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  1. Sir, if I could just respectfully ask a couple of questions. Were you critically ill with a complex viral infection? Did you have other underlying medical conditions?
  2. I am hoping that this link to a short WHO documentary will work for you
  3. It is now 87 days since New Zealand had a community transmission of covid19. It doesn't stop us collectively holding our breath every day at 1pm as we wait for the latest update from the health department. We know that we are still vulnerable, and so we remain alert and ready to act if any infection is detected in the community.
  4. New Zealand is definitely not open to US travellers. We do not want to undo the good that we have achieved. Only NZ citizens, residents and their close families can enter the country. And, no, the virus did not 'burn out'. Take care everyone. Stay safe. Kia kaha (stay strong).
  5. And you may have to hover and not land once you get to New Zealand. We are not being very friendly towards visitors at the moment (can't think why). 😷😏 take care and be kind.
  6. Totally agree. (Trying very hard not to make a political comment here)
  7. Received my full final payment back today for a cruise due to begin this weekend. I cancelled this 67 days ago. Also received two deposits for 2021 cruises that I cancelled last week. I feel that I have been treated very well by HAL. I used the Sydney office and was always treated with respect and honesty. Thank you Holland America. Take care everyone and be kind. Arohanui from New Zealand
  8. I also doubt that any visitors from North America will be permitted to travel to NZ until there is a vaccine. We have eliminated the virus in our country and we will not want to risk this. Stay safe everyone.
  9. New post https://captainjonathan.com/3rd-april-indian-ocean-and-onwards/
  10. See update from Orlando on HAL Facebook Permission to go through canal.
  11. Bumping this up for anyone who missed seeing that Captain Jonathan has posted an update.
  12. https://captainjonathan.com/and-on-the-8th-day-30th-march/
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