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  1. Kwaj girl

    Black Friday Upgrades

    Too bad it doesn't apply to existing bookings..... 🙄
  2. So...Germain is more expensive than the previous Montaudon? That's not what I see when pricing these online.
  3. Kwaj girl


    We still want decent Champagne - that one bottle of VC that we receive as Titanium won't last long :-) Agree on the laundry issue - we, too, had to 'work for it' and really feel it's a benefit that should be earned. Same as airline perks - you get them by butt-in-seat time!
  4. Kwaj girl


    pingpong1 - that first glass of VC would be quite nice, of course, but those of us that wish to enjoy Champagne throughout the voyage still have to put up with that substandard Germain or figure out some other beverage to substitute. Not my idea of a luxury cruise line. A similar discussion is taking place on FB in the "RSSC Social Club" group.
  5. I also talked to Crystal today - we are scheduled to embark Ravel 12/13 Budapest-->Vienna. They have no information as to any changes/cancellations as yet. "Stand by for further developments." Not looking good.
  6. Kwaj girl


    I'm with you on that, Mudhen. Can't STAND Germain - had it on Nav this past August. So...to whom, specifically, can we make our comments known? Would love to know who their 'taste testers' were that preferred that slop.
  7. Kwaj girl

    MSC Seaside and Thanksgiving question

    Turkey might be on the menu but don't expect anything like you might have at home.
  8. mmmmm...Tuna Tartare...one of my faves! Had my fill of it on the WC this year......
  9. And you should see Maggie dance with her partner (Muriel) in Krew Kapers when they are both onboard at the same time! Ask her sometime....
  10. It's been Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc for the last couple of years, anyway. One of our favorites - quite grapefruity!
  11. Kwaj girl

    What's the longest cruise you've taken?

    137 days earlier this year on Regent Seven Seas Navigator, the 2018 World Cruise. Worth every minute of every day
  12. Kwaj girl

    Divina questions, Yacht Club.

    We were able to check in around 11 am IIRC
  13. Yes - you can do Montreal_Miami on the Navigator in 2020: 10/18-10/30 is Montreal-NY followed by 10/30-11/15 NY-Miami. A nice 28-day voyage - we are considering this one & bringing The Penguins.
  14. Kwaj girl

    Milk Based Hot Chocolate

    Add the hot chocolate packet to a cup of freshly brewed coffee.. Excellent mocha!
  15. Hope you have an enjoyable cruise, albeit on the Behemoth of the Seas