bought one of the white wines that we tasted...can't go home without the requisite souvenir! Back to the ship - enjoying cocktails with our newfound friends - one has been on so many Crystal cruses that she will likely be the "most cruised" at tomorrows Crystal Society party. Yes, we are Regent 'cheerleaders' but have maybe found our river cruise niche with Crystal. Yes, this 'suite' is extremely small but for a river boat maybe I can't complain. Seems as though everyone is treated the same outside the suite. Questions? Ask away!