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  1. Oh...and the "cancel by August 8" also rots....that's a Sunday and I don't think Regent res is open on the weekend....so that forces a final decision by Friday the 6th.
  2. Back in June Regent sent out a notice regarding the ability to cancel later-than-normal without penalty as follows: To offer you more confidence and flexibility, Full World Cruise guests may cancel by August 8, 2021, which is 150 days prior to cruise departure date, without penalty and receive a 100% Refund on amounts paid** at time of cancellation. Refund requests will be processed within 60 days of receipt. As of right now - there have been no additional details as to whether or not the cruise will be cancelled (as they did last August for WC 21) or how the itinerary may be changed especially in light of the issues with Australia/New Zealand still not being open for travel when the ship is due in their ports. I understand they don't want to jumo the gun as with the current change out/change back of Splendor's September voyage but many travelers booked this cruise specifically for the imclusion of those 2 lovely country destinations. This means that those booked must make a 'blind' decision in the next couple of days as to whether they want to stay with a potentially unknown itinerary OR just go for the penalty-free refund. It's a shame that Regent would not offer something a bit more palatable as Crystal is doing right now for their WC 22 cruise. This is what was sent to their booked guests (highlight added for emphasis) Dear Valued Guest, Our hearts were heavy when Covid necessitated the early termination of our 2020 World Cruise and, subsequently, the cancellation of the 2021 World Cruise. As we continue to relaunch our cruise operations and look once again to boldly explore this wonderful world of ours, so many countries remain uncertain in their recovery and ability to fully welcome cruising back at this moment in time. These are the untested waters we find ourselves navigating as we consider plans for the 2022 World Cruise. We do know with near certainty that many of our planned calls will not be available including those in Australia and New Zealand. Nonetheless, we are planning to provide you with an amazing Crystal Grand Voyage that showcases the world’s treasured places and allows you to reconnect with our Officers and staff as well as your friends from prior cruises. Therefore, we are developing two potential alternative Grand Voyages: • An updated Pacific Rim itinerary that would connect with Crystal Serenity’s planned call in Istanbul on April 16, 2022. OR • An eastbound European Capitals itinerary that would also connect with Crystal’s Serenity’s published itinerary in Istanbul on April 16, 2022. We hope to share our best and most enriching 2022 Grand Voyage itinerary with you in September, and at that time also unveil the itinerary for our 2024 World Cruise. Although our current published cancellation penalties begin in mid-September, under no circumstance will we impose any cancellation penalty prior to giving you, our most valued guests, an opportunity to consider both the 2022 Grand Voyage and the 2024 World Cruise. Thank you for being a member of our Crystal Family. We look forward to connecting with you soon and hopefully welcoming you back onboard in the coming year. Regards, At least that would give our WC 22 hopefuls a chance to make an informed decision.
  3. No "Vacation Guide" as yet for Bermuda ... only the Bahamas What you have stated above is nowhere to be found - unless I'm blind!
  4. I think we may both be confused. Viking is operating 7-nt cruises r/t from Bermuda. If someone tests positive and has to quarantine...they would have to quarantine ashore for those 14 days as I doubt Viking would give them a 14-day free ride to quarantine onboard. That's what I meant. Perhaps I misunderstood your position?
  5. I think that passengers had to fly R/T to Bermuda, thus, quarantining on the ship would make no sense as they would have to test negative prior to flying back to the US (assuming US citizens/residents) or wherever they had to fly .
  6. If you need a good hair conditioner DO NOT rely on the Etro product. Glad I brought my own.
  7. I'm not sure about that.....if someone retested onboard the ship prior to the ship's arrival in Bermuda...do you really think they'd want that person to disembark to their shores? I *think* Crystal would put you in one of their designated quarantine cabins.
  8. Not sure Bermuda would allow you to go ashore if you tested positive.
  9. DON'T SAY THAT....please....we will board Symphony in 3 weeks and can't imagine wearing those dreaded masks after having beeen mask-free on Serrenity this month.
  10. We were on 7/10-24. We were told "1 device at a time per person." One day I forgot that my phone was still connected & I went to connect the laptop - no problem as it may have just auto-logged-out my phone when I went to the laptop. We did not have to log in/log out but found it sometimes just dropped out aanyway after a period of inactivity. But it's really easy to get back on if you have the Crystal app on your phone (android or apple). Let the guys in the computer center set you up as it's a 2-step process that may not be quite so intuitive. But then again, I'm a bit techno-challenged :-) Signal was fine pretty much anywhere.
  11. @TUCKERTOOTSI'm with you on that headache.....let's just wait to see Crystal's "official" details which I suspect will be forthcoming in the next few days IF the timing is similar to our recent Bahamas trip.
  12. Based on when e recieved Crystal e-docs from our recent Bahamas cruise - those 'official' emails should be any day now.....funny, they sent them out on a SUNDAY.
  13. @sb44 - and just YESTERDAY I was told we do NOT do the Mariner application..... I don't think I'll believe anything until I see it specifically from Crystal. I contacted them with my concerns and received the following from the Documentation Dept at Crystal: Thank you so much for your email and concern regarding the PCR testing for Bermuda. We are working on the details, we will have an official information how to proceed with instructions and will be included with the Prelim and Final documentation which will be sent out shortly.
  14. I believe it's the ANTIGEN test done prior to boarding (just like we had in Nassau this month) which is not accepted (see my post #78 above)
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